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WBC in semen analysis

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My dh's semen analysis came back with an elevated white blood cell count. We have a small town lab so they weren't able to give an accurate count and weren't able to confirm whether they were actually wbc or immature sperm.

The urologist said dh could take antibiotics to try and get the wbcs to go down, but the research we've read has said that antibiotics don't usually help; typically if you wait, the level will go down on its own.

Has anyone else had this issue and how did you deal with it?
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My dh also had high white blood cell count in his s/a.
He also has azoospermia though.
The specialist we saw gave him antibiotics in a "just in case" measure.
But it was 2 types of pretty high dose, and it sortof scared us! Dh took it for a day or 2 but then thought it was pointless.
But that was just our situation.
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My dh had this too. We took a 5-day dosage of antibiotics. They didn't re-test, but each time he produced (for ivf or iui) they didn't comment on it. I agree it could go away on it's own (as I've had similar thing happen to me with a pap smear), but we took the antibiotics because with all the drugs and effort we were putting forth, we didn't want to chance anything else. :
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I have not had this problem, but had a friend whose husband had to do this. I think it must have been a chronic thing for him as both times they conceived he had to take abx first - that was the only thing they needed to do. I can't offer any more info as we've kind of lost touch... but I have heard of it!
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