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Help needed for debilitating chronic nausea (from chronic pancreatitis & SOD)

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I need help for chronic nausea! Desparately! I have Chronic Pancreatitis and a disorder of my bile duct called Sphincter of Oddi Dysfuntion (SOD). I'm very ill, and go through each day in chronic pain and nausea so intense that I can barely function at times. I've tried everything that I can think of to help alleviate the nausea. I have it whether I eat too little, or if I eat too much. My first conscious thought when I wake up each morning is how nauseated I am. It's just the nature of the disease.

I will NOT let this disorder/disease/dysfunction rule my life. I work part time outside the home, and am getting ready to start homeschooling my ds!

So I'm hoping someone can offer some advice or suggestions on what I can do to try to help the nausea. I have no hopes that it will actually go away, but if I could just reduce it, even a little, I could function better!

I have tried many things over the past 3 years:

- Ginger - I take ginger daily. It seems to help everyone else, but it's not really doing anything for the severity of my nausea. I've even tried different brands, strengths, and changing the timing of taking it. But it doesn't help, even though everything I read says it should... but it doesn't really.
- Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes - I take probiotics and digestive enzymes daily also. Together they help other aspects of my help, but I've seen no change in the nausea.
- Vitamin B Complex - I take a Vitamin B Complex, in addition to a premium whole-foods based multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, etc.
- Homeopathics - I've tried several, including Nux Vomica, Chelidonium Majus, Natrum Sulphuricum, Anacardium Orientale, Ipecacuanha, Argentum Nitricum, and Robinia Psuedoacacia. Some were individual, while others were blends. I can notice a tiny difference, but the nausea is so strong that these don't stop it. They do reduce it a little. It seems to depend on when I'm able to take it, and it makes me wonder if I need a stronger dose than the bottle recommends, but I'm afraid to do that on my own. Sometimes Belladonna will help me rest at night. I keep taking them - and hoping.
- Peppermint & Spearmint - I have used both of these in every form imaginable (essential oils, hydrosols, chews, gum, salves, etc), but it's not helping. I do like the scents, though.
- Prescription medications - I hated to have to go this route... but I was desparate. I tried Phenergan. It did help some. However, it made me so drowsy and sleepy that I couldn't function. I can't take it and be that way every day!
- Heat - Hot baths, heating pads, hot hemp muscle rubs are things that I use on a daily basis because along with the chronic nausea comes chronic pain. The heat is soothing, though it helps the pain more than it does the actual nausea.
- Gentle exercise - I get some form of exercise nearly every day, even if I don't feel like it. I get fresh air, go for simple hikes and walks, and on a "good" day, I slowly run on the eliptical machine. I aspire to be able to run like I used to...
- Cranialsacral Therapy - This honestly is the single thing that has helped me the most. Each time I go, it's an amazing experience for many reasons, and I usually feel better for a few days after each session. And then the nausea comes back.
- Meditation/positive thinking/prayer - I do all of these every day, and while they are helpful, too, (and have their own benefits!), the nausea is still here.

Can anyone please offer any help? Other herbs or essential oils? Accupressure techniques? (I can't seem to find a local place that does acupuncture.) Different meditation techniques, CDs, etc? Anything?
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I'm still looking for suggestions... Anyone have any ideas?

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Might you consider taking Zofran (rx)? It's been used for years to treat chemotherapy-related nausea, and I've been taking it sporadically throughout this pregnancy for nausea/vomiting.

I've had a good experience with it - no drowsiness or other noticeable side effects other than dry mouth and constipation. Another plus is that it recently became available in generic form, so it's actually quite affordable now (compared to when it was like a hundred bucks per pill!).

I wish you luck in your quest to feel better - it seems like you have tried a ton of things!
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Marijuana is amazing for nausea. Not sure where you are, if it can be obtained "legally." If it can, you have one of the diseases it can be prescribed for... if not, it's worth a shot to be on the lookout for a reliable source.
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Have you had surgery for your condition? I saw this on mystery diagnosis. A woman had chronic nausea/vomiting and finally got diagnosed with SOD and had surgery to do something with it and then BAM she was fixed..100%.
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Thanks for all the responses. I appreciate them. MDC is wonderful.

perl - My insurance refuses to give me zofran. They will only cover phenergan.

thixle - I cannot acquire it legally here...

Transitions - Unfortunately, yes, I've had multiple surgeries, procedures, tests, too many specialists to even count or remember all their names!, etc. It turns out that the specific type of SOD that I have (SOD type III) actually is known for NOT responding well to any of the procedures. Just my luck, huh?

Also, I have a bleeding disorder which makes the doctors not like to cut on me (and I don't like it, either!) Each procedure I've ever had done has caused dangerous prolonged bleeding (even when taking medicine to prevent it) and during one, I came way too close to death to want to do another procedure willingly.

Thanks again to all.

Meanwhile, I'm still searching for a nausea cure.......... Any other thoughts please?
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When I'm pregnant I have M/S that is just bad enough to keep next to the toilet wishing to be done but not bad enough that Drs get worried to help me.They do love to throw Phenergan at me which is not a good idea with a houseful of toddlers. I tried everything else you listed but giving birth was my only cure until I tried a version of a sea band.I can't remember what it is really called but it was the only thing that worked for me.It is worn like a watch over your pulse point and it is like a mini tens machine, it sneds little pulses that you can dial up or down in strength and somehow (maybe by distraction?) it worked.It is a little spendy, I think I paid $80 with S&H 4 years ago for it.
Good luck and good for you on not giving in to it.
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hi williams mom....i am going through the same symptoms as you....i am unable to see a specialist as i dont have insurance. so i dont know how or what to do to control my symptoms and i suffer so much. how do u cope and how are u going on?

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