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need some advise

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I have to have oral surgery on April 7th. My body has decided to reject a tooth that I knocked out and had put back in 25 years ago! Perfect timing with a newborn. I will be having the tooth extracted and an implant put in. This involves putting a metal rod into my gum. Yikes. Soo...

The usual protocol is to using local anesthetic at the site and an IV sedation (3 diff. meds, I got the names to check w/ my OB regarding breast feeding). The aftercare is an antibiotic and vicodin for pain relief. I'm really concerend with how this will affect breast feeding and if I will need to pump and get Fiona to take a bottle. I never planned on her be bottle fed. This whole thing stresses me out. On top of that we will have to fly to Anchorage for the day to have this done.

The procedure is 3 hours long. If I take the IV I will be "groggy" for 3-4 hours beyond that. I asked if it was possible to just do the local anesthetic and the Dr said yes but will this be enough? I didn't use any medications during labor and delivery because I was concerned about the safety for my baby and now I"m faced with this.

I plan to start probiotics for baby and me due to the use of antibiotics which I know can't and shouldn't be avoided. Vicodin and breastfeeding surely don't mix. I am hoping that 800 milligram ibuprofin will be ok.

What do you guys think? Any advise would be appreciated. If I will need to pump and bottle feed how long will it take for her to get used to taking the bottle? Should I be starting this now?
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I have no idea but maybe they would know in the breastfeeding forum? I really feel for you.
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Definitely ask in the BFing forum, and check out kellymom.com too. I'm not sure the best way to go about pumping ahead of time and/or the pump and dump if need be for the procedure, but there are other mamas around the BFing forum and over at KM who can help with that.

Regarding meds, here's a good resource for them when BFing:


Here are some links about dental procedures and medications:


And the list of pain meds:

However, do NOT use a codeine-based pain reliever when nursing though, as some women have a gene that transforms the codeine into morphine in their milk. There is no way to know ahead of time and while it's rare, it's possible and can be deadly for a nursing infant.

I would use Darvocet, personally, if the Advil/ibuprofen isn't working for you.

So sorry you have to deal with this. Hope things work our quick and easily for you.
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I had percaset ( sp?) after my c/s and the LC told me it has a short half life so it is not too bad for baby. Hope everything goes well.
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Ditto Kellymom and ask your OB what meds they use for C/s moms...I had the same as JesiLynne and it is okay for breastfeeding...not great but okay.
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I'm sorry I don't have any advice for you. What a pain to have to deal with this! I hope you get some good answers
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I am having an outpatient surgery next week. I will go under general anesthesia. My plan is to pump enough for her to eat in the time frame that I am gone. When I get home I plan to nurse her right away. I don't plan on pumping and dumping. My reading has led me to believe that as soon as I am awake and able to hold her, there is not enough in my milk to hurt baby.

I have never given any of my babies a bottle of anything before, so my 4th child and the first one to ever have to have a bottle. I am pumping a little each day so there will be enough for her.
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I highly recommend calling your local LLL LEader, she should have a copy of "Medications and Mothers Milk" by Dr. Hale. You may be able to find the info online too if you google each drug & also Dr. Hale has a forum I think.

With anesthesia, Larissa is right, once you are awake you are fine to nurse. With c sections, moms are given morphine, percosets, oxycodone, you name it & all of it is safe for nursing. I think the hardest part will be during the actual procedure, hopefully you can tank her up before you go & then maybe she will sleep thru most of it. She could also get your milk in a cup too.
Good luck!
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My husband just gave my baby a bottle tonight for the first time to practice for next week. She took to it immediately and drank it all down. (only about 3 ounces) This is our 4th baby and first time he's ever gotten to feed one of his babies! He enjoyed it very much! ANd she was still hungry after the 3 ounces, so I nursed her right after he was done.

Worked out just fine. I feel alot better now!
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Thanks everyone. Larissa, so glad to know that worked out fine. I'm just getting over mastitis so as I get a bit more energy I'll check into the other forums too. I'll contact the lactation consultant as well. I was given a pump but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm hoping I can borrow one from her. For now, it's back to bed.
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AKislandgirl, to you on the tooth. That sounds awful. I wouldn't worry too much about Fiona taking a bottle though--Aubrey was bottle fed in the NICU for three weeks, and latched right on as soon as we got home. I suspect if she's hungry, the reverse will be the same. Good luck to you.
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I'm sorry you are going through this. I hope everything goes well and you can somehow enjoy your time in Anchorage.
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Just an FYI Vicodin is considered safe for breastfeeding. Good luck with the surgery!
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