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wool, angora, nylon blend?

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I picked up a sweater that has 70% lambswool, 20% angora (rabbit??), and 10% nylon. Can I used this for a recycled wool soaker? Or will the nylon cause it to wick/leak?

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I'm so glad you asked that Yesterday I just bought a sweater used that is exactly the same blend and I want to make a butt sweater out of it(it's so soft!). Can anyone help?

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Anyone able to help us
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Well, I'm making a butt-sweater out of mine this weekend so I'll update you how it goes. I think I'll try putting water on it after I finish it (including lanolizing) to see how it performs before trying it on DS overnight.

I just visited a different Salvation Army store today and found a few more 100% wool sweaters including a nice thick 100% merino wool sweater. The only catch is it's orange .. bright orange.
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Should be fine The nylon won't cause any problems bc it is completely impervious to liquids- won't soak anything. I'm not 100% sure about the angora bc rabbit fur isn't antibacterial, but if you lanolize it well, it should do great!

eta- I usually shoot for 80% wool, but : sometimes you gotta work with what you have.

As for that bright orange-- you can "muddy it up" by dyeing it with blue or purple koolaid! Test it on a scrap first, but you could get a nice warm brown.

eta again-- check out http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall02/FEATdyedwool.html for wool dyeing instructions (it's written for yarn, but any wool will take it)
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Let me know how it goes Eresh I'm making mine for a baby who is still in my belly, at least you can test yours out! Mine is not very thick so I think I'm going to make this one two layers.

Thixle, thanks for the info on dyeing wool. I've had so much fun dyeing my flannel for the very baby dipes I'm making, I never even thought to make the wool covers look a little more snazzy.

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You can always try to felt it a bit to make it thicker.
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I found a sweater with those amounts also. Looking forward to seeing how it works for someone.
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DS is wearing it now .. first time post-lanolizing .. and no problems so far. I unfortunately didn't sew it big enough to fit over night time diapers so I don't know how it would stand up to that kind of usage.
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Final update: I've lanolized this cover once and, after it relaxed after a few uses, I went ahead and used it for night time. DS absolutely soaked the pf and doubler but no leaks! Yay!
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Wonderful! I'm thrilled because now I can feel ok about using the sweater I got. LOL I'm thinking it will make a great newborn cover.
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oh great! I just found a sweater almost exactly like that at the thrift store yesterday (in fact I got 5 sweaters for $3 each, whoohoo). Now I can butt sweater with confidence! thanks
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The Angora is probably not rabbit.
Its most likely Angora Goat, I only know this because my husband wears it on his legs for Native american interpretive dance.
Glad that its working out though!
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Ekk I am so excited to read this I have been looking and looking for he answer to this.. I found a PERFECT sweet and oh so soft sweater out of this same blend.. But mine is rabit, it accually says rabit not angora?? I was very hesitant to cut it up because it might fit my oldest DD and i might still let her wear it during the christmas season if she will (its a turtleneck) but am looking forward to upcycling this as soon as I get some practice I want this one to be very pretty I just love it and the color...

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