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vitamin d drops to 10 month old?

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doc said my lo should be getting d drops because it doesnt pass through breastmilk? necessary or just regular doc protocal?
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Here is a link from kellymom on vitamin D.

not really necessary unless there IS a defficiency, and yes it can pass through breastmilk.

but if your LO is 10 months old, they def do not need drops, just offer foods high in vitamin D!

I think it is just 'doctor protocol.'
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Your doc isn't well informed about breastmilk - Vit D does pass through breastmilk if Mom has good levels. Here in Canada more than half the population is thought to be vit D deficient, so many breastfeeding moms may not have enough in their breastmilk

It is possible to increase vit D in breatmilk by supplementing the nursing mother.

Vit D is mostly made by exposure to sunlight - but for those of us who live north of Boston, the sun isn't strong enough from Nov - April to make vit D in our skin. The farther north you live the fewer months there are that sunlight is able to convert vit D. Add darker skin and/or sunscreen to that and a change from the traditional high vit D diet of the north and you get a whole bunch of people with low vit D levels.

Personally I would supplement myself (unless baby was known to be low) while baby was exclusively breastfeeding, and then consider adding drops as baby takes more solids.

ETA: I live in Canada
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I think it's just that doctors don't want to sift through "this baby is at risk of D deficiency and needs supplementation, but this baby doesn't need it." It's just easier FOR THEM to give the drops to everybody than to try and sort this out. I suspect they're also afraid of coming across as racist, as dark skin tone is one of the factors involving vitamin D production. Maybe some of them feel weird insisting that black babies need supplementation while the white babies dont', and it's just more comfortable for them to make the same recomendations across the board.

I see that you're not far from me- which means that it's just about warm enough to let your child play outside in short sleeves. Well, maybe not TODAY, but in the next few weeks. Your LO willl probably get plenty of vitamin D from sun exposure, and not need a supplement.
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We give our LO Vit D drops. And my doc simply said to us, "African-American babies are more prone to the deficiency due to skin tone. Let's be on the safe side until the summer when you go out more."

I do, however, think some docs give a blanket order to give babies drops. If I were you, I would ask why and see what s/he says. I think sometimes, we just accept what doctors say and then ask friends and acquaintances for the reasons why, when we should just ask the doctor why directly!

ETA: We live in NYC and its been gray for way too long. Can't wait for the sun to shine!!
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i disagree, vitamin d deficiency is pretty high in the US. i don't think it is just normal doctor blather. everyone i know who has done the research has ended up supplementing.

unless you spend time outside every day in the sun you might consider supplementing. if you live somewhere where you can get out and store up some vit d you might also be okay.

carlson baby drops are easy. one drop a day and you can put it on a nipple or finger and have baby suck it off.
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thanks for all of the replies. i guess i didn't ask the doc why because i was told by another doc about the winter months and no sun, and i also thought that breastmilk did pass on viamin d, so i just assumed the doc didnt know, and didn't really care to get into a discussion with no compromise

anyway, i do have the carlson's d drops so i could dabble a bit on my finger for my lo. i just think that less is more especially with supplementing a lo.

thanks for all the thoughts again and i also can't wait for the sun to start shining!
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Originally Posted by Ruthla View Post
I think it's just that doctors don't want to sift through "this baby is at risk of D deficiency and needs supplementation, but this baby doesn't need it." It's just easier FOR THEM to give the drops to everybody than to try and sort this out.
I AGREE with this....for many things medical!
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I'd recommend consulting with a nautropath. I just went to a talk my naturopath was giving and the numbers of people (including BF mom's) who are deficient is staggering (especially those of us living in less sunny areas). Unfortunately there are very few foods that are actual sources of vitamin D (the foods that have vitamin D added don't count--synthetic VitD won't be absorbed properly anyway). It's basically just cold water fish and sunshine that provide significant quantities. We do Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil combo and we just started VitD drops from the naturopath (I was tested and am very deficient). You could likely do small amounts of Cod Live Oil for a 10 mo old but definitely look at getting tested yourself and finding out where you are at. This will help you determine what you need to do for your little one.
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dogmom327: thanks for the info. i was tested a couple of months ago and had low vitamin d levels, although i dont know what they were as it was just my regular practitioner who told me they were low. which is why i started to take d3. so i may be up to par now, but i also decided to give babe a drop a day of carlsons-however i might look into the clo as you said synthetic forms dont absorb as well. thanks again!
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