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whooping cough - fractured rib?

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So, anybody ever have a fractured rib - esp. from coughing? My doc told me that he thought I had whooping cough (this was more than 2 months ago), and I now have a sharp pain on my side - on a rib. I can't touch it without cringing in pain and it is horribly painful to cough or sneeze.

Just wondering if this is a just a muscle strain or a possible stress fracture or something. I plan on calling the doc, but don't know how to treat it in the mean time - it would be heat for muscle and ice for fracture

Also - I'm 32 weeks pregnant - the pain is on the right side of my rib cage, so I also worry that it could be a sign of pre-eclampsia (liver pain), but I'm pretty sure that the pain is on the rib and not under it.

Any thoughts or experience???
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Dh did fracture a rib with WC a couple years ago, but it was during the beginning, severe coughing phase. I don't have any great advice on what it is with you though. Big hugs though, I'm 34 weeks pg and I sure wouldn't want to be dealing with that right now. I attempted to break my foot last week and dealing with that has been bad enough.
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I'd probably need a HCP to help with figuring it out. I had this really sharp pain in my chest once (near the surface, not like a heart attack) and it turned out that I'd been coughing so hard, my doctor said a couple layers around my lung had separated (not a great description, but this was 15 years ago) and that I'd just need to wait for it to heal and try to cough less. So sometimes there are odd things that I don't know how you'd figure out until it happened to you, but even now, I'm not sure I could tell that apart from something else.

I hope you start feeling better soon, whatever's going on! No fun, double no fun while pregnant!
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I cracked a rib from coughing. I had bronchitis, but wasn't pregnant so I was able to take a liquid pain med that had cough meds iin it too. I just remember mostly there wasn't much you could do about it. Usually for cracked ribs they wrap you in bandage so if you cough you're all squeezed together but you can't do that if your sick because if you can't cough an infection might start in your chest. Plus I doubt you could wrap a pregant women anyway, sick or not.

So not much advice just a hug (not a hard one) because I've been there and it hurts. Hope you feel better.
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DH just cracked one...IBU 800s, but he's not pregnant. I'm sorry!
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I thought I had cracked a rib but the doc said it was pleurisy.
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I cracked several ribs coughing from pneumonia many years ago. I think I also took Ibuprophen 800s but again, wasn't pregnant.
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