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Doctor Visits

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Is anyone waiting to go to the pediatrician? We went the day after the baby was released from the hospital because he was a little jaundiced. The doc said to come back in 2 weeks just to weigh him. He was obviously gaining weight and bf all the time, so I skipped that visit. The next one was scheduled for 4 weeks, when he was supposed to get his first shots. I want to hold off on the shots for a bit, so I canceled that one too. I probably won't take him in till he' closer to 3 months. Now I'm wondering if I should take him in for a general check-up, just to make sure everything is ok.

Is anyone else skipping the first couple of ped appointments?

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I don't do WBV. I don't vax at all, and if my kid is fine, why spend the $$. If something is wrong, then fine, but if baby is healthy don't go. That's just my opinion.
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I don't do well baby visits either. I don't vaccinate my children either. I avoid the ped at all costs, because it's usually full of sick children . . . and I don't want to take my healthy children/baby to a place that's full of germs!

The first time I ever took Jonathan, my 3rd child to the ped, was when he was 2 years 3 months old. I took him for a well child only because he'd never been before and we are getting ready to move, and look for a new ped. I thought it would be a good idea to have some record that he'd seen a doctor.

I agree if baby is healthy and you are planning on delaying the shots then why bother?
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We do WBVs primarily because we don't vax. And having a record of "attendance" so to speak is helpful when dealing with the staff at children's hospital, etc., and it helps maintain a good rapport with our pediatrician.

It's all about your comfort level. We had a very negative time after Guinevere was born, in dealing with the hospital about not vaxxing and not giving her the eye ointment. That sort of set the tone for us being as proactive and cooperative as possible, but within our comfort range (so, attending WBVs, but still not vaxxing, etc.). We did this in order to avoid such unpleasant/judgmental experiences in the future.

I also keep all of the girls' medical records in individual folders, to have easily accessible in case of an emergency.

But where we live, the assumption is if you don't vaccinate, then you're somehow being negligent. By attending all the WBVs and keeping good records and so forth, we have evidence to the contrary. Though I admit that's more for my benefit than anything. I just don't like dealing with rude people who assume I've made decisions out of negligence or ignorance.

My midwife is like the PPs: she simply doesn't take her kids in unless they need medical attention. If our ped's office weren't so accommodating (they have a well child waiting area, and always see newborns immediately -- no waiting at all) then we may not go the extra mile. But because our ped is so supportive of our decisions, it also helps in making me be more cooperative.
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We don't plan on seeing the FP (our choice rather than a ped) until 2 months. We vax on a selective and delayed schedule, and our insurance pays 100% for our visits, so we go. With my previous kids we ended up in the office earlier because of bfing/weight gain/pooping problems. We're having similar problems this time too, but I know how to handle it now. But still, that is another reason I'll be glad to check in with the doc at 2 months. Plus we were in a car accident while pg, and the doc will do a complete once-over for the babe to document any problems that might be related to the accident.
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We do WBVs primarily because we don't vax. And having a record of "attendance" so to speak is helpful when dealing with the staff at children's hospital, etc., and it helps maintain a good rapport with our pediatrician.
That's us, but we selectively vax.
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Nope...My MW actually does all the well baby care for the first two months of life!

After that, once a year.
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i had a uc so took her in last week (a week and a half old)
and then he saw her again today when i took my boys (because im stupid and forgotthe money the first time. duh) and i weighed her and he looked her over visually so i wouldnt have to pay.

just to prove im not neglecting her med needs by having a uc mainly

and we ALL got sick
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We selectively vax but I do WBC visits regardless. However, there was no one month appt. so the next one is at 2 months. The 2 week was important for the weight check since he had jaundice and also had lost 1.5 lbs by 3 days old. My ped is awesome, so I don't mind going at all.
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Our family doctor is wonderful and absolutely loves children and is great with them and us. So we go. We don't vaccinate, but he's fine with that so it isn't a hassle, and he's supportive of breastfeeding and cosleeping and babywearing and cloth diapers and midwife attended births... and so really there isn't the arguing that I have heard some people go through.

Our midwife sees babe up until 6 weeks as needed and then we start seeing the family doctor at 2 months. Actually with both boys we saw him sooner but that was because another family member had an appointment (for T it was me, for L it was DP) and our doctor did a once over on the baby while we were there.

With T I saw him at 2, 4, 6, and 12 months, and then at 2 years. With this one we're going on April 6th for a 2 month and we'll see after that
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I take Lily in to the doctor because I love our doctor and it's almost a social visit more than a medical visit. I love knowing how much Lily weighs and we get the doc to look at her hemangioma to make sure it is not becoming cavernous.
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We do WBV because it's free on our insurance and it's fun to see how he's growing. Plus a friend from church is the receptionist. Our ped is a one-doctor practice and she's great. We're not VAXing and she just remembers; at the last checkup she didn't even say anything about the VAX they usually do.

I am a little nervous about sick kids but so far we've only been in there once at the same time as sick kids.
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