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TB test help in MA/RI

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(I hope this isn't too OT--my thinking is that the preservatives in the TB test are similar to those in vaccines.)

My partially vaxxed kids are on the spectrum, and in healing them, we've come to find out that our whole family is very chemically sensitive. I've read that the TB test has caused regressive autism, and my husband and I are required to prove that we do not have TB in order to participate in our kids' co-op preschool. We cannot get the quantiferon test in time (we don't use our primary care and she won't authorize it w/o a physical which we can't get for 3 months--dp has a helping date the 24th).

DCYF suggested we go to a walk in clinic to get a chest xray, showing there is no TB. My husband went two days ago and was refused. (He is not as read up on the subject, so did not have a convincing story as to why he couldn't take the test--but why should he need one not to receive poiso in his veins?!?!?)

Does anyone have any experience with this? We went to the walk in clinic on 44/TAunton Ave in East Providence. Does anyone know a friendly clinic or doctor's office near Providence or Warwick (dp works in Warwick).

I understand protecting kids from TB--but I need a less invasive way!

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Ask your MD for a rx for a chest x-ray...they can't refuse you then.

Since the Mantoux skin test is the norm, if you don't have a rx from your doc I suppose they can refuse you at a walk in clinic. Was it the clinic refusing or your insurance?? If it was the insurance, you will need your doc to justify a chest x-ray. If not you can get one and pay out of pocket.
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The TB skin test is based on junk science and is very unethical. Unfortunately for non-TB persons, it's their first exposure to the disease. It is not just a test, it is sensitization to the protein itself. This test is actually vaccination. The immunity is directed towards the injected protein of M tuberculosis.
PPD also contains polysorbate 80 which causes sterility in mice.
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Thanks for the additional info Th1Th2--do you have any sources, online or print?

Marnica--I guess I didn't mention that we don't really use an MD. it's been three years and she wants to do a physical before she'll sign off (tho they have the alternative blood test, quentiferon, at that boston location), and we can't get an appt for months.

we found a clinic in the warwick mall. they're going to charge 175 for the xray, unless our md will fax a prescription, which she may (we should know tomorrow).

tx for you replies!
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There is a blood test out now call quantiferon gold. It requires a blood draw, nothing injected.
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Originally Posted by nicolena
Thanks for the additional info Th1Th2--do you have any sources, online or print?
Sure. But first, here's the vaccine package insert.

Tuberculin Purified
Protein Derivative

Diagnostic Antigen
(Aid in the detection of infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis)

Polysorbate 80 Stabilized Solution of Tuberculin Purified Protein Derivative for Tuberculin Testing in Humans
And the study made on Polysorbate 80 causing infertility in mice.

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