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Weight gain check

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I know, I know. I shouldn't be obsessed with weight as long as I eat healthy and exercise. I'm not concerned with my weight gain, but as a first-timer it is a little shocking to see the scale jump!

I am 20.5w and up 12lbs. OB thinks its perfect and I dont feel that much bigger, but 4 lbs in the past month!

Where you ladies at?

also- is there any way to gauge what I will gain based on this halfway point? My mom was petite and only gained around 25lbs with her pregnancies and lost it quick...
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At this point, 4 lbs in a month is completely normal.

At 21.5 weeks, I'm probably up 11 lbs.
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I am 22 weeks and up 6 lbs, which I've put on in the last 6 weeks. In all three of my pregnancies I didn't gain anything until 18-20 weeks, then I pack on about 1 lb a week for a total gain of 25-30 lbs. Everyone is different.
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nearly 23 weeks and somewhere between 16-20 lbs. (depending on voiding, clothing and eating factors.)

but i'll make myself feel like less of a porker compared with everyone else here by saying i had a lowish bmi to start with.

you gain what you gain.
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24 weeks and around 25 lbs.
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I'm up around 11 or 12 pounds too...or was at my last apointment. The funny thing is i never gain anything in the first trimester...but then I make it all up. In the 4 weeks before my last apointment I gained 8 pounds...the whole pregnancy before that? About 3 pounds....
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I have gained 8lbs total. But I am sure I will gain more, I seem to put on most of my weight the last trimester, at least I did with DD.

edd 7/2/09
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I started out with lots, LOTS, to lose. At 23.5 weeks I'm 2-3 lbs. up. I gained less than 10 in each of my other pregnancies. But I'm a really fluffy mama.
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I kind of wanted to ask this, but hadn't gotten around to it. I'm at 22.5 weeks, and I've gained around 17 pounds. I was shocked when I saw that number, but it's consistent with my last pregnancy at this point, and after having my ds, I inadvertently ended up 4 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, so I'm trying not to think about it. As someone else said, you gain what you gain.
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I usually don't weigh myself at all during pregnancy. I think it bugs my midwife but Id seriously obsess. I really need to forget about numbers and focus on eating enough healthy food for me and the baby and I can't do that with a number in my head. y/k?
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Originally Posted by audmommy View Post
I have gained 8lbs total. But I am sure I will gain more, I seem to put on most of my weight the last trimester, at least I did with DD.
I have gained 9 lbs (at 20.5 weeks) but 6 of it is on the last 4 weeks. I tend to gain very little in the beginning and then pack it on!
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23.5 weeks and I'm up almost 20 pounds. Same-ish as last pregnancy and I was well under my pre-preg weight a couple months postpartum (thank you breastfeeding!). I try not to worry *too* much about the numbers on the scale...try...
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I'm 23 weeks today and I've gained about 14 lbs. I started out a little overweight, so I was starting to freak out that I'm gaining too much - but it seems to be right about average. As long as I don't gain 40 again this time I'll be happy! 39 lbs is totally fine.
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I'm 6 pounds up from pre-pregnancy weight at 20.3 weeks. There was a 5 pound loss early on, and it took me a long time to gain it back. I think I made it back up to pre-pregnancy weight at about 15 weeks, and and the 6 pounds on top of that have all been since then. I had a really quick 2-3 pound spike about a week ago, and have been holding steady since then. It is really weird to see the scale jump, especially as I've never had big, or even small, fluctuations in my weight since I graduated high school, but I think my midwife will be happy about it, since last time we talked I hadn't gained anything, and I am definitely on the low end of a healthy weight for my body size.
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I refuse to get on a scale. It's so much better for my own psyche and I'm not convinced that knowing how much weight one gains really means anything in the long run except how much weight one gains... I have a sneaking suspicion that I've gained a bit tho... judging by the newly starting stretch mark... in my thigh!
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OMG, i weighed myself at 21 weeks, and I am 1 lb under my pre pregnancy weight... so i lost 2 lbs last week I do not even know how that is possible, cause I have been nothing but a pig...
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I am 21 weeks and I have gained 18 pounds! I gained 65 and 70 pounds with my dd's... I wonder what my grand total will be this time!
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At 20 weeks I was up 15lbs. It is less that last time for me. I gained 65lbs with DS and lost it all by 4 months pp with no real effort. I think some bodies just want to gain more.
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At 20 wks, I am still 5 lbs less than my pre-preg weight, which was about 20 lbs above my normal weight (hadn't gotten off the pg weight from DD2....) So, I'm happy with this so far. I'm trying not to gain so much weight this time. I really overdid it last time and it's so frustrating to feel huge after the baby is out. I do agree that each woman gains differently and there's a wide range of "normal" -- however, BFing does not make me lose weight. So I know I need to keep my eye on the scale and what I eat.
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24 weeks and 10 lbs. Granted I was still carrying 15 lbs. extra when I got pregnant and really probably more like 20 lbs.
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