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At 39w I am 176 for a total weight gain of 29lbs.
no more please is right!
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I'm at about 32 lbs. (maybe 1 or 2 up from that now) at 36 weeks.

I forgot to add that I'm actually totally OK with this weight gain. I may be able to keep it to around 35 lbs. total when baby arrives. That's better than 45 lbs. like the last time.

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I was up 31 lbs at my 35 week appointment last week. I'm okay with that, but I'm hoping to not gain much more.
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36.5 weeks, total so far is 32 lbs.

I'm scared for my next appt, because my feet keep getting puffier, and this was the point I gained 8lbs in a week w/ ds's pg. Agh!
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I've gained 18lbs so far. Last pregnancy I gained 20 total so I feel like this is about the same- maybe I'll gain slightly more.
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At 40 weeks I've gained 29 pounds. 3 weeks ago it was 31 pounds, then 2 weeks of no gain, then 2 pounds lost. Pretty much the same thing happened with DD

I have no idea *how* I've lost weight (or how I did at the end last time, either!) because I've been starving and definitely eating whenever I'm hungry. Baby must be taking lots of resources from me
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Let me preface this by saying that before I got pg I was at my all time high pregnancy wt of 164. I am 172 as of 37 weeks so only 8 pounds. But I feel HUGE b/c I've never been this big with any of mine (this is #5 for me). I was 130 before I got pg with #1 and 145 before #2 and 150ish before #3 and about 145-150ish before #4 I weighed 160-164 at delivery with all of them.
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At 36 weeks I'm up 20 lbs. I haven't gained anything in the last 3 weeks, I was hoping it would be easier to pack it on at the end. It worries me just a little, because I am super small to begin with, but my mom said she only gained about 25 with her pregnancies and we were all normal sized babes.
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At 36.5 weeks I'd gained 17 pounds. I was a bit swollen... a week later, though, I'd dropped 2 pounds. Less swelling, and maybe a bit dehydrated. I expect I'll be back up again on Monday

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Last appt (yesterday - 36 weeks) I was up about 32 lb.
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I'm 37 wks. So far with this pregnancy I have gained 7 lbs.
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Well, I seem to have all of you beat so far!!! At nearly 39 weeks, I am up 34 lbs. I gained about the same with my daughter and then actually 38 with my son. So I am okay with it--I have stayed very active, but have not really "watched my diet" very well. But--most people tell me that I am "all baby". (which I know that baby won't weigh 34 lbs, but it sure feels like it is sitting all in my tummy!!!!)
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I am up 44 pounds at 37 weeks! I always gain loads of weight in pregnancy... gained 65 pounds the first time around, and 80 the second. So I feel like I've gained barely anything! My body just does it, I eat well and maintain the same activity level. It's easy for me to lose afterwards, and my babies are on the big end of normal (high 8's, low 9's).
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last time I checked - which was last week I believe - 37 weeks - I was 118 lbs which is up 15 and a bit pounds from pre-preg. About the same as where I was with dd and with another couple weeks to go (surely!) I plan to chuck on at least a couple more so this little one isn't too skinny (but hey, I'm small, I make small babies - it's all good - and I feel like I eat constantly).
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I am up 27 lbs at 37 weeks.

Gained 22 with DD (6 lb 9 oz) and 47 with DS (9 lb 5 oz).
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I am 39 weeks sunday - started at 158 and now weight 213......

first time pregnancy - gained a bit of weight - but the midwife has told me that I will lose at least 10 of water......quite swollen.

I feel comfortable with the amount I've gained....... and just accept it.

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I am up 38 lbs at 37 weeks. I hadn't gained a thing in 6 weeks, and then I went up 6 lbs in two weeks, I think some of that is water as I just started to swell. I gained 65 with DS, so I am thrilled to keep this one close to 40. I think the GD diet helped me not gain as much. I found it all super easy to lose last time. Within 4 months it was all off.
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