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24 weeks and up 13 pounds. I have a cute little belly poking out. My belly button is getting pretty flat. I wonder how long until I become an outie?
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I lost 12 lbs. in my first trimester (no real reason, body just working harder? I dunno). And I have gained back 4-5 of it, so I am still about 8 lbs down.

When I got pregnant I had 60 lbs to lose, so I would love to not gain any weight this pregnancy.
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I gained 8 pounds last month. I almost passed out when I saw the scale. So far thats 12 for the pregnancy which sounds like its right on track but feels like way too much :
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good grief. i weighed myself this morning and by next week's midwife appointment i'll most likely have gained 8 lbs this past month putting me near 20 lbs to date.

breathe breathe- i'm sure i must be close to on target with my other two pregnancies but it seems so out of control. i've worked so hard on cutting out pop, candy, extra snacking, middle of the night stuff, doing the fruits and veggies dilligently- and i'm still gaining consistantly. and i have so far to go at just over 23 weeks.
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I am up 10 lbs at 21 weeks.

However, I gianed hugely disparate amounts with my two older babes. 22 lbs with DD and 47 lbs with DS.

I kind of think, as long as you are eating responsibly, that you gain what you are supposed to gain.

On a side note, after I had DS (and gained 47 lbs), I couldn't shift the last 10 lbs. I went to Weight Watchers when he was 2 and lost 17 lbs in 5 weeks, so I ended up 7 lbs lighter than before he was born and ended up wearing a bikini the following summer for the first time since I was a teenager.

And I was 40 at the time and I looked good.
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I'm up 17 pounds and just over 23 weeks. Yikes, that feels like a lot. It's nice to read that I'm not the only one!
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Originally Posted by vonn's_mama View Post
I just had a mw appointment with a new mw in the practice I go to. At this place, you weigh yourself and then tell them how much you weigh. I told her 141.5, which is 6.5 pound gain in 4 weeks. When that happened with my ds, the ob lectured me, but when I said my weight this time, she said, "Great!" And that was it. Man I love midwives!
I had the same experience! With DD, by 8 weeks I had gained 7 pounds (eek!) and the nurse made some rude comment about it...I only ended up gaining 26 total but I was totally paranoid to get on the scale after that.

This time, I gained 6 pounds in one month (eek!) and my midwife didn't even blink when I told her (same thing ~ I weigh myself and then tell her what the scale says). She could tell I was kindof freaking out and said something reassuring like it's totally normal to gain that much at this point in the pregnancy, I won't gain that much every month, as long as I'm eating ok I'll be fine, etc. I love her!
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I'm 25.5 weeks and up 6 pounds from my prepregnancy weight. I am following the same weight pattern as I did last time, which was to lose a couple pounds in the first trimester, be back to my prepreg weight at 20 weeks, and then gain 50 pounds in the last half of the pregnancy
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I'm 23.5 weeks and have gained 20lbs.

I try not to worry about it- as long as I get enough protein, limit my sweets, and feel good. If my baby is happy and growing that's all that really matters
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My midwives weigh me and don't tell me what my weight is. I have no idea what I've gained, but if I had to guess I'd say 10-15 lbs. Honestly, I've had friends from the UK say they aren't weighed at all, and that their care providers have said things like "I can tell by looking at you if you've gained too much, I don't need a scale." That seems entirely more sane to me. I am so glad I have no idea what I weigh because I am able to focus on eating healthfully for the baby instead of wondering if I really should have that second slice of bread.
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Ug... I'm 25 weeks today, and I'm starting to worry about this.

I was holding at about 17 pounds for many, many weeks, but I weighed myself last night, and it's looking like I'm up 25 pounds. I need to get back to exercising because I'm already starting to feel third trimestery, which isn't for another 3 weeks.
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I'm 23 weeks and I was up 9 lbs from my prepregnancy weight at my last appointment, which was about 10 days ago. I did lose a few pounds in the first trimester and gained that back as well.
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I think i've gained like 7 or 8 lbs now at 24 weeks. I am not sure, I have not weighed myself in a while. I just eat healthy, exercise, and if I gain 50lbs still... then I figure there is nothing I could have done about it. I try not to stress about it, but it is hard noticing the stretch marks on my bum... and realizing that my pre pregnancy underwear doesn't fit me very well anymore.

My last pregnant I did NOT have to buy new underwear. Lame!
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I think I have gained 10 lbs so far.. I am 26 weeks. I gained way too much with my dd and it was a big pita to get that weight off. So, I have been going to the gym and being careful with my food (but still eating healthy). I was a good 20lbs overweight to start, so I could do without gaining anymore.

due july 2,2009
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Originally Posted by christibale View Post
I'm already starting to feel third trimestery
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Last time I checked (early last week at 24 weeks), I had gained 20 pounds. I was kind of freaking out about it, but the post about how they do it in the UK really helped. I look good, and more importantly, I feel pretty darn good. My husband keeps telling me that I obviously need the weight, and I'm going to try to listen to him. Breastfeeding really took it off last time, so maybe this time my body is preparing itself better! Thanks for the reality check.
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Just got back from my appt at 30+ weeks and I am up almost 24 lbs!!! I wouldn't have cared too much but 1.5lbs was just this weekend and I was at a concert/camping all weekend, getting lots of exercise and not eating as much as usual (it was HOT). My doc thinks it could be bloat, but I do not like it either way.

I was hoping to stay under a 30 lb gain total and now I'm feeling depressed- that's only 6 lbs in the next 10 weeks and I generally gain 1/2-1 lb each week. I exercise a lot and eat healthy, so there's not much more I can do to control it. When will it slow down? I'm feeling like a cow...
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I'm just past the 30 wk mark and I think I've gained about 4-5 lbs. The most I've ever gained during pregnancy is 13-18 lbs, it looks like I will probably stick to that pattern.
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Well, I've officially gained more than I did with DD (total). Quite a bit more, actually...
With her, I gained 26 pounds (21 if you go by my first appointment weight, but I had already gained 5 due to fertility treatments :P).
With this LO, at 33.5 weeks I'm officially up 30 pounds! Holy cow! I'm still under where I was when I gave birth to DD, and I keep telling myself that if I end at the same weight, I can get back to the same weight...hopefully!
I have an appt. with the MW this week...I've only gained 2 pounds each at my last 2 appointments (4 week ones) so hopefully the 7 pounds I've gained in 3 weeks won't be *too* shocking!
This isn't the only reason I breastfeed...but tandem nursing should definitely help take the weight off!
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I'm pretty worried because I apparently LOST weight between the 28 and 32 week appointments. I'm only up 12lbs total and I don't know how to gain more. I'm eating ice cream every single day. I'm mostly worried I won't have enough body fat to breastfeed successfully.
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