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remembering tara

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Here's a vid about the woman who was killed .

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Not sure about services.
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Tuesday march 17
3 pm
Grace Bible
Services for tara reistad
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Our thoughts go to Tara's mom and brothers (her father was killed in 2004) during this time. And the Bowman family who thought of her as their own. She was greatly loved.
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I'm sorry Tara Reistad Bowman is her married name. Her father and stepmother were murdered a few years ago...too much tragedy for one family.
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Bozeman is a small close knit community. I personally knew Tara and know many people who knew her or knew someone who knew her. It's hard to convey how devastating this is. We will pull together. But we are all deeply impacted or know someone who is.
If Tara's death, so sudden,unexplained, unexpected (this is Bozeman where you are very safe unless you decide to backcountry ski on avalanche terrain) brings my life a sense of urgency. I just called my sister whom I had a fight with. Why did we have a fight? Oh just the usual sibling issues. But time has regained a sense of urgency here.
If today was my last day, am I okay with my family, my friends? Am I straight with the life I have and want?
If Tara's death brings you anything, let it bring this sense of urgency to life. Be brave. Live bravely. Face those things you would rather not. Go through the pain to transcendence.
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Tara's memorial today. Please send her family healing thoughts today, and our community as well around 3 pm Mountain TIme.
Thanks. I truly believe in the power of love and community especially now.
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