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Hello everyone!

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I was googling newly single mom the other night and this forum came up. I came across the most wonderful thread detailing what single mothers love most about being single mothers. It really lifted my spirits, and made me feel like I can really do this. I was so inspired that for the past 2 days, those words of other moms have been rolling around in my head. And then I thought, what a great place to join, a good online support group is just what I need right now.

So here I am!

I am a newly single mother to a beautiful almost 13 month old boy. His name is Elijah and he is the first thing I think of in the morning. And the last thing I think of before bed. I could not ask for a better buddy.
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Hello! Nice to meet you!!:
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Welcome hope you find all the support you need here! Looking forward to hearing from you...you sound wonderful and positive and ready to take on anything! Good for you!
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You are truly in nice community with great people.
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Welcome to MDC!

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Welcome from a fellow single mom!
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Welcome to Mothering.
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Where in BC are you from? Welcome to MDC!!!
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Welcome to MDC, I hope you'll get the support you are looking for. :
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I am very new here,
Here all are very old member. Then I want to more about this forum.
So , I hope that you will help me.
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Welcome to MDC!
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