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wow 3 weeks!!

wheres your ob? LOL

well i guess everyone is diffrent,
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Eek! Incision still open in the middle???? Mine healed super fast (it was still numb/tender in areas for a long time, though, but the incision was closed and "pretty" very quickly).

Post-partum bleeding... I stopped w/i 2 weeks and then started up again, too (which I saw as a signal to slow down, and I did). It definitely wasn't my 1st post-partum period (because I didn't get that for another yr).
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Yeah, I was thinking maybe the returned bleeding was a sign to slow down too, I guess I will

I am 2 weeks out right now, and my incision is perfect. Granted my OB has a a background in plastic surgery, so I guess she had better "clean" patients up pretty well

A couple more questions I forgot to ask(we were busy discussing my surgery at my one week check), and can't remember from before- how long before I can take tub baths? And how long before I can lift my older kids safely? (they're both around 30 pounds) I know the driving restriction was lifted at 2 weeks, but I can't remember the rest of that stuff. The sex restriction- not an issue :LOL
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jess, do u have the stickys on your incison? I had these little stickys on mine for a while until they fell off. at two weeks mine was still pretty fresh. u must be a super quick healer! what are you taken? LOL

glad you are well, my ob said 6 weeks for sex and 1 a week for baths.
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yea kkmama

it was like a 2 inch opining righht in the middle of the incision. and u know what the heck is the ob ganna do? sew me up? i had staples and they were taken out adn it looked good. but the stubburn middle just wouldnt close up. it is gross i know and i cant stand it but now today i looked and its about as big as a pea. weird my ob said that im as healthy as a horse and not to worry so im not. its not infected and iot does not hurt
its just gross my stomach has gone down so much now that just standing in the up looking in the mirror i can see it. befor i had to hold up the stomach!

i had my son 10-29-03 its been a while.
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No, no steri strips this time, although I had them in the past. I really think the difference in healing is the difference in surgeon for me. I guess the outside of my body heals well, but the inside- not so good: .

Oooo- so I could take baths now? I would be very excited about that, for some reason I was thinking I had to wait 6 weeks for baths. I to take a nice hot bath at night, while dh takes time with the kiddos , and he bought me a bubbling bath mat thing for Christmas, that I only used once while pregnant, that would be ooh so nice to use now
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i would aask

im mean look my insicion hasnt healed i wouldnt take my ob advice

but i would ask
i remember 6 weeks sex a 1 bath a week..

enjoy enjoy!
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hi, first let me say how happy i am to find this support thread. when i first found mothering i loved it. then when i looked for info on c/b i had to step back. it took me a while to find this thread, but am i glad i did. all of you that have been advocating for a new forum: you are my heros. the information provide here, like c/b plans, how to prepare, how to manage post op, are invaluable. i have many questions ready when the c/b sub-forum is ready! (and i am very optomistic. and if anti-c/b posters arrive we can just start a thread titled "how to educate those who think everyone who has c/b needs educatin'"

to answer other's questions based on my own experience:

1. it was about 2 months before the pain from the internal incisions stopped. my outside incision healed pretty quickly.
2. i had pp bleeding for 6 weeks.
3. i was told to wait 10 days before i got the incision wet. don't know about baths. the thought of cleaning the tub put that thought out of my mind.
4. i got the sticky tape because my ob told me that it would make the scar less noticible. however i seldom wore them because my scar is so low, i don't even see it.

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Originally posted by Monkey
wow 3 weeks!!

wheres your ob? LOL

well i guess everyone is diffrent,
Dallas, move here and we'll get together.
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LOL megs mom
u know, i used to live in texas, way doiwn south in UVALDE

YUP go ahead and blink its bigger than u think kinnipa tx was rigt next door.. what a joke that was. i went there tolive with my best freind and "try" collage HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

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Hey gals....

: :

Now that that is out of my system.....

I'm 10 days past c/b and my bleeding is minimal. With my ds it was gone at about 3 weeks (sex resumed just after that) and baths then too. I think the key to those 2 things is bleeding. Once it is gone you are "allowed" to do anything.

No I'm hoping that my bleeding this time is almost gone. With my ds at 6 weeks pp I had my first ppaf (and yes I bfed exclusively every 1.5 hours day and night....instant fertility I guess....)

I have the steri strips but they are starting to fall off. My incision is also getting back feeling. I'm also barely taking pain killer, maybe one percocet every 2 days.

My ob said when you feel confortable doing something you can. I'm ready for the 2 week mark to be up aso I can carry ds again.. I can't believe i miss that!

Oh, and my ob said to expect a start up of bright red blood again around 2 weeks or so from where the scab from the placenta falls off. Maybe that is what some of you are experiencing.
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I had a really great VBAC dream last night... And the baby looked like a white, red-headed Buckwheat--even down to the look on his face... (very funny... the red hair will probably happen, but *everyone* in our family has very boring straight hair).

But I had kind of a "mixed" hospital tour yesterday. The hospital itself is fabulous, but the women leading the "orientation" session didn't know diddly squat about anything (and said some erroneous things about car seats ), so I think I'm going to have to call our pediatrician and the L & D nurses' station to get the answers. I'm disappointed, because all this sort of info was available in the tour at the hospital I birthed at in CA. Oh well. I'm writing them a letter with some suggestions of things to change...

Anyway, I'm feeling all pysched about our doula and working on our birth plan etc. I also realized this morning that I need to work on our "contingency" plans, too. My practice will let me go to 42 wks, but I seriously doubt any longer than that. My ob is the most popular one there, and I realized that I probably ought to talk to her about whether I should go ahead and get on her schedule right now for a C at 42 wks or shortly thereafter... I really don't want to do it, because it seems like it's bad karma (everything looks very positive for the VBAC), but it also seems like it would be smart, because I just don't really believe they're going to let me go any later (one of the compromises I have made and accepted is that I am at an OB only practice), and if I have to have a C, I want her to do it.

I'm 27 wks now, and everything is great...

Editing because I want to add more explanation for why I'd like to get something on the schedule... my OB is the most popular one there, *and* she's had a VBAC herself... I'm afraid that if the need to schedule a C arises later on, either she'll be too booked up and I'll have to go with someone else, or I'll have to do it earlier than I would like in order to have her do it.

The baby has about 5 elbows this morning, and they're all aimed at my bellybutton, which is a little tender...
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My pp bleeding stopped (except for the occasional spotting) about 2.5-3 weeks pp. Unfortunately for me, and despite ebfing, af has now returnef 13 weeks pp. Darn. I think that's why my incision was feeling oddly over the last week or so.

My incision "closed" about 3-4 weeks pp. I had a lot of oozing and one-side that just wouldn't heal, but no infection.
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I have a question about timing of pg and being a candidate for a VBAC. My OB said to wait 2 years for complete healing to be a good candidate for a VBAC. Is that 2 years from delivery to delivery or 2 years from delivery to start of next pregnancy (or something in between)? In an ideal world I'd love to have my kids 30 months apart, but only if that will be a safe amount of healing time for a VBAC trial. I'm not planning on ttc anytime soon, but I guess I just want to plan ahead.

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I've never heard the 2 yr rule. I got pg with Sweetpea when ds was aboput 5 months old and was told I was a candidate....

I was also an "unlucky" one with af returning at 6 weeks pp with t...we'll see how it goes this time!
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I was told 18 months from delivery to delivery, and that is exactly what I had with my first 2, and I was planning to VBAC.
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