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Movie night with a toddler?

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DS is 2 1/2 and we have been tv-free since he was born. He does watch some tv once a week when we go to a friend's house. And recently I have let him watch some things on youtube (he loves trains) and some computer games that we play together.

A few weeks ago we decided to watch a movie as a family on DH's laptop... and the only kid movie we had was finding nemo. We all sat on the couch and ate popcorn, and he LOVED it!! (We had to skip several parts that I thought might frighten him, but generally he loved the movie and we talked the whole time and it was just a lot of fun.) He keeps asking when we can do another "family movie night!"

So I think I'd like to do this more often, maybe a few times a month. So my question is - what movies do you like that are appropriate for a 2 year old? I know I loved the Land Before Time when I was young, but it's been so long so I can't recall if there are any questionable parts in there. I don't want anything scary (that can't easily be skipped over) or characters teasing each other, etc. Just a nice fun movie Preferably one I could find at the library.

Any suggestions?
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DS got Open Season and Charlotte's Web for Christmas when he was 2 and he still enjoys them. Also, Madagascar is fun, too.
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DS adores Cars, there isn't really anything overly scary in it that I can think of, one of the race cars is kind of abrasive and rude, but other then that I can't think of anything overly objectionable in it.
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Elmo in Grouchland
Meet the Robinsons
Over the Hedge

All hits here
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We do a weekly movie night and both my boys (2.5, almost 7) love it! My toddler loves Madagascar, Open Season, Kungfu Panda, Finding Nemo and Charlotte's Web.
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Oh wow. Welcome to the world of Finding NEmo.

We are TV free too but I needed a distraction for DS while I coooked dinner. I went and bought every old (as in not really marketed anymore) disney movie that I could afford. He hated every single one of them. And then we bought Finding Nemo. This was 9 months ago. Every. Single. Night. he wants Nemo. Nemo Nemo Nemo.

Don't even get me started on the frenzy that occurs if we're out and DS spots a seagull. MINE MINE MINE MINE MNE

Anyway, we've tried introducing more movies and he has NO interest. Honestly, as sick of Nemo as I am, I think it's a great movie with great messages, great animation, and a great balance between reality and fantasty.

Others that we own are Lion King, The Rescuers, Bambi, Cinderella, Bugs Life, Robin Hood, Little Mermaid, Jungle Book, all the old classics.

Oh, come to think of it DS did enjoy Jurassic Park the one time he spotted it at grandma's but not becasue of the dinosaurs, but all of the helicopters. I was worried he would be scared but instead he just kept pointing out all of the machines (jeep, car, helicopter, etc)
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My DS likes Happy Feet and Mama Mia.
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Someone on here said that her toddler actually liked the Kevin Klein Midsummer Night's Dream, so we tried that a few weeks ago. My almost 3 year old liked it, though he did get a little worried when Bottom turned into an ass.

Last night we watched the beginning of the original Dr. Dolittle, because it's on On Demand. He really liked it. It's cheesy, but it's got singing, dancing, and lots of animals. Note that if you watch it On Demand--the ad for Starz that shows before the movie is not G rated. You might want to start it when your kids aren't around, exit, and "resume watching" when they're there.
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I just posted about this topic not too long ago, I'll find the thread and post it here as well. But I must say, I took many suggestions from here and online elsewhere from other moms who are careful with what they let their young toddlers watch (ds will be 3 in June) and his absolute favorite so far is Kiki's Delivery Service. He likes Finding Nemo as well, but we start it at scene 3 to skip the mom dying part...he is very in tune to things like that and I think he'd get it and be way to sensitive to it. Oh, and the Curious George movie, too.

1. Kiki's Delivery Service
2. Finding Nemo
3. Curious George movie
4. Thomas and the Great Discovery movie (my ds is obsessed with trains as well, and I really can't stand Thomas, but he LOVES this show and the movie)

We have just started watching movies, too, but because I am having a tough end of pregnancy and with him all day long is just exhausting me...I need to rest more, so he and I have enjoyed sampling all these movies! He asks for Kiki all the time, though, and he even quotes the movie lines which is hilarious to me since this is all so new to him and he is thinking about it so much. But that is a really cute movie, I can't recommend it enough. Lots of good in it!

Link to other thread with suggestions
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The Red Balloon.
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Milo and Otis
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My son just came out of a Finding Nemo phase. Now it's Toy Story (2, specifically). He's also liked Wall-E and Surf's Up.

I don't stress about him watching TV. We do lots of other things, and I attempt to find balance. And I had to laugh when we were outside drawing with sidewalk chalk the other day. I was drawing sea creatures and drew a large jellyfish. He stepped on the top, jumped up and down, and said, "Boing! Boing!" (other Finding Nemo moms should recognize that scene )
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Winnie the Pooh. My toddler is obsessed with all things Pooh now. I kept her TV free for about the first 18 months, then she had a cold and I put on movie to amuse her. That was the end of TV free. Especially this winter being stuck inside, she's watched Winnie the Pooh it seems like a million times. It is a good movie about friendship, though. And we get library books about Pooh to go along with the Pooh obsession, and she loves them equally.

Other good movies, Mary Poppins, Milo & Otis, and Charlotte's Web.
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I second Milo and Otis. I actually put that one on Spanish once and DS watched the entire thing (I speak no Spanish, DH speaks a little). We have to fast forward past the scary bear parts, but depending on your child, they're not really that scary (less scary than sharks or nighttime aquarium scene in Finding Nemo). Also, someone recommended Kiki's Delivery Service, another movie by the same man is My Neighbor Totoro--rated G. He also did Spirited Away, if you ever saw that movie.
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Most of the old disney ones are good. DD likes Lady and the Tramp... DOGGIES! Or Mary Poppins. And I'll ditto Kiki, and other Miyazaki movies too... some are too 'old' for toddlers, but Totoro is a good one. It's quite calm and slow-moving, there's action but it's not frenetic, so it's a nice change from western glitzy movies.

Yeah, Nemo was a hit here too...

We've just got from the library a DVD of Beatrix Potter stories. It's got scenes of Potter herself (well, an actress) interacting with live animals, interspersed with animations of her stories. DD asks for the "BUNNIES!"

And of course... she loves the WIGGLES. The 'movies' are shorter than 2 hours, but that's okay.
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Originally Posted by tankgirl73 View Post
And I'll ditto Kiki, and other Miyazaki movies too... some are too 'old' for toddlers, but Totoro is a good one. It's quite calm and slow-moving, there's action but it's not frenetic, so it's a nice change from western glitzy movies.
I will second (or third!) the Miyazaki movies! Totoro was my FAVORITE movie growing up, and I still love it! Great animation with a great story. Castle in the Sky (from the same director) was also great, but if he is sensitive, maybe in a few years, because of a lot of "bad guys" and some violence.
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What about Mary Poppins?

Its bright, catchy, festive and not too negative or overwhelming.
I LOVE Mary Poppins.

Also, along the same lines, Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Once DD is old enough for movies, we'll probably do a lot of old musicals. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Music Man, Meet Me in St. Louis, etc. I might even prescreen the set of Shirley Temple movies my stepdad gave me for Christmas.

I cannot wait for DD to be old enough for movies; to sit and snuggle, eating popcorn and laughing together! How fun for you!
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My DD watches Monsters Inc, Robin Hood, Beauty & the Beast (not my favorite), all of the Shreks :. We've recently been into Veggie Tales a lot, especially since they are much shorter than a movie.

She is also big on Mary Poppins, just be aware that the movie is over 2 hours long. Oh...and people do a double touch whenever she imitates Mary and says "Yum, rum punch". :
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