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What do you think of these kitchen counters?

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Which color do you like best with cherry wood stained cabinets? Thanks for your input. I need a lot of it before I can decide anything!
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I like the cobalt blue.
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Very cool!
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Very pretty! Color depends. Do you like things a little funky, or do you tend to go for simple and clean?
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These are really beautiful. I would pick a lighter color for dark cabinets. Bistro green and Alehouse amber are my favorite colors. I would love those in my kitchen.
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I love those! We will be replacing counters soon so thanks for the link.

I like the alehouse but I would have to see the colors (of your cabinet).

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I like the Alehouse Amber and Titanium.

Cool counters. I bet they would look neat with tiny glass tiles, maybe in a backsplash.
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Cubist Clear

Glass House

Hollywood Sage

Very Cool!
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I'm with tinyblackdot. I prefer the lighter colors, especially when I think about resale. Good luck!
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I *love* those, I was drooling over them when we were discussing redoing the kitchen. They're even local to us.

My main concern about them though is if you're not local, they are extremely heavy and take a lot of resources to ship across country.

Personally I prefer the Charisma Blue, but it would depend on how red your cabinets are. If they're quite red, then I might go with the Chivalry Blue instead. I've seen the all white ones in the display rooms and they are actually very cold feeling to me, and I don't care for it... kind of like using white marble.
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Alehouse Amber with Patina or Bistro Green with Patina. Very nice
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Ugh! I've been drooling over these countertops for a long time and kicking myself for using granite in our basement and master bathrooms.

Anyway...I love the Alehouse Amber w/Patina, Charisma Blue w/Patina, and the Cool Titanium. I think these would work if it is a natural cherry finish. However, if your cabinets are really dark and have a redish finish a lighter color might be better. Any color you choose will be beautiful!
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Wow! Those are all FABULOUS - you really can't go wrong. My favorites are the Alehouse Amber with Patina and the Bistro Green with Patina.
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It depends on what you like, of course, and also if you will be selling your home eventually. Creams always look nice with cherry cabs I think, I like the palladian grey or glass house, even the cool titanium. And if your cabs aren't too dark (i.e. have some of that "cherry red" in them) then I think green would look really nice too. I feel like the two "bistro greens" they have would look dated though so perhaps the hollywood sage?

One thing I would definitely recommend is to see them in person on a larger scale. I know when we were choosing our counters I loved a few types based on small 3x3 samples, but when I saw the whole slab I ruled them out immediately. What looked "interesting" on a small piece was way too busy when repeated over a large surface. Bring one of your cabinet doors for this if you can.
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