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encouragement with homeschooling

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I'm posting because I'm feeling wobbly on my decision to homeschool...several people are trying to convince me that I should be signing her up for kindergarten right now (people just can't understand why I would give up free childcare!) including my mother who works in a school. I'm having a difficult sleep week, and starting to feel like I'm not going to be able to homeschool and work...but I know people do it.

My fears of not being able to provide her with enough social outlets or be enthusiastic enough, or 'strew' enough given limited time, $ and energy, is making me doubt my decisions. She has high needs for social interaction and attention, so part of me is wondering if this is just my dream, and not right for her (more to that story but anyway.) Sometimes I read descriptions of things other homeschool parents are doing, and suddenly feel I'm not doing enough or providing a rich enough environment. Other times I don't feel that way.

I'd love to hear from other single moms who homeschool and work. Sending her to school feels alien to me...

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Where does she go when you work? Could she go over to a friend's house some of those times that you work?

You might want to post this in the homeschooling forum also. At least a few of the mamas have worked while homeschooling and single parenting. Dar comes to mind.
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