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Weekly Chat March 13th - March 19th

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Well I started exercising, screw waiting to six weeks. I'm not doing an hour a day, more like 15 minutes every few days, but it's a start. I can not really believe how truly out of shape I am, and it is not just from being pregnant.
I have also discovered yoga and fat girls don't mix well. 1/2 the moves I just couldn't do.

Sephie is more awake now, and bfeeding is going well. I just need her to stay awake long enough to empty a boob.
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Ha! I'm dying to exercise, too. I feel like a slug and would like to, I dunno, go for a run? But, I'm only 2 weeks postpartum so I'm holding myself to leisurely walks...

And my baby is a lazy nurser, too. The last 2 were like barracudas, but she lets go after letdown and just licks the milk...and she only nurses every 2-4 hours. The others nursed every 30 minutes to an hour. It's just so strange. But, she's gaining just fine...3/4 pound in a week, so I guess she's getting plenty.
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I was just describing Owyn as a lazy nurser to my husband last night. She just wants to snooze and snack, so our nursing sessions can last up to 45 min, especially in the middle of the night when she's sleepy. She's awake a lot during the day, which is great, so she nurses better during daytime hours... a little cluster feeding in the evening, which actually sets us up nicely for longer stretches at night... more sleep for me!

She is having trouble with latching on though. This just started the last few days, she had no trouble at first. She gets latched on, but lets go and seems frustrated. I know my milk is letting down pretty quickly, because when she lets go, I get a puddle on my lap. It's frustrating for both of us. She latches and lets go several times and it can sometimes take a long time for her to get comfortable. I don't know what the deal is... It really frustrates her. It's only on that first side though. Once she gets it finally, she'll feed fine, and do fine latching on the other side with no problem. We've tried changing positions, but that just frustrates her more. Any thoughts?
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I've been exercising a bit. Mostly walks but also a weekly post partum class which is focusing mostly on core and back strength. I try to do the exercises at home too but I'm not always good about it. I'm anxious to get back to my yoga class but I don't feel ready to be away from Fiona. I know that I can and that she will be fine with DH but I think I'll give it a bit more time and pull out some DVD's instead.

This week has been a set back in all of that though b/c I've had mastitis. Totally wiped me out. The antibiotics are hard at work and I'm feeling much better. Still pretty tired but thank god the rest of the symptoms are pretty much gone. Ironically, I think Fiona sleeping such long stretches at night is what set me up for mastitis. She slept for 5 hours, followed by 3+ hours one night and I woke up totally engorged. The next thing you know I had mastitis. I was surprised by how fast that happened. I'll take less sleep over this anytime.

I've noticed less cluster feeding and more long nursing stretches lately. I think her stomach must be getting bigger and she's also able to stay awake longer. She often wants to suck on mine or DH's finger for comfort rather then be on the breast (especially in the evening.) Someone suggested a pacifier but I'm not sure I really want to go that route. Anyone have any words of wisdom regarding the pacifier use? I don't mind her getting comfort form it but I don't want a child that HAS to have her binky.
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Sometimes I have trouble getting a newer baby to latch (with all 3 of mine). Doing the standard "cup it in your hand, wait until the baby opens their mouth, and bring the baby to it" just doesn't get it for me.

I compress the areola and then push the baby's chin down with my finger, and shove in as much as I can. Pushing the chin gently causes them to open their mouths wider, and giving them a smaller (yet still getting in much of the areola) area to latch on seems to help a lot.
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As AP as I maybe be, I love pacifiers. Why ? I currently have 3 thumb suckers. I would much rather have my kids use a pacifier than be thumb suckers ? My sister sucked her thumb until she was 9 and her teeth are totally screwed up because of it. She is mad paranoid about her kids sucking their thumbs. I can wean them off a pacifier, I can't just take away a finger. I wish I had pushed the pacifier on my 3 suckers more. Currently ds2 is 4 and I need to get working on weaning him off this thumb.
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I agree with jessilynne on the paci vs. thumb sucker. We lost ds's paci at 18 months and it took 2 nights of crying and laying down with him to break the need for it. You can put limits on the paci i.e. you can have it for naps and bedtime but it must stay in the bedroom. You can't put limits on a thumb.
No exercise here yet. Every time I do a little more I start to bleed again.

We're buying a new washer and dryer today. My dryer has never worked properly it takes 3hrs to dry a load. My washer died on Thursday. It won't spin anymore. Both were in the house when we bought it. I'm so ready for new ones. I am going energy efficient with the washer. I just hope they can deliver it tommorow because we cd and I can't go without my washer.

Both dh and ds got a wicked stomach bug. It was so gross. So far the baby and I did not get it.

Took Delia to the chiro today. She's a little tight in the shoulders and neck and has a weak hip joint. We're going back next wednesday.
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i haven't exercised, but I have been walking and just doing mormal things, plus I decided not to wait 6 weeks to have sex. I was surprised it went so well. I thought there was some major reson for waiting 6 weeks, but nope fine.

went to bushc gardens today and was asked to move to the back of the theatre. I refused to and then complained to the surper who told his employee to tell me to move, and to guest services. I don't know what's going to happen with it but told them i will be following up.

Lazy latcher thats mine, she does that getting the flow going then try to lick the milk up, then other times she is a very vigorous nurser. I can't wait to see how big she is monday.

mal85 i had this happening I found if i held my breast /nipple in the cup position, then when the nipple was in her mouth (but she wasn't latched on) I let go and she usually manages to get latched on that way. Good luck, sounds frustrating.
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I had my 6 week postpartum check up today and found out, happily, that I can see this doctor for a future pregnancy whether high risk or not. Once I've been a patient I'm always welcome back. I am SO happy because I adore my doctor so much. I laughed and said "Okay I'm going home and getting pregnant right now!" He cracked up. I gave him a birth announcement to hang on his wall o' babies and we chatted for a bit. When I told him we weren't using any birth control he said "Okay so I'll see you back here in like May? June at the latest?" LOL

I'm so sad all the appointments and anticipation is over. I'm ready for another baby now! But my body is so not. The SPD was really bad this time and my doctor says it starts earlier and gets worse each time. Yikes. So we're waiting at least a year to give my body a chance to recover. Hopefully we'll be able to afford for me to see a chiropractor regularly next time and then the SPD won't be so bad.
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Oh Lydia I am so glad you can see your dr for future pregnancies. It can be so hard to find a good dr you really like. If I ever have another baby I want to use my midwife Andrea again. although I am probably not going ot have anymore.
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Hey ladies!

Things are going well with Royce - he's 8 weeks tomorrow! He has his fussy spells but for the most part we're doing well. It is very hard to get him to sleep on his own though. I have to be right next to him or holding him, and it seems that no matter how gentle I put him down he will wake up within minutes. We cosleep which I enjoy, but it would be nice to be able to put him down during naps so I could get some stuff done. I've been thinking of buying a swing, but haven't decided yet.

I think dh and I are setting a record for the longest time pp before dtd. It has been 8 weeks and we still haven't : At my 6 week appt my midwife had to stop my vaginal exam because it hurt, so obviously I wasn't ready yet. I think we may wait another week and then try. This is getting a bit ridiculous!
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I'm imagining months before DTD again. That may change as my recovery progresses (it's only been two weeks), but I just can't imagine anything going near that area for a long time. I'm not hurting so much anymore. Haven't had any bleeding in two days. I'm just not comfortable with that area yet.

As for the swing... it's a life saver for us. She LOVES the swing and sleeps so well in it for her naps. I have laid her down in the bassinet for a nap before and she did fine, slept there for two hours... but she was sleeping very deeply when I put her down. I tried that same night to put her in the bassinet when we went to bed. It only lasted about 5 minutes before she woke up. Anyway, I'm almost jealous of the swing sometimes she likes it so much.

We went shopping today for the first time. It went well. She slept for almost all of it, then woke up wanting to eat. It was weird for me to feed her at the mall. It's awkwardness on my end, we're not good at being discreet yet. And I'm not comfortable letting my goods out for all to see. Anyway, I found an adorable Easter basket for her and a pair of pants that actually fits me! I can be comfy in jeans again and stop leaving the house in sweats.
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Originally Posted by JesiLynne View Post
I have also discovered yoga and fat girls don't mix well. 1/2 the moves I just couldn't do.
I hear you on this! Check out Yoga by Megan Garcia (plus-size model): http://www.amazon.com/Yoga-Just-Size.../dp/B0006TPDXO
I really love it!

Aellyn is a month old! I can't believe it. She smiled at me today and I actually cried! It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

Everything is going perfectly except.. hemorrhoids - ugh. It is just hell. Anyone else dealing with this little post-pregnancy gem?
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Aubrey was four weeks yesterday! But to me it feels like she's still brand new. She is a strange little girl--I've never seen anyone fight going to sleep the way she does.

I haven't started exercising, but we are taking very short walks every now and then. Last night I went out to dinner and wore her in the sling for the first time. It was great--I had no idea it would work so well. She catnapped the whole time! Also tried DTD last night, which didn't go so great. There is no lubrication going on down there. Completely the opposite of my entire pregnancy but I guess that's something we can manage. And I don't think I'm emotionally ready yet, which might be part of the problem.

DID, that's awesome about your doctor! I can't even think about having another baby. I keep telling Aubrey she's going to be an only child and Huz is getting upset about it.

BTW, does anyone else's baby scream bloody murder every time they poop, even though its soft baby poop? Just wondering...
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Justkate: My DD screams as soon as she poops...but not usually during. Though sometimes she gets really fussy and cries leading up to it.

I'm 6 weeks post partum and we DTD twice...the second time I ended up bleeding fresh red blood. I guess we just need to be a bit more careful. Didn't hurt though. The lack of lubrication is from breast feeding hormones. I am getting an IUD put in this week...I think I'll feel more relaxed about DTD once it is in. I definitely look forward to more babies but I so don't want irish twins!

I love having a swing. It is usually the only place I can put DD down during the day.

Makenna slept in the pack and play the last 2 nights...had been sleeping in our bed. It was really nice to have space in the bed and to be able to snuggle DH again...but we are both sad to not have her right next to us. We can't decide what to do. I keep bringing her to bed in the morning.

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We're also at 4 weeks now! Still adjusting to breast feeding (one day at a time) but I'm committed to doing it so I'm praying it gets easier. Good news is that she's gaining weight and she's already at 8 1/2 pounds (7.5 at birth).

No, we haven't DTD yet either and I don't see it happening very soon. I'm actually concerned about my bleeding. I'm still soaking 2-3 pads a day and it's bright-ish red blood. I wasn't concerned until I read that the later weeks should be darker blood and just spotting. I'm not faint or light headed but I still wonder if something is wrong. I do plan on calling the doc's office tomorrow but has anyone had a similar experience?

My daughter (that still sounds so weird to me) loves the swing. She also sleeps better there than the bassinet. Her number one preference, however, is to sleep on me, my DH, or any visiting relative. The little thing often squawks until she gets her way.
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We're at 2.5 weeks here. BF'ing is finally getting easier and less painful. Still toe-curlingly painful right at the start of a feed, but ok after the 1st min or so. He's settling into a routine of sorts, with a 4 hours stretch of sleep most nites. I'm finally over the crud that hit right after he was born (and it took antibiotics to clear it up). I think the exhaustion from new baby + big kids + sick was what had me considering PPD last week. Feeling more positive now. Still not quite....myself yet, but we are only 2.5 wks out.

Too soon to DTD here, and I'm too pooped and 'touched out' to want to anyway.

Haven't gotten out the swing yet. He'll sleep for a bit in the bassenette, but prefers to be in arms. thank goodness for the sling!
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Rosalie is doing very well. She will be 6 weeks this Wednesday. She is such a good sleeper. After two really NON sleepers, I am so thankful that she likes her sleep. She only wakes up once each night to nurse, so she gets 4-5 hour stretches at a time. And she takes really long naps throughout the day. Sometimes I worry that she's not eating enough, but she's growing and she's not fussy!
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heinz what problems are you having with breastfeeding?

also this I don't get, my LLL leader says breastfeeding shouldn't hurt if you are doing it right. I just don't know if I believe that. I mean in the beginning. I think it just might hurt. It didn't with my second daughter but it had only been 2-3 months since i had finished nursing my first. Thoughts?
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