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Little update on Lucius

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The preliminary reports on the MRI and EEG appear normal. They need to be fully reviewed by the neurologist but she is cautiously saying his clonic seizures are not brain-induced and will likely go away on their own. I mis-typed earlier with calling them myoclonic seizures. One of the peds had called them that and also called them focal seizures but according to the neurologist they are clonic seizures. Anyway, I should have the full results in a few days but we're cautiously optimistic!
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Oh Dreams! That is great news! I'm praying for the best for you guys.
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Thanks for the update, DiD. So glad to hear the test results. Thinking of you and Lucius.
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Oh, yeah! I'll continue to pray for you and your family!
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Yay-that's encouraging news!
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This is good to hear. ((hugs))
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Sounds like good news so far!
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I have an appointment on Thursday to discuss the results with his pediatrician. :
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That's wonderful news!
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