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photo shoot fun :)

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i just went to a photo shoot for Earth Mama Angel Baby!

we weren't going to do maternity photos this time (since we had them done w/ dd, and they are SOOO expensive!) but EMAB had a blurb in their newsletter that they were looking for pregnant mamas in my area for website/newsletter/merchandise photos.

i can buy prints, but i didn't have to pay the ($400) sitting fee! WOO HOO!

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ooh, how fun!! you'll have to share pics if you get prints!!
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Yeah, share! Did they do fun stuff? What were some of your poses and outfits?
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That's so awesome!

I must confess Im a little jealous
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Please share what you wore! I have a photo shoot on Monday and am racking my brain trying to find stuff that will look good!
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Originally Posted by lotus.blossom View Post
Yeah, share! Did they do fun stuff? What were some of your poses and outfits?
so, for most of them i was totally naked except for a sheer wrap around my hips (they draped to the floor) with angel wings on. my arms or props covered my nipples in all of the poses

some of the poses were with merchandise (a gift basket, some tea)

my favorite pose was standing with my arms crossed over my chest (hands kind of forming an "X" by my neck) looking up, eyes closed with a big smile.

i also posed holding a flower pot (w/ silk flowers) in one hand and a watering can in the other hand.

there was one where i was sitting cross legged with a giant flower pot (at least 2 feet high, and 2 feet in diameter) in between my legs! lol... in a couple of those shots there was nothing in the pot, but i was holding a watering can (watering the soil, i guess) looking "expectantly" at it
then they put flowers in it.

if you're looking for ideas for poses, the earth mama angel baby website has lots of shots, the photographer who did the photo shoot has a website with a maternity portfolio. (http://laurielphotography.com/)

i think we might go to her for our newborn/family photos after this little one comes. it's a lot of $$ (eek!) but she is soooooo good
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That sounds lovely, and that lady is a beautiful photographer! Wow!
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She really is! Those pictures were beautiful
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