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We have some friends that have 5 kids. Their first was born on Dec 22, their second on Dec 24, their 3rd on Dec 24, and their last two were both born in June. They were not planned that way, as far as I know. The father's birthday is Dec 30th, also. That's two on the exact same day, two years apart.
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my kids are 3rrs and 8days apart, and my third pregnancy (m/c) was due in March as well. I'd like another one in the same time, but I don't know if it will work since I just found out my midwife will be out of town then.

eta: the first two weren't planned for dates at all, but we were trying to get prenant. the third one was the first month we tried, and we didn't think we'd get pregnant right away, so while not planned for the timing, it was a plan to start trying knowing that the timing might end us with three kids with birthdays in the same two weeks.
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My dds' birthdays are on Nov. 23 and 26. It was totally not planned. Lilly wasn't due till February and Lucy wasn't due till December. My dr joked that I should try and plan my next baby for either the 24 or 25.
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I have 3 within a 4 week period. They are July 15, August 6 and August 12. It wasn't planned that way, just when we happened to conceive the two after my first August bday baby.
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i had 2 siblings who were born a day apart in August, one 5 years after the other.
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DD1 and DD2's birthdays are 4 days apart in July. DS was born in September, but I went into labor at 29-30 weeks and he was almost born in July.
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All 3 of mine have late April/early May birthdays, mainly because I didn't want to be pregnant in Florida through the summer.
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DS and bean (DD) will be less then a month apart when she is born. It was semi planned that way in that we wanted Spring/early Summer babies. My birthday also falls between bean's and DS' birthdays. That being said their birthdays won't be in the same month, bean will be a March baby, like me, and DS is an April baby.

My siblings birthdays are October 3rd, 7th and 7th (twins) and my Mom's birthday is the 25th (her sister's birthday is the 20th and her father's was the 28th), I always felt like the odd child out being born in March rather then October like everyone else.

I do think the same month/same general time period is semi common though.
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My DD's are 10 days apart in September. We didn't really plan it that way, we just happened to start TTC around the same time of the year with each kid and got pregnant on the first try with both. As they get older we will do separate parties when they want them, but for now, they're thrilled to be celebrating together.
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My oldest two are both June babies. Not planned by me that way. DD was actually due almost three weeks earlier, toward mid-May.

DS also shares a birthday (10 years apart) with his cousin and I have a cousin born one day after me.

Oh, and all my kids were born in even years with no planning from us.
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I don't have two children with birthdays in the same month. However, if I let baby-under-construction arrive in its own time, I almost certainly would. For a variety of reasons, I'm having a scheduled section at 40 weeks. That will be June 29th. If I waited for labour, it's almost certain (based on my previous pregnancies) that it would be at least another week and a half. That would put him in July, with ds2.

While we don't have birthday in the same month, once baby-under-construction arrives, the birthdays of my living children will be:

March (ds1)
May (dd)
June (baby-under-construction)
July (ds2)

My birthday is also in June, so every birthday in our family, except dh's, occurs in the space of just over four months. From ds1's to dh's is almost exactly six months, and then we have six months with no birthdays at all (except our angel, Aaron, who was stillborn in November).

The possible proximity of b-u-c's birthday and ds2 was not planned at all, and neither was the grouping of birthdays. I'd honestly prefer a little more spacing. However, I long since gave up on planning my reproductive life.
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my dad has 5 siblings so six kids in the family, 2 have birthdays one day after the other in Oct (18&19) and 2 in November (1&2). So 4 out of 6 kids within 2 weeks of each other.
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Both of my children are born in the same month. This was a complete accident since we were battling infertility for 2 years each time and I would have loved to conceive at any time. The baby I miscarried was also going to be due a week after my DDs birthday, too. So I think I'm just meant to conceive in July/August and that's that.
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My kids are exactly 2 years and 51 weeks apart!! We do birthday parties alternately - this year it's ds's turn for a party, DH and his brother have birthdays of Nov 14 but ten years apart!!!
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My SIL's bday is 7/14, DH's is 7/15, their only cousin's is 7/17 and their only living grandmother growing up was 7/18! Because cousin lived out of state, birthdays were always times for out of town visits, reunions, and big parties. I get the impression that it was a lot of fun! (And no, none of this was planned.)
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Originally Posted by PajamaMama View Post
All 3 of mine have late April/early May birthdays, mainly because I didn't want to be pregnant in Florida through the summer.

This was my thinking behind my first February baby after having ds1 in Mexico at the end of June. I was unbearably hot when pregnant then we were both unbearably sticky and dripping with sweat right up until he was about 3 months old.
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Originally Posted by Ks Mama View Post
Chances are 1 in 12, I would think, that you have two children in the same month, assuming you aren't planning your pregnancies.
I struggled in my college stats class, but I don't think that is true. The chance to have a baby in any given month might be 1 in 12, but not to have 2 in the same month...something to do with combinations and permutations...I think . Maybe more like 1 in 144 (12 x 12)???, but hopefully someone with a better grasp on stats will chime in.

Anyway, my kids birthdays are very close but in different months, October and November, and that wasn't planned. I plan on doing separate birthday parties for sure though.
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My older sisters birthday is May 26, my younger sisters is June 25 and mine is July 10. So we go right in a row. Oh and May 26 is also my parents anniversary....yes, my sister was born on my parents 1 year anniversary!

My kids are October and January so no similarity there. Although my daughter shares a birthday with my dad. :
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My friends kids were both born in August, 3 days from each other. (This friends sister also had her two kids in August)
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My cousin's kids are:


4 birthdays in 3 months, 2 in the same week. All 4 in the middle of the month (17th, 15th , 13th, 11th)... hey, they decrease by 2 each time... And one has my birthday and one has my nephew's birthday.

No, it wasn't planned.
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