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VBAC Transfer of Demitrious Sorin

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This is the really long story of the really long labor of Demitrious Sorin R. I was planning a home birth VBAC for him, but as it happens, fate had other plans.

Basically, I started getting contractions Wednesday, Feb 25th around midnight. I was 37 weeks, 4 days pregnant. I tried to sleep, but by 1 am Thurs morning, I was awake and dealing with them. We called the midwives around 4 am to let them know what was going on. My one MW came out around 8 am, her assistant was here around 9 and the doula/ student MW was here around 9:30. I was checked sometime that morning and was at 5 cm. Around 4 pm, they checked me again and i was at about a 6. Kinda disappointing. By early Friday, Feb 27th morning they checked me again and I was a 7, and contractions were spacing out. In 24+ hours I had made about 2 cm worth of progress.....

My water had not broken and they said if they hadn't checked, they wouldn't think I was actually in labor. So instead of pulling what most OB's would and forcing me to the hosp to get pit and such, they went home. There was no danger to either of us and I was only contracting every 8-10 mins or so. Around 10 am Friday I had a gush that i thought was my water breaking. Contractions were still pretty far apart, so I started watching my temp (for infection) and upped my vit C intake (love emergen-C for that) to prevent any infection. We called the MW around 4 pm Friday to let them know, when contractions had picked back up again. They got back around 6 pm.

By 10 pm Friday I was getting anxious and starting to get pushy feeling. Checked again and I was only 8 cm still. It was getting annoying, to say the least. By 11:30pm I couldn't NOT push any longer. I was trying to breath through them still though because I was STILL not to 10 cm. That was the most impossible thing ever, to not push. It was awful. Again, my contractions spread out from a good 2-3 mins to 5-6 mins apart. I tried to sleep, but it just wasn't working. We were all getting exhausted, Chris and I had not slept since Tuesday night, it was now nearly Sat. I had been eating well till mid day Friday, but I just couldn't do much eating after that point. DH was really good about keeping me hydrated though. I started pushing for real around 1 am Sat. Around 4 am we realized I couldn't pee, at all. I asked the MW's to cath me to drain my bladder around 5 am. His head was SO low that it was compressing the urethra. Around 7 or so, my water exploded all over. It was crazy, but apparently what I had thought was it breaking Friday was just a leak, or me peeing myself….

Around 8 am, Sat I was still pushing, I was at a +1 station (finally dilated fully), but he just was not moving down well. During all these days, we were moving all over the house, in every position you can imagine. I must have drained our water heater 5-6 times a day using the shower, plus DH kept warming up the pool with water off the stove. DH was a total rock star. I don't think he left my side for longer than 5 mins at a time ever. Around 9 am, the MW was starting to push for a transfer if he wasn't moving really well, really soon. I'd pretty much had it by now. I was cool and in control the whole time, but once I realized it was not going to happen, I kinda lost it and it was not a pretty 30 mins. I had the MW cath me again around 9:30 Sat morning because I still could not pee. Our friend and his wife came to drive us (so we could have our car there) around 10:30. DH managed to pack for all 3 of us, even remembered cloth diapers for Demitri. We got to the hospital about 11 am.

The hospital was instantly hostile to us. The OB on call tried telling me in her first words that she WAS doing a section, I didn't have a choice. Wow, you should have seen me freak out. She actually took a step back and re-evaluated the situation. And we even lied and told them I had only been pushing 4 hours, not the 10+hours it actually was. She looked and said there was no way she COULD do a section since he was so darn far down. Basically I had gotten him below my tail bone, he just wouldn't get under my pelvic bone. Literally, 1" of his head was out, it just wouldn't stay out. To do a section, they would have had to push him back in, and that is just not good. I did get the epidural placed, but as soon as it started to take effect I told them to turn it off. The OB was insisting that I had to push through the contractions, but I couldn’t tell what I was doing any more since I couldn’t feel it. I think they were confused as to why I would want it off, but they finally unplugged it after 5 mins or so. The OB ended up doing an episiotomy and using the vacuum. I was just numb enough not to feel it. It took another 3 pushes, but he was born pretty fast after all that. We checked in at 11 am and he was born at 12:03 pm.

The first thing he did was pee everywhere. They put him on my chest and Chris got to cut the cord. He started breastfeeding as I was being stitched back up. He has an anomaly on his right hand. It looks like a 6th finger tried to form and his 4th and 5th digits are kinda fused together. I think it is all cosmetic, we need an x-ray to confirm but not just yet. Maybe in a few months. We are going for a plastic surgeon consult soon.

Overall, this is NOT how I saw things happening, but it worked out the way it had to. If I had gone in to the hosp any sooner, I would have ended up with another section. If I had stayed at home, I really don’t think things would have changed. Basically, it was the perfect balance. In the whole time, I was not out of control or screaming in pain, it was just flowing. I swear I lost like 40 hours though. I have no idea how so much time passed. I would not change much of anything about how it played out. I just can’t say how amazing DH was throughout.

Demitri weighed 8 lbs, 11 oz, 21" and had a 14 3/4" head, born at exactly 38 weeks. All totaled, labor lasted 60 hours, give or take a little.
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you rock mama!!!! Great job and it sounds like your team did an awesome job supporting you.
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Congrats! You did amazing!
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What an inspiration!! Thank you for sharing, and wow, I hope to have as much fortitude as you in my upcoming VBAC!
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Congratulations on your new little bundle! And he was a pretty big boy too! So nice to hear a story with a super supportive DH too. Yay!
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Congrats again. Sorry it was so long/rough on you.
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For what it is worth I agree with you completely: going to the hospital sooner would have meant surgery. All your baby needed was a little help once you did all that work (at home, in your own space) to get him so far along the way.

This happened to my cousin too - she was at a birth center with MWs having a perfectly intervention free birth, doing all the right things, but after hours of pushing her baby was just *stuck*. She transfered to hospital for a vacuum. He popped right out with the help and it was exactly the right, minimalist, need-driven use of an intervention.

These things *do* happen and what's great is when mamas and midwives work together to make the right decisions at the right time.
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Congrats mama! You did awesome! :
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