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Product name: One-size, Sandy's, Air Flow, Rikki, All-in-one

Brief description of product: All diapers and covers made by this company.

Store/Site of purchase: Mother-ease


How long have you used this product? 3.5 years

Fit/Sizing: Good

Performance: Excellent

Quality: Excellent

Customer Service/Communication: Fair

Would you purchase this product again? Yes

Have you made a complaint to the WAHM or company about the product? If yes, please provide details of any resolution or lack thereof. No

Additional Comments: Mother-ease diapers are not the cutest, they're not the cheapest, the company's customer service is only average and you have to buy from them 'cause they don't have any North American distributors...and that makes them sound not so great in the abstract, but when you have a real baby and she's got explosive diarrhea, you want a diaper and cover that WORK. And their stuff WORKS better than anything else I tried--by a lot!

I give it (How many up out of five?):
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I agree with everything from this review - I never once had a poop blow-out in 2 years while using these with DS1. I've tried many other cuter, trendier brands and none compare.
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i used the airflow covers 10yrs ago and loved them so much i went right for them this time around.
works great with prefolds.

you can now buy them from places other than ME.

i like "nicki's diapers" as they do free shipping for covers.
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