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Without trying or not trying, how long did it take you to conceive?

Poll Results: How long did it take you to get pregnant?

  • 50% (131)
    Bullseye! First month
  • 17% (45)
    2 or 3 months
  • 6% (16)
    4-6 months
  • 9% (24)
    6-12 months
  • 15% (41)
    Longer than a year
257 Total Votes  
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I'm just curious.
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I've had two condoms break in my life, one of them resulting in my oldest

and we've had two other condom failures, which weren't apparent, resulting in my younger two : (not twins..)

during the months that our children were concieved I had a 'feeling' and my ovulation symtoms were out of control. And it seems like each time was right when I was starting to get the babybug too.

So, maybe I guess it just takes a for me..
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Two years (x2) but the second time I was bfing and only had a cycle back for 6 months.
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We just threw caution to the wind and DS was conceived the first month. Hope we're as lucky with #2 .
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I couldn't vote accurately b/c with both babes it was 1-2 months.
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DD was another "condom failure." With DS, I went off the pill after April's cycle, was pregnant around June 10th or so. Now TTC #3, we've been at it for over a year. AF came back when DS was 10 1/2 months and he's now 2. Nada.
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i wasn't planning to get pg, dd was a surprise!
we had unprotected sex once, i guess we were lucky
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My eldest two were 2-3 months.. the youngest was a surprise- so.. a bullseye?
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When we weren't trying, we conceived DD the first month and conceived again the second month of TTA because of a job change/loss of insurance (ended in m/c).

TTC, we conceived after 8 months (another m/c), and we're currently at 15 months.

Clearly we do better when we're not trying.
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I was certain it would take at least a year. 1st try got me a BFP. 13 months later no PPAF, and I am starting to think of TTC.... hope it goes as smoothly
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I've had 4 pregnancies -- 2 miscarriages and 2 beautiful babies. All four took about 3 months of trying before we conceived. And now I've been trying for almost 2 years to get pregnant with baby #3. What is the deal??
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longer than a year, BUT
1. we were not charting/actively pinpointing o date, it was a when it happens, it happens thng
2. we were moving cross country and were apart for the better part of a year
3. i was having maybe 3-5 cycles a year at that point.
so considering that all, not too bad.
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I was with my husband for about two and half years, on bc three months during that time, and conceived our oldest about 19 months after that. I am pretty sure I had a miscarriage the month before, so 18 months solid.
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I got pregnant three times the first month of trying and this was at 40 and 43. One live birth at 40 and two m/c's at 43.
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The first two were surprises, the third was conceived our first month trying.
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I've been pregnant 3 times. The first two times it happened in the month of trying. The third time was after my miscarriage, and I think it didn't happen until the 3rd cycle.
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12 months on the nose for this one. Charting, temping, herbs, vits, weight loss, the whole 9 yards.
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Took us 5 years of no bc and trying (with other help eventually, like clomid). We gave up and got pregnant 6 months later.
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I voted for over a year, but I was still breastfeeding and my DH travels alot, thus missing many windows of opportunity.
We weren't "trying"; however, we weren't preventing...

ETS: It probably took aboout 12-18 months...
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Dp and I had one time of dtd "not ttc or tta" (ie, the one and only time without some sort of protection in 4 years) and I got pg with this baby.
I can't say we were tta, because that one time we consciously decided against "protection", but figured there was no chance it would result in pg.

With ds, we actively ttc'ed for 20 mos, including charting, herbs, and a hsg.
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