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Without trying or not trying, how long did it take you to conceive? - Page 3

Poll Results: How long did it take you to get pregnant?

  • 50% (131)
    Bullseye! First month
  • 17% (45)
    2 or 3 months
  • 6% (16)
    4-6 months
  • 9% (24)
    6-12 months
  • 15% (41)
    Longer than a year
257 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by laohaire View Post
I honestly didn't understand the question, and I am obviously the only one!

"Without trying or not trying, how long did it take you to conceive?"
I don't think I understood the question either, so I am going to take another swing at it:

After 8 months of TTC, including 1 miscarriage, we decided to take a break from TTC (we didn't want a Christmas baby). We didn't prevent, but we didn't "try" as we had for the past 8 months.

Of course that was the month we conceived this one.
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I've had 6 pregnancies, three very early m/c chemical pregnancies, and three wonderful children! All six were conceived the first time trying or not using protection.
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I got my first cycle when I was 11 years old and it has always been predictable, except since July this year when I was under stress and at the same time my youngest stopped breastfeeding. I was only on birth control for maybe 8 months-1 year when I was 17 years old and I thought I might have sex.

Well, with my first husband, we got pregnant once and that was after more than a year and I miscarried at 10 weeks pregnant. (I was 20 years old). Throughout nearly 9 years of marriage, we were unable to conceive children.

With this husband, we met May '04. After three months of not trying, but not trying not to (literally knew him 3 months at this point), we conceived Abigail. (I was 30 years old)

When Abigail was 5 months old, I was exclusively breastfeeding and using two forms of birth control, Sophia was conceived. (I was 31 years old)
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22 months of trying (all of it being deliberate/active) after giving up condoms for bc (5 years off the pill by that point).
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Second cycle trying.

I had been charting to avoid, then started charting to conceive.
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Well, the answer depends on which pregnancy. For DS1, I got prego in the first month, without even trying. This time, I charted and it took two months. DH believes it's all because of his "super sperm" .
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The first one was a "surprise" and #2 was conceived the first month of trying while breastfeeding 6-7 times a day!
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3yrs TTC - here's what finally worked for us

We spent 3 trying years TTC. Endometriosis, oviarian cysts, multiple surgeries, a CP...and a fairly unsupportive medical community, IMHO. We finally ended up at Cornell in NYC, which is regarded as one of the best fertility centers in the world. Our first IVF cycle resulted in a BFP, but I miscarried .

For our second round of IVF I got included in the beta program of a meditation program from Circle+Bloom. Even though it wasn't developed for an IVF cycle, I followed this program religiously. I'd tried all kinds of alternative therapies previously (yoga, acupuncture, supplements, massage, etc.) so was game for anything that would help.

And, it DID! I loved the program, that it made me feel relaxed and centered. But I loved the results more. Day 28 we got our BFP. At 7 wks, we found out it was TWINS!!

After 3 yrs of struggle and misery, I now feel so blessed. I'm such a believer in the program that I still listen to the meditations every night (a different program, developed for pregnancy not conception).

I don't care if you're trying 2 months or 2 years, people who haven't struggled to conceive can't relate to the stress and disappointment. Wishing you luck...
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I voted for 6-12 months, since it took us 8 months to get pregnant the first time. Unfortunately, I'm not pregnant and still don't have a baby. So does that make me over a year to get preg? I dunno.
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First month, both times. Just call me Fertile Myrtle. And yes, I do know how lucky we are! (Although, my husband was hoping for a little more "trying"!)
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10 years! DD is now 6 and it's looking like that might be it for us as I am nearly 44 now and we are apparently not very fertile....
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I voted 6-12 months since I was charting to get pg with dd, but we weren't actively timing intercourse. Now with DP we had an accident two cycles ago resulting in a chemical pregnancy m/c. After the shock wore off, we were very excited. Now we've decided to actively try.
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Well with my first I had just gotten off the pill and wasn't wanting to get pregnant but thought that since i had just gotten off of it I wouldn't anyway, I'm still not sure why we didn't cover up. Once was all it took
With my second we weren't actively trying but we weren't preventing anything either so first month there she was.
Baby #3 I didn't want to get pregnant but i was in a hormonal stage where I really didn't care if it was wrapped up or not and the one time we had sex that month guess what happened!
Baby#4 Oh my we hadn't seen each other for 2 years and neither of us cared what happened! And here i am 17 wks along!
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Actively trying - just over a year (with multiple early miscarriages inbetween). This is our second. Once we started accupuncture - bingo!

With our first - first try. Though we were not 'trying' - just not 'preventing'.
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yeah it works. first time. it took me 18 months to conceive my dd and she was heavily planned. opks, temps, everything.
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We were using BC from the time we got married, but after I stopped that (not for TTC, just for not wanting to use BC), we neither tried nor prevented. Just about one year later, we conceived our first born. So I answered 6-12 months.

When I got pg with my 2nd and 3rd, I was much more aware of cycles and fertility, so I sort of knew we would conceive when we did. I wasn't *exactly* trying, but, it wasn't as truly not trying as the first one.
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#1~12 long months
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We got engaged, and I thought I knew what signs meant "fertile" and which ones meant "not fertile" but I kind of got them backwards. We ... celebrated our engagement quite enthusiastically without protection, and I POAS two weeks later....

DS just turned two.
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We got it on the first shot...it was my most mucousy day so we went for it. This was 2 weeks after we got married...
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baby #1 "surprise"
baby #2 "surprise"
and with my new DH
baby #3 3 months after remove my IUD
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