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PPAF, or What? TMI

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Yesterday and today, I've had 2 instances of discharge with a tinge of blood, but only once yesterday, and once today. I put a panty liner in yesterday morning when I noticed it, but the one time in the morning was all there was. Today, a little bit ago, I noticed some more in my panties TMI, sorry. I put in a panty liner again, but so far, the one instance has been all there was today.

Now, I did *finally* have my postpartum check-up last week (3.11) and the OB said that I was fully healed except for one little spot at the end of my stitches that was still pink, that hadn't *quite* healed completely because I'm nursing and something about estrogen. She said the speculum made it bleed a little, and that it would bleed a little bit after that. It did, just a little that day, and then stopped. What might this be? Could it be still from the spot that's not healed, or could it be PPAF? (I got the depo shot *at* my 6 week check up when I had DD, wasn't nursing, and didn't have PPAF for a *very* long time, so I don't know what to expect when I'm not on hormonal BC and nursing.)
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I think the short answer from most HCPs would be "wait and see." (I'm not a HCP, just guessing based on my experience.)

If you're worried about the healing you could try Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm. Good for diaper rash too: http://www.mothernature.com/shop/det...110&zmap=44573

As far as I can tell it works the same or better than the estrogen cream, and without the side effects (possible early PPAF, decreased milk supply, etc.)

Even if your breastfeeding experience and method of BC is the same from babe to babe, it's not always the same outcome.

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