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Hearing screen?

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I'm supposed to take Makenna for her hearing screen tomorrow at 1. I just opened the information about it that I got in the mail yesterday. I had no idea she had to sleep through the entire thing. It says I have to keep her up all day before the test and to not feed her very much at the feed before, then feed her a lot when we get there and hope that she goes to sleep. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to keep her awake if she gets sleepy (and hello...no breaks for me all day). And I sure hope she goes to sleep when we're there. I was told it was an hour appointment and the paperwork says they schedule 2-4 for the whole process.

Anyone have any success with this? Wish me luck!

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I have never heard of that before. Both at the hospital with ds, and at with the midwife at home with dd2, they just had a little machine with ear plugs in the baby's ears. It plays a quiet little sound and measures the feedback. Takes about 15 seconds in each ear.

Are they concerned about something more going on with her? Or is this the standard screening? Seems a bit like overkill to me?
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This is just the routine screen. No one (midwife, doctor, person who scheduled appointment) told me it would be such a to do about making sure she sleeps. I guess I'll just give it a go and if it doesn't work out then oh well? Sounds wierd to me too.

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That seems weird. My first daugther had hers at the hospital where she was born and like Just1more said it was just little ear plug things.

I didn't get it for my other two girls so that is my only experience. I don't remember if Jewel as awake or asleep.
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hmmmmmmmmmm Interesting. I'd call just to make sure. That sure sounds like alot of work.
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Fiona had hers at the hospital before we went home. She was actually awake during it and they didn't seem to mind. It took no longer then 3-4 minutes start to finish. Call and double check on that.
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Well I called and it turned out they sent paperwork that they send for all tests not just the routine one. They did prefer her to be asleep but said they could do it if she wasn't but to try and keep her awake from 10 until 1. That was hard...she really wanted to nap. I fed her a 4 ounce bottle when we got there but she still wasn't sleeping. They were able to do half the test with her breast feeding (she didn't care what they did to her then) and then she did fall asleep on my breast so I took her off and they did the 2nd part. She passed.

I guess they normally do this test in the hospital (I birthed at a birth center) and the babies are sleepier or they use electrodes on their head instead of little probes in their ears.

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Congrats on passing
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