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I want desperately to draw

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My whole life I've wanted to be able to draw. I've taken classes in like middle school but obviously it's been a while. Are there any books or websites or anything that might help me as I break out my sketch pad and start learning to draw? It's really frustrating to be able to see what I want on the paper in my head and not being able to translate that to my hand!!
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You may or may not like this book, but I have had two friends who teach and they both still use it all these years later. Drawing from the Right Side of your Brain.
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Yes I think this book is fantastic, I studied fine art and this book really teaches you to relax about drawing and unleash your creative side. The book includes many drawing exercises, including 'upside down drawing', 'blind contour' and 'modified contour' drawing. This makes you see things objects in a new light.

We did life drawing in our fine art class and they teach you just to measure elements with a ruler from a fixed point, so the drawing was a case of mapping out points of the body in the correct proportions just like dot to dot. It works really well, try amazon for some life drawing books, (you may not want to draw people but the same principles apply)

Hope you find what you are looking for :
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I would try books from Mona Brooks - "Drawing with Children" and "Drawing for Older Children and Teens" -- and yes ... for yourself. Then they will come in handy to help your baby/ies when they grow up.
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As Thomas Edison said, "There is no substitute for hard work". The only way is to practice. I suggest you learn about the elements of art. Pay more attention to individual shapes in an object, rather than the whole object. For example, a car has many shapes. The wheels are circles, the car is a square shape, the windows are triangular, and so on. Get all the shapes. Then it's all a matter of getting the tone in the shapes. Lastly, it's all a matter of getting the color of the tone in the shapes. Do not tackle the whole composition at once. Focus on one part at a time.

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I used artistdaily.com and downloaded some of their free e-books. I also like manga drawing books becasue it breaks things like proportion and perspective down very simply, even though I don't draw in that actual style. I started drawing only two and a half weeks ago, and I am loving it, even though I never thought I could draw.

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The best way to learn to draw is to draw all the time.  It really just takes practice.  Carry a sketchbook with you everywhere and use it.  Also, copying art that you like is a great way to learn to draw.  Copying nowadays is often looked at as cheating, but artists have always used that as a resource, especially as they are beginning.  Good Luck!

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