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Belly cast

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Did anyone do one/planning to do one? I wasn't all that thrilled about it, but my doula offered and so I took her up on it. It was AWESOME! Not only is the cast really cool looking, but the experience was fabulous. I felt like I was being pampered because my husband and doula were both doing the cast together. Plus my husband had a lot of fun. And holy moly, I can't believe how big my belly is now that I see it in 3D! These are my belly at 38w2d:

Me in the belly cast.
That's quite the belly!

I love how it got the nipples and belly button too! It's very cool. Anyone else have experiences/photos to share?
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Very neat! I haven't done one, didn't last time either... though I guess I still have time!
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I have done one with each of my pregnancys and just love them. They are hanging in my room and I just Love them.
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wow, that is cool!
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I did one last time but not this time. I am thinking about getting some pictures done last minute since I got some last time and loved them.
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For those that have done them, what did you do with the belly cast afterward? Did you paint it or just hang it or what? I have no idea what to do with it now!
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I did one. H did a great job with it, just need to do a bit of re-inforcing. Never managed to get around to it yet.
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We made belly casts with both pregnancies - though I think I did the first one earlier on (I don't think this one is SOOO much bigger . . .).
We just have them "au naturel" and hung on the wall. I think maybe when the kids are bigger, I will ask them to help me decorate them - but I have to decide on the right age, so they will be something both kids will like. Or maybe DH and I will decorate them in a parenting celebration at some point . . .I'm not sure!
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We have done two belly casts. The first one was about a month ago. I was so afraid of going early that I wanted to make sure I had one. The other was just last night...we did a very artsy one that looks like two cresent moons and a full moon, very cool. I'll post a pic when it is officially finished. I am using them to make birth sculptures for my birth sanctuary and I guess eventually they can go in the baby's room when we make one.

I am covering one with pictures of birthing goddesses and I think the other one we might paint and then light really uniquely.
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I did one - I modge-podged it with fabric and it can out amazing! It's worth it...I love mine.
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