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Chicken pox

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NO CP here, but I'd love to expose my little one, too! Will post if I hear anything!
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Dude, A gal at church had 3 of her kids get CP (one got them first and then 2 more broke out) and I exposed my kids with great anticipation and they got nothing... TWICE!!!
I don't know how that happened, they shared suckers and straws and whistles with the first kid and then it was the older ones who got it the second time and they were pretty much constantly carrying my kids around for a couple hours and sharing cups. How?!!

I'll keep an ear out if it pops up again though!
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anyone? we want them, too!
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Dang it!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going out of town for three weeks!!!
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Oh my lord I hope something comes out....I SO want my little boy to get them!
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keep us posted! i'd drive for the pox!!!
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No kidding....I'll brave Phx area traffic for Pox!
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Thanks for updating for us
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Wow, I really should have rubbed my shingles all over DS! All you gotta do is get super stressed out, break out in shingles, and then rub it on your kid!
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Dangnabit! My baby is too little for pox too but I'd sure love for ds to get it.....
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my neighbor has shingles, but he would probably be a little weirded-out having some kids come over looking for CP! (espeically since they just had thier baby vaxed for cp a few days before he broke out with shingles!)

i just had to share the irony... sorry, i don't have any (other) leads! my dd is still too young, otherwise, i would have tried to expose her.
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Looking for Chicken Pox Phoenix area

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I am also looking for someone who has the chicken pox who wouldn't mind sharing them with my son. Somewhere in the salt lake area, I know there is an outbreak in a school around here somewhere, hoping that someone close that I can expose him too.
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Subbing- Looking in Peoria.
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we've got cp down here in Tucson
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