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Adoption finalized

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Our adoption was finally finalized today! Baby Alex now has two legal mommies (only took 10 months...)


Now we're going out to lunch to celebrate!
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Congrats! Yeah for legal mommies! :::

enjoy :

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Congratulations! :
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We didn't get around to doing the twins' adoption until they were 3.5 years old (), but even then we were surprised by how much meaning that piece of paper seemed to hold. It was more than just a piece of paper, even though Lena was already clearly their mother. It still felt like kind of a big deal.

We still haven't done Zeb's adoption . . . slackers, slackers that we are. We're planning to do it ourselves this time (we hired a lawyer last time). I think the fact that Lena's name went on the birth certificate from the beginning made it feel less pertinent (not that it felt pertinent last time, obviously, but we already got the "piece of paper that says were both the moms," and I don't think the legal adoption will be as significant this time).

So happy for you guys!

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congrats!!! we did ours 4 months after our son was born and it was so very exciting.

we'll be starting the adoption process early with baby #2. for he or she to get into the same daycare as our son (my company offers it) they will have to be my legal dependant. the hope is that everything is complete before dp goes back to work!

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Yay, congrats!!! ::::
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YAY, Congrats!! :
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How exciting! Congrats and yeah!
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