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Anyone have a White 2000 Serger? Need opinions!

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Dh is hinting he's going to let me have my long desired serger for my birthday. Now I have to decide which one to get! So I've been doing some research and am really interested in the White 2000 ATS Superlock Serger. It retails for $999 but is on sale many places right now for around $330. I don't know anything about sergers so I don't know how this compares with others. I can't afford much more than this and will be using it for home sewing clothes, blankets, soakers, etc. Reviews I read were good, but I wonder if anyone here has some actual experience with this machine? Any comments appreciated. TIA,

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I'm not too familiar with their sergers but I know my white sewing machine really sucks. It's ALWAYS jamming the needle in the bobbin case, and well, it just sucks :LOL I have a Pfaff sewing machine, which I love, well worth the $$ and a Pfaff serger, which I bought used for 450.00 I also love!!! Check e-bay for either a Pfaff or Baby Lock, those are both great brands of sergers(altough I am partial to my Pfaff as it handles hemp better). I'd bet that in the next few weeks there will be more listings for used machines as many probably got new ones for Christmas. Take your time, and look around before jumping into a serger. Go to the stores, try them out on YOUR fabric, whatever you'll be sewing most. Have the sales people tell you all about them, the pros and cons to each model etc.
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Okay, screaming over. I have a Viking Huskylock 1001L (discontinued), roughly equivalent to a Huskylock 905. I love it!

When I was shopping for a serger, I was told by more than one Viking retailer that even they do not recommend White machines, though they sell them.

My White sewing machine is a piece of junk - I am planning to replacte it within the week.

Hope you find something you like!
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Wow, I'm surprised as all the reviews I read on this particular machine were excellent. I'll have to rethink it, I guess. I don't think dh will go above $350 so I'll have to keep my eye on ebay.


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I'm shocked... I have a White ATS 2000 and haven't had a problem yet...!

For reference, I'm accustomed to my mother's Elna (which is a really good serger, but I couldn't afford one). I chose the White based on reviews on epinions.com and found them mine to be true to their reviews.

I was really nervous about getting a White because I'd never heard of them, but I'm really happy with it. And it came with a manual, video AND workbook. I only got it a couple of months ago, but I use it enough to know if it's a problem...! Might help that I knew something about serging beforehand--not sure if that was the case with the other posters... or if it even makes a difference at all.

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