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ok so what birth control is everyone using?

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I got mirena last week. ! week in and I'm liking it. Although I had that moment of sadness. I almost got mirena after we had our son, but the insurance we switched to didn't cover it so I decided to wait to get it and we got pregnant with my daughter. So I had a bit of sadness around that, but ah well.

Not like I really need B/C my husband and I still havn't had post partum relations. Thankfully we had a ton pre-partum relations :-)
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Ay, yi, yi! This birth control thing has been difficult to figure out. In the past we've done 7 different pills none of which agreed with me (well, that was back in college, lol), the diaphragm (how we conceived DD!), and just before TTC for DS I had the mirena for almost 5 yrs (which gave me some trouble during the first year of having it).

My plan was to get a tubal ligation because the pregnancy was so nerve-wracking for us, but I am loving having a newborn again so much that I might want to do it again someday. For now, we have decided on following the lactational amenorrhea method. It is 98-99.5% effective if you meet the following criteria:
-your baby is less than 6 months old
-your period has not returned
-baby is breastfeeding on cue both day and night and gets nothing but breastmilk or only token amounts of other foods. (and I read somewhere it is most effective if baby does not go longer than 6 hrs at night and 5 hrs during the day without nursing)

I have an appointment to be fitted for another diaphragm so that and FAM will be our method after we no longer fit the above criteria. Honestly, I wouldn't mind a little surprise someday!
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I just figured out today that I am ovulating (c/m consistency). For now we are being haphazard but will now officially go back to FAM.

We want another child so while I'd prefer to wait I am ok with a surprise too
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I got my period back at 6 weeks and just had it again 28 days later. Boohoo! Oh well, we're planning on getting pregnant again before too long. We're just planning on doing NFP until we're ready again. I'm not thrilled with getting back on the pill and I don't want to do anything for long term or that will mess up my BF supply.
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Nothing, really.
I'm not comfortable with the idea of having something foreign inside my body. I can't see getting tubes tied, ever (much less at 20 with 2 kids).
B/C pills, even low dose give me horrible migraines.

I'm going to do a little bit of looking into NFP. I get the basic concept, but not sure how to make it most likely to work. That combined with BFing should serve us well until 6 months, after that, who knows.

We were using condoms when we got pregnant with DS. They're not the greatest thing in the world, and apparently DH has good aim, strong swimmers, or something. So I'm not sure I really want to continue with those.
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condoms, which I hate but I hate the pill more and dont want the other things.
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Condoms here. I hattte birth control. No pills for me. No mirena or band aids, because those things screw with my hormonal "im"balance. Lol. So we'll probably do natural family planning and condoms as a back up
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I got fitted for a diaphragm at my 6 week check up and even through we have only dtd twice I like it better than pills. My milk supply has been wonky so i'm sure more hormones wouldn't help the situation.
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mini pill

I seem to do really well on hormonal birth control. I get a little stressed with this one because it has to be taken at the same time every day which is different than what I used before TTC. And, being ADD, I have a hard time remembering to take it with that much precision. But since DH and I have not gotten "back in the saddle" yet anyway it's OK for now.

Right now I'm feeling pretty lost as far as having more kids. I used to want a big family, but after getting out of my former religion realized it was the church talking, not me. I *think* I just want Lucy. But I also wish I could do the birth and baby thing one more time. I *think* I want another baby, but not another kid, if that makes any sense. And I'm confused because I want to know what I want and just make a decision. But I know I might change my mind several years down the road, or have a surprise baby. I guess I'm a little overwhelmed about it so mostly I try not to think about it.
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Just started the pill.. I'm torn with birth control.. I've gotten pregnant on the pill twice, had problems with the mirena, can't get the paraguard, can't use the nuvaring.. Nothing works.. I can't chart when you don't get enough sleep.. So the pill it is.. If I get pregnant, it's God's will.
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I used to have IUDs, but that's how I wound up with little O, so although they're statistically very reliable, I don't feel comfortable relying on one anymore for myself. Another surprise would put us at four kids, which is way more than I'm interested in having. Since I wound up going with a repeat c/s this time, I just got a tubal ligation at the same time. Otherwise we would have had my DH get a vasectomy.
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FAM was how we conceived DD My body is so out of whack from lack of sleep that I don't think I'd be able to do it correctly right now anyway. I ended up getting the Mirena IUD. So far so good. Eventually we'll do something more permanent, either DH or me or both of us.
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We are using the LAM and then when we no longer fit the criteria we will use NFP.
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Dh wants to get a vasectomy, pronto. In the rational, reasonable part of me, I know it's the "right" thing for us to do. Ds2 was a surprise, and the other two are so much older that it's been a big (but fun) adjustment going back to babyland. Dh is positive 3 kids is enough for him, but he was positive 2 was enough and he's all gooey over this little guy, more than ever before. And he's a better father than ever before, which makes him look all sexy to me. . . I really, really thought I'd feel "done" after 3. And sometimes I do. During labour I did, for sure! When ds2 hasn't let me put him down all day and there's a mountain of stuff to do and multiple people and animals all needing my attention, I certainly do. But then when he smiles at me or gazes sweetly into my eyes while he's nursing I feel sad that he's going to be our last baby, and maybe, maybe we should have just one more. . . Crazy talk, right? As an only child myself, my desire to have so many kids is a surprise even to me.

On the no more side, I think: 3 kids is a "big family" in our community, and I do want time for each of them, and our house is full already, and it's not cheap raising kids, and dh and I both want time to do some stuff for ourselves before we get old. Also I'm really not sure I could be the kind of parent I want to be if we had another - 4 kids does seem kind of overwhelming. I worry that ds2 will be left out in some ways, though, being so much younger than the older ones - but I feel like I'm getting too old to have much of a gap between them if we did want have another. Too many factors to weigh!

I don't know what to about birth control. I can't do the pill - did it for too long when I was younger, just doesn't make me feel right. Tried a diaphragm, hated the jelly. Had a copper IUD - for a year, until I nearly died from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy (one tube removed, nearly lost an ovary). Scary. Won't do that again. The Mirena creeps me out, but I'm pretty anti IUD now, so I just can't have anything like that in me again. Condoms + NFP done badly are how we ended up with ds2. So, I'm kind of stumped. Guess I'll probably accept dh's choice and let go of my baby-having time of life. With some sadness, yes, but also much gladness and gratitude for my 3 lovely, healthy LO's. Conflicted and sleep deprived and rambling, anyone?
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Right now we're using LAM, after that, it will be P&P. (A compromise between my desire to be QF and DH's *non*desire to be QF.) We figure, if another pregnancy is going to happen, it's going to happen with or without BC. Hormonal BC doesn't agree with me, and DH can't use condoms.
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temps & CM for us. (and trying to learn the ferning microscope)

I hate hormonal and chemically BC and don't want to go on it. My hubbie wasn't thrilled with NFP because he forgets to ask if it's an OK day or not (hence the two kiddos whom we love dearly, LOL).
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Nothing really yet. I have considered Mirena b/c it's only a $10 co-pay for the entire visit (including the Mirena device), but I am now leaning away from that. I will probably go back to NFP, but that is how we got our youngest. My chart still doesn't say I ovulated last March and my temps were all over the place. However, apparantly I did ovulate and the result is now sleeping in the bouncy seat next to me.
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I hate hormonal BC. It makes me drier than the Sahara desert and it tanks my drive. It took me over a year to recover it from the 9 months I was on it when I got married. DH and I are using condoms until after I get used to using my Femcap. Well I'm getting fitted for one on Monday. It's a natural method of birth control and it's made of silicone which I like since I'm allergic to latex. Maybe those of you who don't like hormones or condoms would like to look it up. I heard of it from my Naturopath and also from Kerri Tuschoff's program on Healthy life. So that's what we're going to do. DH and I want to have at least 2 more children, but want to spread them out a bit. We won't be thinking about trying for another until this one is about 2 years old. I'm enjoying my one baby way too much to want another at this point.
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Condoms, once I'm more regular with my cycles I will use natural family planning. Unfortunately, I am fertile very early despite nursing exactly as nature intended...(all hours, exclusively, etc.). And, I lived through that once with my second DD and do not wish to lose my milk supply early (though she nursed through pregnancy and tandem nursed it wasn't exactly ideal).
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Originally Posted by kJad29 View Post
I hate hormonal BC. It makes me drier than the Sahara desert and it tanks my drive. It took me over a year to recover it from the 9 months I was on it when I got married.
I'm the same way, I know from experience nothing hormonal. It tanks my drive as well! And, what's the point in birth control then! LOL
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