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Experiences using Femara/Letrozole?

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Hi all,

I'm toying with the idea of taking Femara for my next cycle. I'm hesitating because I just moved to a fairly conservative area and the fertility docs here a) treat all lesbians as if they are infertile (what with having no sperm) and b) treat women like they know little about their own bodies (witness me getting in an argument with the RE about the fact that "no subtracting 15 days from the start of my period does not tell me when I ovulate - these detailed records I've kept for a year do!"

Anyway...my numbers in general look decent - relatively low FSH and good estrodial. I have a shortish luteal phase but, the research on that seems inconclusive (depending on whether one is reading gyno journals or endocrinology journals).

But the RE wants me on Letrozole because of my advanced maternal age (34) and because of an endometrioma on my right ovary (been there for 10 years - no other signs of endometriosis, clear tubes etc).

I hesitate a) to use drugs in general, b) to use drugs prescribed "off label" c) because I've only TTC 3 times and d) side effects. Then again, 35 and all those scary infertility numbers are right around the corner.

I'd love to talk to anyone who has used it and hear experience, thoughts, opinions etc. There are few queers in this area and I miss my queer mama community to bounce ideas off of!

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hey cejae,

i'd be glad to give you my experience on letrozole! when we started ttc #1, i was 36. the clinic gave me literature to read and despite having no fertility issues - fsh, estradiol and lh all within range - they strongly suggested i use letrozole from the get-go. dp and i discussed it and since we had given ourselves 6 tries for me to get pregnant before switching to dp we decided to go ahead.

the first cycle i took 2.5mg cd3-7. at first it looked like i would have 3 follicles but in the end i just got one 19mm on cd15. bfn that cycle.

then we had my prolactin retested and i took a break to get that back to normal using dostinex.

the second cycle i took 5mg cd3-7 and also had a 150iu shot of follistim on cd8 (however, on talking with the re we're using now for dp she said one shot of follistim makes no sense AT ALL). i ended up with 4 follicles, 3 of which definitely ruptured. bfp that cycle which resulted in our wonderful son.

dp is on her second cycle using letrozole 5mg. first cycle was with the clinic that got me pregnant. she took it cd2-6 and also had a 150iu shot of follistim, her's was on cd7. she ended up with 2 follicles which both ruptured. bfn that cycle but she had extenuating circumstances - undiagnosed pcos, a 9mm polyp and tsh in the hyperthyroid range - any of which could have caused the bfn!!

we then switched to using an re. for her second cycle we are on cd7 and her last dose is tonight. we have a follicle check set for cd13.

dp and i had no major side effects of using letrozole. no headaches, no hot flashes, no nausea, no mood swings.

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I tried it once because Clomid thinned my lining a lot. I took 5mgs CD3-7 and had an u/s on CD13 and had 4 follicles 22mm, 21mm, 14mm, and 12mm(2 mature follicles ). Took the HCG shot that night and had IUI 36 hours later, but BFN. I liked it, but my RE only put me on it for 1 cycle because even though the Clomid ruined my lining they were hoping the Femara would help it since it's not suppose to thin the lining but it didn't help it at all.

Good Luck!!!
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I used letrozole 2.5mg days 3-7 for one cycle with IUI and have a healthy 3.5 year old son to show for it. I was irregular before it, but we know that I had no fertility issues.
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Thanks so much for sharing your experience and advice. Since I didn't hear any horror stories, I'll probably give it a try for a least one cycle. Thanks again .

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