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My dd is 15 months old (tomorrow actually ) She's a very active, babbly, happy chunk of joy :

She just doesn't make alot of eye contact. Honestly, I didn't push it as much as I did with my first child. She rarely looks at faces, which makes it difficult to teach her signs. When I do try to look into her eyes, she drops her eyes after a couple seconds. I'm starting to get concerned. I feel like I broke my baby

Then I think, ok mothers with multiple children probably spend as much time gazing into their youngest eyes as I have. Civilizations that sling their babies consistent spend as much time looking in their childrens eyes as I have. So, is eye contact a developmental thing or a cultural thing? Is it ethno-centric of me to feel something is wrong because she doesn't stare into my eyes? (Due to western cultures precieved importance of eye-contact =trustwortiness) Even unrealistic, with an older sibling? Or is this a huge cause of justified concern and yes, I broke my baby