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Benefit Auction

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Hi Ladies,
I haven't really posted much, especially since Lincoln was born, but wanted to share this with you all before the due date club closes. My mom's group is hosting an online silent auction to benefit one of our members. Originally, we were helping her to fund her ideal birth at home (with twins!), but have unfortunately had to alter the cause as she was admitted to the hospital last week with Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. I'm no expert on what that means, but from what I gather, one twin had way too much amniotic fluid and it was causing him to go into congestive heart failure, and the other twin had NO fluid at all. They were able to drain 5.5! liters of fluid and poked tiny holes between the sacs. My friend will have to remain in the hospital the remainder of her pregnancy. She had to undergo a second fluid reduction already last night. We are hoping the auction will help a bit with the medical expenses that will come along with a long term hospitalization like this, and for the twins when they are born. My friend also has 4 other kids, so lots of other expenses too. I just wanted to invite you all to check out the auction--most items are handmade by mamas from our group. If you are local (Houston), there are also some services like professional photos up for grabs. Also, please keep my friend and her babies in your thoughts/prayers! Thanks all!

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Hi Wembles,
I don't know your friend but after checking out her blog I realized I know the specialist...and he really is fantastic. Prayers for all!
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It appears that the auction was a success--congrats! You are a great friend for working on this
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