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Alternatives to Adenoidectomy

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Yesterday my 3 year old son was examined by an ENT. He's diagnosed with adenoids that are so large that they are obstructing his breathing. He is often congested. (Takes him a long time to recover from a cold.)
Right now he is very congested. When sleeping he snores and wakes in the night irritated and wanting to blow his nose. He blows and nothing comes out, he screams in frustration and then in a few minutes he's sleeping again (with lots of heavy breathing and snoring.)
My son is small for his age, doesn't eat much, not very physical (just started jumping before turning 3.) I say this because the ENT says that this is due to the large adenoids compromising his quality of life. If he undergoes surgery, the ENT is certain that he will be more active, eat well and grow. Of course, hearing this I want my son to grow and be more active and sleep well. But I'm reluctant to have the surgery.
Has anyone had any success with alternative remedies in shrinking the adenoids significantly? (It sounds like the adenoids may shrink in 6 to 8 years, but that's a lot of missed time in child hood development.) I'd like to know if there's any way to help them shrink without surgery.
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The first thing I would do is an elimination diet and see if food allergies make a difference. I'd also see a classical homeopath. If there were still issues after that, I'd try bodywork of some sort, either CST, chiro, or accupuncture/pressure. I would not do the surgery.
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i second momofmine's suggestions wholeheartedly.

your dr. is right, those adenoids can compromise all kinds of things. but surgery isn't necessary.

i have not personally dealt with adenoids but regularly 'shrink' my sons' tonsils with homeopathic remedies. works for me.
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re: the elimination diet, I'd start with dairy and then take out gluten if dairy alone isn't enough (unless you've already got some food(s) you're suspicious of). Removing gluten improved a lot of subtle stuff for my daughter, enough that it's worth the hassle of being gluten-free, but for many people, things like tonsils/adenoids and congestion, stuff like that seems more dairy-related. You can get meal ideas and learn about hidden dairy and stuff over in the Allergies forum (a sub-forum of this one). We're a mix of classic IgE allergies (the kind that can become anaphalactic) and various intolerances (which is our situation). It took about a month for my daughter's tonsils to shrink back to a normal size when we took out gluten.
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