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Opinion: co-sleeper or Moses basket?

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We're planning to co-sleep, not sure how long, but safe to say at least a month.

Should we get a Moses Basket to put between us, or this co-sleeper: http://www.target.com/First-Years-Cl...sleeper&page=1

I don't want to purchase both.

Thank you!!
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wouldn't the moses basket be big? If you HAVE to buy one, I would get the co-sleeper, but why not just lay the baby right on the bed? We had one of those co-sleepers with DS, and it was a PITA to be honest. It was much easier to lay the baby next to me.
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We are getting a co-sleeper because both DH and I are very heavy sleepers. I have rolled over on top of my cat before! I like knowing that the baby will be in their own safe, separate space. I think we are going to get the Arm's Reach Mini.
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My vote is definitely for the co-sleeper. I can't imagine sleeping with a gigantic basket in my bed!
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I would check this out: http://www.gobedbug.com/GOPAGES/infantcosleep.htm
I haven't used it, but I plan to this time. I got a box like on Target, and my son wouldn't sleep in it. I never tried a Moses basket. The added benefit of the bedbug bumpers is that you could use them if you kept co-sleeping to keep the baby from rolling out of bed and/or later when your baby is sleeping in his/her own bed, you could use them again.
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I think we will try the arm's reach because although I want to co-sleep, DH and I take up a lot of room and sleep hard (when not pg). I have read mixed reviews though, so it will be helpful to read others' opinions of it.
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Originally Posted by penstamon View Post
I think we will try the arm's reach because although I want to co-sleep, DH and I take up a lot of room and sleep hard (when not pg). I have read mixed reviews though, so it will be helpful to read others' opinions of it.
We also tried the arm's reach with my ds, and had no luck. I really think that sleep arrangements depend on the needs and personality of your baby. We tried several things before we figured it out. My ds just would not sleep flat on his back on a flat surface alone. He ended up sleeping next to me on his side. I understand concerns about heavy sleeping (I am a heavy sleeper too), and you should do what's right for you, but I found that when I had my new baby next to me, I was exquisitely aware of him. We bf, so that probably had something to do with it, but I never would have rolled onto him. My husband was a different story! This time we're going to get a baby hammock for when we're not in bed, and try bed sharing again when we are.
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wow, that bed bug bumper looks really nice. The thing I dont like about the boxy one is that I need to actually lift baby in and out, and i like to just snuggle up against baby and nurse, kwim? That bed bug thing looks so neat
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The sleep situation is what is most on my mind right now. I usually co-sleep with the baby just in our bed for as long as we nurse at least, but I'm trying to figure out the safest way with twins... while insuring that they sleep the best. Hmm...
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Thanks! I thought the Moses Basket was a bit much, but thought I'd ask anyway. The bedbug thing looks really cool, too, I think we might just get that instead. We have a large bed (Cal. King) so we have room, and I'm a light sleeper, DH is just a "regular" sleeper - not too hard, not too light. I'm not really worried about rolling over onto the baby. I'm more worried about one of our cats running across the baby or sitting on him. I know that's a wives tell, but you don't know this cat! The other cat would be fine. Needless to say, they won't be in the room with us for awhile. I'd prefer the baby have their own little space in our bed, rather than just lay them down between us.... at least for now.
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We had the arms reach mini with DS and he did not like it much at night, but it was awesome for naps. I think part of the problem was the mattress was awful. Really hard. Now that have an organic mattress topper you can buy, so I am going to try that and see if that makes a difference.
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ide go co sleeper. it will be level with your bed and much easier to use.
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We had a bassinette that was similar to the arm's reach and loved it. We'll be doing that again this time. For me (a light sleeper), it was best to have something completely outside our bed. I think it helped DS sleep better, too.
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We started with the Arm's reach. Sam wasn't very comfortable in it. I think the matress was too thin. I'll probably try it again for Anika for naps in case she is less picky but plan to just sleep with her next to me during the night for less interrupted sleep when she wants to nurse.

We have the bed bugs. I used them for a while with Sam to block the outside of the bed when he slept on that side of me. I thought they were okay but not great. It was hard to get the sheets to stay on the bed, even with those clippy thingies you can buy from them. Since the sheets would not always stay on tight, the bed bug things sometimes moved around. I was never really comfortable relying on them. I will probably use them again when Sam goes into a big boy bed to serve as a "reminder" of where the edges are. He will start with a matress on the floor so even if the bed bug doesn't stick, he won't get hurt if he rolls off.

Good luck!
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Moving to Life with a Babe
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My Arm's Reach co-sleeper rapidly became the world's best laundry hamper. If I needed a separate space for a baby, I'd definitely go for one of the in-bed dividers. For a short-term, first-months solution I'd probably try the Snugle Nest, myself.
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We had the mini co-sleeper. She mostly slept ON ME for the first few months, but after that, we loved the co-sleeper.

ETA: I know someone who had the Moses basket & kept it at the foot of the bed I think, but quickly started bedsharing.
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DD sleeps with us in our bed at night but we loved our moses basket for naps and daytime sleeps. I needed her to be close to me and the moses basket allowed me to move her from room to room with me while she slept as a newborn.
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We had bad luck with the close and secure co sleeper. We have a pillow top mattress and DD would roll to the side and have her face in it.
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Our daughter didn't much like the arm's reach (heat-seeking missle baby), but our son is doing really well in it at night. Unbelievably he slept 9 hours straight in it without waking the other night--he's just about 3 months old. I like being able to move around and snuggle up under the covers and know that he's right there, but not in danger of getting the covers piled on him. I liked co-sleeping with our daughter too, but am getting better sleep with this set up.

I'm not a big fan of the in-the-bed solutions--I'd rather just co-sleep, but I'm a pretty light sleeper.
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