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First-time mamas - wanna chat?

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I know we all have our month threads going (I'm a June mama)...but I thought it might be fun to also chat with other first-timers...

So....who's here?


Oh :LOL...I guess I'll start!

I'm Erin. I'm 29 (30 in April). DH and I have been married for 3 1/2 years. We rode the very emotional TTC roller coaster for 9 months and then YIPPPPEEEE in Sept. it finally happened.....and we have a June-bug on the way! I'm 16 weeks tomorrow and VERY MUCH enjoying being pregnant! We're planning a hospital birth with two great midwives and a WONDERFUL doula (who is also my good friend). Ummmm....I guess that's it for now. :LOL
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Anyone??? :

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Just tested this morning (well yesterday too but it was too light to believe)
I'm 32, dh and I have been living together for 2 yrs, and are getting "legally" married on June 19th. Dh is 38.
We had a miscarriage on Oct 10 of this year. While the pregnancy was not planned it was horribly devasting for both of us and we decided that instead of once again messing with my arthritis medication (rhuematoid) we would stay on the ones safe for pregnancy and start trying again before we were actually married. (shhhhhhh, don't tell his mom!!!)
So, I guess I'm a september mama, although there is no thread yet for that.
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I'll join!

I'm Tracey 29 been married to DH for 9.5 years. I'm due late May. (currently 19 weeks). This is our first child together, though my DH had a daughter before we married. She passed away unexpectedly (age 11) this past May (canoe accident).

We have been "talking" about having a baby for a few years now and have been preparing financially/emotionally. After stepDD died (she died the day after I took my last b/c pill) we were a bit lost and didn't know if we should continue trying to conceive or not. We had planned originally to start trying (go off the pill and chart for a few months) this past fall, but conceived Sept 1, a little sooner than originally planned (actually, right after we renewed our wedding vows, almost like a honeymoon baby - heehee). Anyway, a big part of our decision was because of stepDD. We were completely devastated, the whole family was, but we thought that if we both died tomorrow we would really regret not having more children in our lives. So here we are. And weirdly enough, my due date will be the same week as the anniversary of stepDD's passing. (absolutely, completely unplanned).

Lately, I'm feeling really good. I've just finished a huge nesting phase - heaps of energy and we got a lot ready for the baby. But now my energy is tapering off.

We're planning a birth center birth with midwives. I'm currently working, but debating about coming back after my mat. leave.

Congrats Shannon0218 and dharmama - glad you started this thread!

(whoa, this was WAY longer than I anticipated. oops).
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I'm a first-timer too! I'm 29, married for (almost) 5 years, and due July 31. I'm 9 weeks along, and I think I'm finally starting to show a little bit, although I'm probably the only one who would notice. I'm seeing an OB now, but if everything looks good at the 18 week US, I'm going to switch to a midwife practice. Last night we saw my in-laws and gave them the big news- the unsolicited advice has started already!: Anyhow, it's nice meeting you guys!

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this is funny we are all about the same age having our first

I'll be 30 in July and we too tried for 9 months since getting married in Sept 2002 to get preggers with this babe. It seems like it took forever to get pregnant but now the time has just FLOWN by!After all this waiting and wating and WAITING for a baby I am starting to get really anxious (I'm 31 weeks tomorrow) and going through spurts of nesting as well. I have loved being pregnant but I can't wait to meet this little one! we are planning a birth center birth with a midwife & doula btw.
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rainbowmoon - I thought the same thing about us all being about the same age. I'll be 30 in July too. You're not too far away!

As far as length of time to conceive. I charted for 3 months, I think I conceived the first time we tried, but I also think I had a very early miscarriage (before I tested positive) but conceived the second time. We were surprised that it happened so quickly - we figured it would take a while before anything happened. I did have some bleeding at 6 weeks but everything, obviously turned out well.

I also can't believe how quickly time is passing.
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Yay! So glad to have some other first-time mamas to chat with!

That is interesting about us all being 30-ish....among our group of friends....we're having kiddos kind of "late" (my DH is 35) but it feels like just the perfect age for me....I'm SO excited to be a mama.

Plus we have discovered is a GREAT advantage.....MANY hand-me-downs are coming our way!!

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Yeah we're late too (course I think we're the oldest here:LOL )
Part of what made up my mind not to wait until after the wedding was finding out my mother and aunt both hit menopause at 35!!! I figured I'd be 33 before we were married, that's cutting things a little close--especially if we decide we want 2!
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Finding a pediatrician

Has anyone found a pediatrician yet?

I just set up two consulatations for late January. I've been asking around since I found out I was pregnant, and there seem to be VERY few AP-friendly pediatricians around here so I figure I better start my search early!

Now I have to figure out exactly what I want to ask them...

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Hello to all the other soon-to-be first-time mamas!

I'm 30, too , my partner Bill and I have been together for over 8 years and are happily unmarried.

We've been charting (I've been taking my temps and Bill's been asking me every morning what my temp is ) since last August, and our 2-week vacation to visit relatives in eastern Europe in April was our official kick-off for baby-making. We didn't tell anyone in the family, but a few of our friends knew.

And in September we found out we're having a baby! Actually, I was kind of bummed when my breasts were sore for days on end and we suspected I might be pregnant because I calculated my due time and it was right around the wedding date of my very good friend from college, who was planning on getting married on the east coast! (Big changes since then: they are getting married in July in Lake Tahoe now! A long drive, from Portland, but more doable than a plane flight to Rhode Island with a one-month old!)

We are planning a homebirth with two midwives, and I am a birth and postpartum doula, so I will probably have my good friend who is also a doula be there as well.

mama-to-be in late spring 2004!
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We haven't started looking for a Ped. yet, but it's been on our minds. Should get going on that.
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Hi all-

I'm Sarah, first-timer, almost 23 weeks, due 4-30-04. Dh and I "tried" (i.e., didn't NOT try) for a month and got pregnant the second month. After being together for 10 years, married 3, and always trying NOT to get pregnant, it was very sudden! But we're thrilled and happy, now that we've had some time to get used to it. Also lots of friends around who are done with their own babies and have lots of hand-me-downs. It's great!

I teach prenatal yoga, am a doula-in-training, and hoping to become a midwife. Having a home birth with two midwives, although we don't yet have a home. (We're housesitting right now). I love being pregnant although it has taken me by surprise in some ways. Glad to talk to other first-timers!

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I'm a first-timer, too! I'm 27 (28 in April), dh just turned 36, and we've been married about 5 1/2 years. After an unplanned pregnancy ended in a miscarriage 7 years ago, we have been waiting and waiting for me to finish school before we gave it another go. I finally finished my teaching certification a few weeks ago, and I'm just over 18 weeks pregnant now. I'm due in the end of May.

The pediatrician thing has been on my mind, but we don't know where we're going to live by the time the baby is born. DH's job wants to move us, and we should find out this week whether their latest plan for him is going to fly. If so, we would be moving within about a month, so we can start looking soon.

It's great to have a group of first-time mamas to chat with!
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I teach prenatal yoga, am a doula-in-training, and hoping to become a midwife.
Sarah I teach prenatal yoga and am a doula-in-training too! (No plans to be a midwife right now...but who knows...I'm a birth/baby junkie!)

I've been teaching PNY for about a year and a half and I was just reflecting on how my teaching has changed now that I am pregnnat. Prior to being pregnant I led a much slower and more gentle class (always wanting to err on the side of caution) but now that I am pregnant...and not doing my regular vinyasa practice...I find that I desire a slightly more vigorous PNY practice so that is how I am structuring my class (with MANY modifications and MUCH encouragement to listen to your body and rest when needed etc.). My students are really responding and seem to like it a lot!

Welcome kittymama and Claudia!!

I'm off to the midwife today....can't wait to hear the heartbeat again....such beautiful music.

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Heehee.. funny to recognize so many May mamas!

I teach prenatal pilates - and was a doula for 2 years before moving into the computer field. I originally intended to become a midwife and that may still happen - just a bit later in life.

We were at the midwife yesterday. Got to hear the heartbeat (beautiful music - how true) and heard some swimming around - but I didn't feel it. My Quad screen came back negative, but we're going to take a look with an ultrasound anyway.

Enjoy your New Year Festivities and relish your last new years eve with out babies. AFter this, it will never be the same... (it will be BETTER). Happy New Year! What an interesting 2004 it will be.
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I'm Kaely, and I'll be 29 in two weeks. DSO and I have been together 9 years, with no intention of getting married anytime soon.

I'm 14 weeks along, due in late June and really really ready for this nausea to go away.

DSO and I aren't really the type to plan anything. We stopped using birth control when I finished school a few years ago, but we were never actively "trying".

We have a midwife and are planning a homebirth. I haven't even begun to think about looking for a ped.
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Hi All,

Shannon your gonna have to give up your senior status. I'm 36.

DH and I tried for a year before we hit the jack pot and before that I spent a good chunk of time improving various health problems so we could start trying.

I'm due 8/25. I found out just before coming to visit my parents for the holidays so I don't have a midwife yet. We are planning a homebirth.

I couldn't be more excited about this pregnancy, but it is also having a hard time sinking in. I'm still turning to DH and asking if we are really pregnant.
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Welcome gonnabeamom and Ceili! And Congratulations!!! Good luck on the homebirths.

I'm a planner to the bone. We really wanted a homebirth but we're out of range with the midwives we really love and just can't afford a homebirth outside of our insurance right now. Maybe for the next one.
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Erin, Pattycakes, etc.-

I only taught prenatal for one term before I got pregnant (it's contagious, you know). I love it, and love challenging the women in a safe, supportive environment. I use a lot of modifications when appropriate, but I find the women appreciate doing "real" poses at a time when others think they should take the elevator, not lift more than 20 lbs., etc.

And, being a doula, I've seen what women's bodies need to DO during labor! We need those strengthening and hip-opening exercises! I've been at two of my yoga students' births, and both were short, wonderful, no drugs. Hmmm...

Anyway, happy New Year's Eve to everyone, and yes, appreciate the last childless year. Hello, 2004 babies!

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