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hey, ladies, we were all the way back on page 5.

here's a friendly bump before I go off to bed.

This week is stacking up to be INSANE in the outside life dept. (career stuff is takin' up way too much of my life), but it's been blissful in the preggo dept.

I had the roids for a while and they've finally gone away.

Some of the parents of my students seem to be on a mission to give me all kinds of cool hand-me-down preggo clothes and baby outfits. We've gotten some cute stuff.

So I feel overwhelmed with work, but loved.

I hope all of you are doing well.

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For anyone else suffering from those nasty hemorrhoids I can heartily recommend a salve called Rhoid Balm made by Motherlove.

Fern I'm counting on the parents at my school to send all of their old baby stuff my way - cloth diapers, clothes, etc... one mom at school has already donated (I offered to pay her, but she refused) 2 car seats, a Burley for my bike, and some special little chair with a big detachable table (not a high chair, but a chair where a kid can sit and play).

The only drawback I can see is that all of the recent moms at our school had girls, so I might get a lot of girly baby clothes for our Sprout whose chances of being a boy are high because I conceived through AI! Oh well, I'm sure baby won't care.

Happy Fat Tuesday!

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Donations, donations

I went over to a student's house (I teach community college) to pick up some stuff his kids were done with. I got an AMAZING amount of clothes in great condition, 2 soft carriers, a bathtub, an umbrella stroller, some books for me, etc.

So... I know that my student does not have much in the way of $$ (he had to skip a class to go to a bankruptcy hearing). I feel bad taking such valuable stuff. But I also know, from my own past experience, that it can be humiliating to have somebody offer you $$ when you are poor but are trying to give a gift anyhow.

Any thoughts on what I should do? Gift certificate to Babies 'R Us, maybe?
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Jen- thanks for the Roid Balm tip.

People tell me that if I'm getting roids NOW, just wait until AFTER the baby. I'm just hoping against hope that it's not a problems.

Smithie- I think that a gift certificate for a small amount would be very appropriate.

So... the new mommas... who have cats... are around 30... and teach!


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I haven't really felt so much like posting; but, I've been lurking a bit. I'm wondering if the scroll is making me woozy.

Ahhhhhh...weight gain. I think I need to reel myself in. Of course, I think the info I got was from a mainstream mag the Ob med assistant at my church gave me from her office. I think I'm *starting to eating *some natural food again! Digestion has been so sluggish lately, that I ate Red Hot Blues and a braeburn and I was still trying to digest it when dh was talking dinner. :

I've been looking around on the web at the sleigh wooden arms reach and all....I think I'll hold off on baby furniture right now. Besides, we are trying to get out of here. We'll need more space in our "baby's room."

Jen: Is the roid, that's a trip, roid. However, since one of mine is talking now, its not nice Is it for external use only? I'm having some wonderful internal pleasure. :

fiddle: the OB told me that "roids and constipation are common in pg, (I know), and they will get worse."

I *don't have a cat! I have only met a *few I like! I don't have any pets in our apt. I'd like a dog; but, our chiuauas, or however, you spell it, tried to smother me as a child, so, I think I'll wait and let the children grow up with the dog. That worked well with our dachshund. Until I grabbed him from behind and he had torn the trashbag and was eating out of it and bit me on the way to take pictures. : I'll be 30 in July. I used to say I wanted all my children before thirty. (I'm sure the Lord laughed at that! ) Well, 30 came fast, and even though we had been trying since '01, it took 13 mos, our first child died....I had to have surgery...its been quite a road. But, thanks be to God anyway. Everything is working and what is there belongs and what doesn't is medical waste, and I'm ready to have a healthy baby now. I used to teach. I was a public elementary music teacher. HATED IT! Music teachers are treated like second class citizens! Like *I didn' t have to get a certification, as a matter of fact, when the other ed majors were taking their pm naps, I was at the music building practicing an hour per instrument! Anyway, it was just too much every year, two schools, a classroom with rats, roaches and termites, and on a cart at the other school. A music program cut, and another rat and roach infested classroom at now, according to Forbes the 3rd best school system. : A principal who started a campaign on me and made my life miserable. I got depressed and quit after 4 years, although I wanted to quit before that. I let my certificate lapse and I think homeschooling, if that, is the next attempt at teaching I'll do. I was really burned! Now, I lead worship at my church. I don't keep office hours, just p/t. And I'm a SAHM! FINALLY!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised I'm watching the pre-empted primetime b/c of the ACC......3:51 am EST...
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Smithie: how about a gift card or gift certificate to a grocery store? If they want to use it, they can, if they don't, they can donate it to a food shelf. And everyone can always use food!

Letia: I think that you could safely use the rhoid balm internally, it's just jojoba oil, witch hazel and calendula. And I'm sorry to hear your woes as a music teacher. As an elementary foreign language teacher I lucked out for the first 4 years of teaching... I had my own classroom, tons of materials... and then we had a budget cut and the elementary foreign language program was the first to go. Taught me a lot about activism, but I still didn't manage to save my program. Now I'm glad, because I'm at a Waldorf school that I love, and they love me! Tonight the board is meeting to decide whether to grant me five years of leave to stay at home and raise my child. It's a long leave, but I think they like me enough to approve it.

Happy Wednesday,

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I guess I am an odd ball too. I am 28, a chiropractor and two dogs. No cats. In a way I am teacher because the word doctor does mean teacher and I do a lot of teaching about health, pregnancy care, infant care, etc.

I am going to meet a potential doula/birth class instructor in about an hour! Wish me luck!!


definate : person although I do like : too
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i'm a first time mama too!

i'm SOOOOOOOOOOO excited!
(and hoping so much this one sticks!!!)

i'm 27 years old.
i have a job i love as a software engineer.
dh and i have 2 wonderful dogs, loads of fish and many frogs.
i'm very allergic to cats.

good luck to everyone here!!!

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:LOL You're not an oddball Cheryl!

I'm 29...no cats (allergic )...one dog...two sheep...lots of chickens...and I work in college admistration (for a couple more months at least). Soon I will be a SAHM...who teaches yoga part-time and eventually (once we're done breastfeeding...whenever that is) I hope to get back into doula work.

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I'm not a teacher either! But I am 30 and have a cat (and a dog and two chickens).

Flitters, so glad you are here with us! Congrats!

Can I ask you all who have felt movement already, when did you feel it first? I am so looking forward to this!
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I felt the first thing that I thought MIGHT be movement at around 18.5 weeks and then started feeling movement regularly at 20 weeks. It's the best feeling!!

Congrats Flitters!! YAY!
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Hi all, I haven't checked here often, but I am 30 with 2 cats (and a turtle) and my partner is a teacher! I am due in May so I have posted on that thread but not lately.

Jen - we did at home AI but we are waiting until May to see if we fit the statistic on more boys by AI.

Okay, i have to run, I just wanted to pop in and say Hi.
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Hi all!

A&L+1, that's so very cool. I would love to swap experiences with you sometime - I tried a PM but it said you don't accept them.

Hope you all are doing well.

Jen, who wouldn't mind having chickens (mmm.... fresh eggs)
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Jen, yeah I don't have PM set up because I am usually at work when I can sneak on the boards. This accounts for my low post numbers and my general inability to respond to topics when I want to.

That said, we could certainly swap experiences and AI stories. Maybe on a new thread. We had a relativly easy time with AI but it sure was emotional!

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Doggies rule!

naturegirl, I have 3 dogs (two were deliberate and one was a "happy accident" :LOL) I also have a cat, but my deepest and most profound love is reserved for the hounds. Oh, and my dh. And I guess I will love James 9 (who's due in June) even more than the hounds, but honestly, I can't imagine how that's possible.
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naturegirl~how was your meeting? If the only thing that makes you and oddball is that you're not a teacher and don't have cats, you're in good shape, IMHO :LOL

Congratualtions Flitters!!!! Oooh, perhaps a halloween baby....

Well, we had our 20w u/s today. At the last minute we changed gear and decided to find out the gender....I'm gonna have a son!! I didn't realize how exciting it would be to find out the gender of the baby! Aaaah, now the real shopping begins

adventuregirl~ I started feeling the baby last week and I am 20w and 5 days. (I believe I was feeling the baby a little bit before that, but I just wasn't sure.)

Oh yeah, the baby is in the 90th percentile for weight and has a round head I'm a little scared of having a super-sized baby, (dh was 9lb2oz) but I'm glad the baby is healthy.
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Congratulations on a healthy baby boy Brandi! I am sure you will be able to birth that baby just great! You can do it

My meeting was good. Unfortunately the instructor/doula is currently not undertaking any doula clients as she is going through a separation right now. I am currently reading the Birthing From Within book and trying to decide whether we are going to take the whole class or just have a couple of private meetings/classes with her to go over some specific things. I have decided not to take the Bradley classes though. Too left brained for me. I have had enough of that already.

Smithie, I am the same way about my labs. They are my babies! I love them so much and baby them like they are my children. I am already feeling guilty that I haven't been spending as much "quality" time with them lately :

I can't wait to start feeling my baby move! I probably have a good 2 or 3 weeks left of waiting though...


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Congrats, Brandi! YES! the real shopping *does begin! I keep looking at boy stuff, until I saw a couple of cute girl outfits, and then I get afraid to get things, b/c I might get surprised. Gender neutral just isn't as fun. I told dh at dinner last night; maybe we get a couple things and then when we find out we go wild! :LOL

Glad your meeting went well, Cheryl. Sorry she's not taking doula clients.

I have a question! Who's having a u/s? I'm not into flaming anyone for it, like some threads around here. : I just wanted to know. I have m/ced before, the evening after I got the u/s. Although, they didn't see a hb, so, once again, like my internal refusal, b/c I bled and started m/cing, it could be irrational. :

The OB would like to do an internal at my next scheduled at 12, and hb on doppler. I'm gonna check out a practice with mostly mws in a couple weeks though. I'm feeling more secure now, and would prefer mw care.

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Letia - As you probably already know if you waded into that Fetal Fotos trainwreck, I had three ultrasounds - a dating one (not planned or chosen, but necessary due to a m/c the month before that completely whacked out my cycle), a 12-week nuchal translucency to rule out DS and some other problems, and a 20-week to rule out spina bifida, hydrocephaly, and some other problems. That should be it for me with the ultrasounds, although I may go back at the very beginning of labor if, to put it in spiritual terms, God whispers in my ear and tells me to check out the position of the placenta and the cord. I just don't know how I will feel in that moment.

I really benefitted from the ultrasounds, but that's easy for me to say as the results were unambiguously positive. If I had had a worrisome ultrasound followed by amnio that turned out to be unecessary because everything was OK, I might have developed a very different opinion about ultrasounds.
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Technicla difficulties

doubledouble postpost
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