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How much do you pay your nanny?

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My sister and I are looking into a nanny-share arrangement for her 4- and 2-year-olds and my 9 month old. We have no idea what a reasonable rate of pay would be. I know it varies by region, but if you don't mind sharing what you pay, I'd really appreciate it.
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I'd try posting in the tribe section for Salt Lake City. You could ask what people pay/are willing to pay/know what others pay. Also look on craigslist and see what people looking for nannies are offering.
Good luck.
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When I was looking for an after-school nanny, I found that reading the listings on Craigslist gave me a good idea of what the going rate was. Also you can call a local nanny agency and ask questions -- you don't have to actually use their services, just say you are gathering information.

For So. CA we paid $12/hr. + mileage reimbursment (this was a heavy 100+ miles/wk job). But that was 2 school aged kids for after school only. I think going rate for infants/toddlers around here is closer to $15-18/hr.
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I would think at least $18-20 hour ($9-10/hour from each family) - there are three kids and two younger ones. I'm in a nanny share with a 1 yr old and my DS who is almost 8 months, we pay $20/hour together so each family only pays $10/hour which is much more affordable.

I live in NYC right now, but I worked a nanny share in CO with children almost exactly those ages and it's a lot of work - so if anything it's better to pay well so the nanny feels appreciated.
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I think a nanny-share situation warrants more money for the nanny. She has two families to deal with - two sets of parents, two houses, more kids, etc. Doing a nanny-share can sometimes be a real challenge for the nanny because there are more adults and children involved.

For the parents - they get a nanny for a lot less than they would have to pay on their own, so in many ways it is a win-win situation.

So, if $15.00/hour is the going rate for your area, make sure the nanny is getting at least $20.00/hour to do a nanny-share.
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At least $20/hr.
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Around here (MCOL) educated nannies with early childhood ed degrees (AA at least) make around 15$/hr IF you are paying their SS and employer taxes. More if you are paying them as a contractor or under the table.

But for 3 kids that young I would expect a little higher than 15.
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DC metro area averages $15 - $22, depending on:
Location (DC is more expensive than outer suburbs)
number of children
age of children
Hours (anything over 40 is paid overtime, which is time and a half - I believe this is a DoL ruling, so mandatory everywhere).
documented worker vs undocumented/filing W2s/payroll tax vs not.
nanny share vs one family.
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HOLY COW! $15/hr would be 600/week!!! (for a 40 hr week) Who can afford that?????
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Originally Posted by littlemomma View Post
HOLY COW! $15/hr would be 600/week!!! (for a 40 hr week) Who can afford that?????
More people than you think.
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I pay $13 per hour, plus 5 paid sick/personal days, 2 weeks paid vacation, $40 a month toward gas and one weeks gross pay for a bonus.

She brings her toddler with her so I keep the house stocked with foods they both like so it is like feeding 2 additional members of the family.

It is worth every penny.
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In my area people pay around $12-$15 an hour for quality care. That is for one child. You might happen upon someone who charges $10 an hour for one child but that is rare and often the quality of care is much lower. Luckily, I have my sister for backup care because I have three children and working as a manager in retail does not enable me to afford a full-time, quality nanny.

You might look at a home daycare where the person is watching other children as well. When I had two kids and was looking into getting childcare prior to my sister agreeing to it, I got quotes of around $150 a week for one child. That was for care that included keeping the child until around 6, any later would have been more. Childcare of any kind is expensive and the higher the quality of care, the more you'll pay.

One daycare that I checked out included all meals, had a pickup time of 6:30, and had cameras in the rooms that parents could access (with a secure password) any time they'd like so that they could see what was going on without leaving work. Windows were in all the rooms (meaning windows from the hallway to the room), you had to be approved to even get through the front door (meaning known parent, pre-approved pick-up person, etc.), and drop ins were welcomed. They asked for about $170 for infants and down for other age groups, per week. Each additional child was 10% off.
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Originally Posted by littlemomma View Post
HOLY COW! $15/hr would be 600/week!!! (for a 40 hr week) Who can afford that?????

What were you expecting to pay?

Good childcare ain't cheap. I pay my mom ~$2k/mo for just one baby. 3 babies is a heck of a lot more work. I've never paid so much money for anything in my life ... oh yeah, except this degree I'm working on.
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Regarding the first few posters suggestions of checking Craigslist...in my area, Craigslist is NOT a good judge of what is fair to pay a nanny. I use many other websites (sittercity.com, enannysource.com, nannies4hire.com) but I can very rarely find fair pay on Craigslist. Most people offer $70-100 a week for 4-7 days a week...seriously, they will pay around $1-3/hour. It is very rare to see anyone offer above $5-6/hour for a nanny, however, with the jobs I find through other sites, I am never paid less than $10/hour. Because there are so many nannies out there looking for work, I am currently taking $10/hour because I need a job, but my normal rates for three kids would be closer to $13-15/hour. I am in Jacksonville, Florida and a year or two ago I had no problems finding nanny positions or occasional babysitting jobs that paid that much, but now, families that can afford that are few and far between.
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We pay $12/hour for one child in North Carolina. I have friends in the bay area who pay $15/hour for one child and $17/hour for two children. Hope this helps!
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generally you would each pay a little more than half the going rate. So, if nannies in your area are making $12 an hour, you should each plan on paying $7/hr. The purpose in a nanny share isn't just to save the families money, but for the nanny to get a more competitive salary also.
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check sittercity too, I've gotten work there a few times, you can get background checks in addition to the interviews, and references.

Childcare is $$$ I don't know how people pay others to do it for them. Tho, I don't mind when people pay me to do it!

I am in a way lower CoL area and would ask $8-$10 depending on if I had to drive, if they had 'restrictions' or things I had to be responsible for (think sports, boyscouts etc) and if you looked like a nice lady
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I used nannies for the last 10 years, both full time and occational evening/weekend type. I usually pay 10 per hour for 1 child (9-11 recently). In addition, my full time nanny got paid 2 week vacation (taken at the time we took our vacation), no sick days since during this time I had to provide alternative care. I also whould pay for major holidays. She was with us 3 years and was like a member of the family. She also did some cooking, some cleaning, and laundry. Full time week was 45 hours for her. I paid the same money for overtime. So, if you are late by 15 min, make sure you pay her for this 15 min (my advise). I personally think that the fact that you are doing nanny sharing should not affect the rate, however the fact that you have 3 kids should. I would pay probably 12 or 13, no more than that. I live in major metropolitan area in midwest. I never had any trouble finding nannies for this rate, but I also never used nanny agencies since they are overpriced. I did my own reference calling or used people by recommendation, not from the street. Ask everybody you know and you will find them.
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We have a nanny share and each family pays $10/hr so she gets $20/hr total. Plus two weeks paid vacation, plus 3 sick days, plus 10 holidays a year. For peace of mind for quality care, its worth it!
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Originally Posted by littlemomma View Post
HOLY COW! $15/hr would be 600/week!!! (for a 40 hr week) Who can afford that?????
You know what, this is a little immodest, but I make really decent coin - and there's no way I could afford $2400/month in child care. That's a lot of money.

My dc doesn't have a nanny, but is in a top quality daycare, and we pay about half that much. Now, I'm not trying to compare the two set-ups, but it is a huge difference in expenditure.
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