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is his breathing normal?

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If you see my previous post, you'll see why I'm so worried. Just wanted to hear from some other moms with newborns. He is 3.5 weeks old and still really stutters with his breathing. He also makes that squeeky dolphin noise ALL the time, especially at night when he is sort of half asleep.
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Does the stuttering occur when he is asleep ?
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hmmmmmmmm apnea?
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I stumbled across this in new posts...you mentioned a squeek...look up laryngomalacia and tracheomalacia and tell me if you think it sounds similar. My son has laryngotracheobronchomalacia (quite a mouthful!) and his breathing as a newborn and infant were terrible, strangers would approach me at the store and ask if my baby was okay. Airway malacias are not always a problem, sometimes it's just a slightly underdeveloped airway that corrects itself over time. In my son's case it was associated with his genetic syndrome, but we didn't know for that a while.

If it sounds like it could be malacia, keep him off his back! He should be on an incline, upright, or on his tummy to help keep his airway open. Does he have reflux at all? Reflux and malacia tend to go together because the baby has to work a little harder to breathe, they use accessory muscles which then aggravates their little tummies and they reflux. Another reaons why back sleeping is worse for them.

It might not be malacia, but I thought it was worth mentioning!
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My normal (I assume) newborn (4 weeks) is a very noisy breather at times. He's snorty and squeeky and sometimes it changes rythym and gets rapid...I assume all this is typical.
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ds3 keeps having apnea episodes...not sure if that's what you meant by "stuttering". I know some babies have tendancy to forget to breathe, so I'm hoping that's all that's happening with him.
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Because of your previous post, I'd say I would check it with your doc. Maybe take a video clip if you need to - or even take a video clip and youtube it and show it to us if you want. By your description just in words, I can't really say. I mean, my baby makes noises but it's hard to compare without hearing.
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