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My dd (2 1/2 ) is so. very. independent, & it never bothered me, i like that she can entertain herself for half an hour to an hour, i think it is great that she has the imagination to play with her toys ,or the concetration to string beads onto a shoestring for hours, but we go to a playgroup, where sometimes she loses sight of me or i go & make tea, that sort of thing. When other Mamas do it their children cry, look for their mom & all that, Emily does not even notice I leave. I used to tell myself that it shows that she trusts me enough not to randomly leave without her.
But. I miss my sweet daughter. I miss the child that would hold my hand & like to hug & cuddle. I want that child back, I want her to need me just a little more. I know it is selfish,but she is only 2 1/2 ,I feel like something is missing, like we are not at all happy together.