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Those with only one bathroom...

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We are looking for a house to buy. Alot of the houses around here only have one bathroom. Do you find this problematic?

DH and I have talked and we think we would need atleast two toilets but we don't need two showers. Thing is we have always had two toilets, but its rare that both are in use at the same time. Only time this might happen is if DH is home at night and on the weekends.

Its us and a DD and a DS.

To me one bathroom means only one bathroom to clean.:
And less space taken up by a room we spend little time in.
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We have three toilets, four sinks (one is the kitchen sink), one bathtub/shower combo, and one shower (no tub, but the shower is the same size as a regular bathtub/shower). We do NOT need all this!!!! We are a family of three and could easily live with one full-size bathroom. I would *like* a second full-size bathroom for guests and random usage, but we could live with just one. It is just a lot more bathroom cleaning.
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We've had everything from just 1 bathroom to up to 3 full bathrooms. I found that having 3 full bathrooms was over kill. They never got used. The last house we lived in had 2 full bathrooms and even that was too much for our family of 5. It was nice because when we had guests they did have their own bathroom to use but in the 2 yrs that we lived there we had over night guests 3 times. We lived in a couple of houses that had a full bath upstairs with the bedrooms and a half bath in the main living area, that was the best. It was great to not have to go upstairs to use the bathroom, guest didn't have to see our main bath, and if someone was using the half bath you could go upstairs. We only have 1 bathroom right now in our small home and it works out fine. I also hate cleaning bathrooms and having rooms that don't get used bugs me for some reasons.
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This is the first time in my life that I've had more than one bathroom(although I don't set foot in our second bathroom.That's my husbands pit of nastiness in the basement).Having lived with one bathroom for 34 yrs I don't really understand why newer homes have so many bathrooms.Anyway...it has never been a problem to have only one bathroom.
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We recently bought a house with one bathroom (as an adult, I've always only had one)... and we are adding a half-bath this summer.

DD1 is fully potty trained and had an accident bc I was using the potty
But the main reason for the half-bath is we have to gut the existing bathroom. We are in town and can't go completely without a potty... So, a part of the utility room is getting converted.
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I grew up with only one bathroom in the house. And although mom so wished for another bathroom and still does, we have been able to do it with one bathroom. Even when we've had as many as 10 people in the house due to special occasions like birthdays and weddings. It's totally doable.

However, with that said, I think it is nice to have an extra half bath -- just a toilet, especially if you have a 2 level house. My mom's house is 2 levels and a lower level basement and it would be nice to have a convenient toilet either on the first floor or in the basement so as not to have to go all the way upstairs.
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While I agree that an extra half or 3/4 bath can be nice, we think one is doable at this point. Since we do have the two girls, I do plan on having at least one other "primping" spot in the house down the line, to keep the bathroom free for things that can only happen in there. The extra bath is really only needed for company or when someone is sick with a tummy bug. Not really worth it, in terms of cleaning, is my thought - unless you're like my friend, whose hubby likes to read in there and hogs the facilities...
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DH and I have only ever lived in a house or apartment with one bathroom. I can't stand cleaning bathrooms and IMO I would only ever want one bathroom (unless I had more than 3 kids ).

I think that the trick is to find a home with a spacious bathroom that several family members can fit in at once. Our mornings often go like this: DH in the shower, DS sitting on the potty, and me at the vanity brushing teeth and/or hair. We are not in each others way because the bathroom is big enough and we take turns. HTH!

ETA: We entertain all the time (10-20 people in our house all at once) and have never had a problem with people needing to use the bathroom at the same time. Also, in terms of needing an area to get "made up" or whatever, you can just as easily primp in your bedroom, with a nice wall mirror or dressing table... One other idea, keep a potty chair on the floor without a bathroom for young PL kiddos, so you don't have to worry about having to run to the bathroom. We keep a potty chair under the couch for DS to use when he's downstairs.
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we have only 1 full size bathroom in our house. there's 4 of us....dh, me, dd who's almost 12, and ds who's 9. we never have any issues.

i grew up in a house with only 1 full size bathroom as well. it was all girls....me, my sister and my mom.....and we never had any issues then either.

while i wouldn't mind have a "master bathroom" as our master bedroom is the top story of our house, it's certainly not necessary.

we do TONS of entertaining and have never had any issues with that aspect either.

i don't get the "3 bedroom 3 bath" house thing either with newer homes. to me that is WAY too many toilets to clean! lol!
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Originally Posted by bigteamug View Post
Since we do have the two girls, I do plan on having at least one other "primping" spot in the house down the line, to keep the bathroom free for things that can only happen in there.
my dd has a vanity in her bedroom for all her "primping" needs. she only uses the bathroom to shower, brush her teeth and use the toilet. she does her hair and all other "girly stuff" in her bedroom! lol!

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We have just one bathroom and I can't wait until we can get another!! For example, last night H was in there and DS was crossing his legs, needing to go pretty badly. Good thing H had finished up and DS could run in there and go!! Plus, it also helps out when you have company over or a party. We like to entertain a lot, so the extra 'seat' will come in handy when we get a larger home.
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Glad others have been fine with only one bathroom. Its really DH that thinks we need two. The next house we are going to look at has a laundry room so if its big enough an extra toilet can be added there.

I think we would be fine with one bathroom, like a pp said, if its big enough.

Right now we are looking for 3 bedrooms 1.5 bath.

This seems to be hard to find, its either two full baths (fine) or 1 bath (causes DH to go hmm).

We like older homes and a lot of them only have one bathroom.

We maybe have people over once a month if that. I close off the back of the house so we only use one bathroom when we have company.
I can see a grown up in the toilet and a kid needing to go. I think this is DH's concern.
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Wow, I'm really impressed with those that have one and no issues... we are a family of six with two bathrooms and we often seem to find ourselves wishing for more -especially as my kids get older! Whenever my kids have more than one friend over both bathrooms are always getting used at the same time... usually with a line, even then! And my younger ones are always wanting to take a bath while another wants a shower... and getting out for weekend adventures always takes planning for bathroom use for us (and we even shower in pairs). I would love to add another bathroom... or at least just a toilet and sink room... as it is there have been so many times I've been *extremely* grateful to have at least the two.
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We recently went from one bathroom at a rental house to 4 at our new house. Now I think 4 is wayyyyyyyyyyy overkill but I am very happy to have more than one. There were many occasions at the rental house when Alexander was potty-training that having Daddy in the bathroom was just too long of a wait.

Also when Alexander was sick and someone was already in the bathroom peeing, it was really horrible. It would be nice to have a second bathroom to take him to throw up in.

And I'm planning on having more children and I've had bad morning sickness for my first two pregnancies, so I'm looking forward to throwing up without waiting for the bathroom to be empty.
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1 bathroom is doable! I grew up in a family of 5 with one bathroom and didn't think twice about it. My fam is currently 2 adults plus 2 kids and occasional overnight guests (adults), and we have a home with one bathroom. We do have plans for another, but that's for a longer term goal (in about 5 years or more), since within 10 years we plan to have 4-5 kids total and open to the possibility of another adult living here as well (family as they age, friends who need a place to stay, international students, that kind of thing). In my mindset and experience, unless you have a lot of kids, more than one bathroom is a luxury.
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vicki~ Nice room.
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We only have one bathroom and it is not an issue.
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Originally Posted by Blucactus View Post
In my mindset and experience, unless you have a lot of kids, more than one bathroom is a luxury.
This is how I feel. We don't plan on having anymore children.
Also DH is only home on weekends and evenings, will probably be this way for a good while.
The kids and I only use one bathroom at a time during the day.

I really think its doable. How to convence DH?
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When I was 11 my family of 6 moved into a house with only one bathroom. I have two sisters on either side of me, and a younger brother. It really wasn't much of an issue (even when all three of us girls were teenagers!) but there were a couple things that helped things run smoothly

Everyone was cool having a pee while someone else in the family was in the shower, and vice versa. This meant you didn't lock the bathroom door during your shower, unless you wanted to have to get out dripping wet to unlock it for whoever was doing the potty dance on the other side of the door. We also had an opaque shower curtain.

My mom did keep her makeup in the bathroom, but she always did her hair in her bedroom, and all of us girls had mirrors and vanity/dresser tops to do our primping in our bedrooms. As I recall, I didn't feel like it was too big a deal to share the bathroom with mom while she was putting her face on.

If someone was sick and had a bedroom far away from the bathroom, they would get comfortably set up in the living room, which was next to the bathroom. More than one vomiting kid usually meant barf buckets, so no one puked on the floor while waiting for the bathroom.

My little brother went through a hyper modest phase, and wouldn't share with anyone for a while, but he never spent that much time in the bathroom anyway.

It really never seemed like a big deal to me, and now that my parents are close to being empty nesters in that house, it is nice to not have two bathrooms to clean.
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we have one (small!) bathroom for a family of four, youngest is still in diapers. it's fine, for now. i'm guessing it won't be so great at some point, and isn't the best situation for entertaining. also a problem because we want to tile the bathroom floor but that would mean several days without a toilet, so obviously we'd have to stay elsewhere. a half bath, even it was a crappy one in the basement, would be heavenly.
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