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My second dd was born en route to the hospital- I didn't know I was in labor until I was in transistion, and things happened really fast after that. I remember clearly feeling the head move into the birth canal, and then the next contraction, my body started pushing. There was absolutely nothing I could do to control it if I wanted to. At first, like others said, I thought I was going to have a really big bowel movement, but as the intensity increased (such a polite way of talking about a force as strong as a freight train!) I knew what was going on and there was no way to stop it. (It was at this point that my dh had to pull over and dial 911.) The only way to cope with these contractions was to push, but it wasn't even something I conciously decided to so at that point- it was just what my body was doing. In fact, the 911 dispatcher told my dh to put his had on my dd's head while it was crowning to support the perineum and help prevent tearing, and when I felt him put his hand there, it was like my body rebelled against it by pushing again, and dd came shooting out.

With my first birth, I was medicated and in stirrups and remember the ten second pushing very well. I ended up with a bruised tailbone and a nasty episiotomy.

Good luck with your birth- and trust your body.
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I never really felt the urge to push and it never felt good to push as they tell you in cb classes. Mine were HB's - 4 of them.

Pushing like a BM is the usual instruction since, as I see it, it involves the same "party line" or "wiring" to the brain, and the same part of the brain is involved. It is a primitive part of the brain.
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I kind of resisted the pushing sensating at first because it felt like a bowel movement and I didn't want to poop in the birth pool , I pushed half-heartedly until my midwife said that it would feel like a huge bowel movement and then right at the end the head would come under the pubic bone. After that the need to push got much more intense, and very involuntary, and I pushed hard every contraction without thinking until she was out. And I didn't poop in the pool.
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i don't think that you need to push that strenously. i think that docs get you doing that because they want you to get the baby out asap! the faster she comes, the less they think they have to worry about.

the count to 10 breath holding thing is just weird, imho. i couldn't do it. i pushed while breathing out. they didn't like it, but didn't stop me. i was getting all this not-too-helpful coaching from everyone in the room, but i couldn't really feel my contractions once i started pushing, so i sorta ignored them until they stopped coaching, then i just did what worked.

i'd seen and read about women who didn't push. one woman was in a tub, just relaxing waiting for the 'urge', and all of a sudden felt something - and the baby's head was at the entrance to the vag. she was all - hey, i thought this was supposed to be enormous effort and stuff? so, it's different for everyone. you should definately go with what works, and don't let anyone scare you. you can have the birth you imagine through positive visualization. i spent months visualizing the first phase and it worked out that way. 2nd phase, well, it happened before i get the chance to get my visualizations down


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both of my children's births were unmedicated and I can definitely tell you that the urge to push was OVERWHELMING. My body just took over and started pushing.

With my son, I was working through transition in the shower and then I felt like I really needed to lie down. I crawled up on the bed and then my water broke. With that, I was immediately overcome with the urge to push. As soo as the urge to push came, all the pain was gone. For the first 15 minutes, I wasn't effectively pushing. My body was doing it and I was going along for the ride, sort of zoned out and sleeping inbetween pushes. But then all of a sudden I got my second wind, and helped push with each contraction, but I never held it to 10 sec or pushed really hard. I pushed on my side and while tailor sitting. I was watching it all in a mirror and it was really difficult to concentrate on watching and pushing! And after a total of 35 minutes, he slid into this world. I never felt any pain, even when he crowned. In fact, the only thing I felt was him pushing his feet into my ribs as he was was moving down, helping himself navigate out. It was incredible!!!!

With my daugther, the urge to push came on suddenly and intensely. My body pushed once and she was crowning. The nurse was literally holding my legs closed to stop her from coming out. We had to wait for the Dr and Nicu team to come because my fluid was heavily stained with meconium and they needed to suction her at the perineum. I remember distinctly the sound of people running down the halls and the nurse calling loudly saying "birth is imminent, STAT". My doc didn't have a chance to put on gloves, a gown, nothing. They couldn't break down the bed in time. When he said I could push she was already out up to her ears. I eased her head out so they could suction her. And then with just one push she was out. Again, no pain. From the first urge to push until delivery was less than 2 minutes.

Pushing doesn't have to be strenuous. Even though my I had to push longer for my son, I enjoyed his actual delivery more. I was able to digest what was going on. My daughter just shot out, literally.

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I think you all might like Laura Shanley's site: bornfree.com (I hope I have that right) Very empowering. A lot of the stories talk about this very thing: letting baby come on her/his own, trusting birth and trusting the body and letting go...beautiful site even if you don't plan to do a UC.
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Thanks for all the replies.

Mamajamz, that's not the right site address. If you find the right one, I'd love to have it! Thanks.
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I just had to post as this is a subject close to my heart and an issue I will continue to grapple with as my pregnancy progresses. With my 1st pg ( at a birth center with a CNM) pushing was the worst part of labor. After throwing up for the 2nd time, the midwife wanted to give me IV fluids. I really didn't want this, so she said, "well let's check you and see how much longer we have." She checked and I was 10 cm with an anterior lip which she pushed back. She said, "You can push whenever you want." Well, not knowing any better, and knowing that Iwanted this baby out ASAP and did not want an IV, I started pushing with absolutely no urge to push whatsoever. In fact, throughout the entire 2 hours I pushed I never felt the urge and was never encouraged to take a break. I was so tired that I fell asleep between pushes. I ended up pushing on my left side with an oxygen mask on my face, and ultimately needed an episiotomy.

I'm a little freaked out to read applejuice's post. The idea that I might not have the urge to push this time hadn't occured to me. I do know that I will not push just because someone else says my body is ready. This time I am keeping the checking to a minimum. I love reading about those of you who had an overwhelming urge to push, and I really hope that with this next birth I can count myself in your ranks!
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wendygrace, i'm also certain it doesnt *have* to be the way you described. i'm sorry your sister was in stirrups, didn't have gravity or the help of an upright (open) pelvis. it is hard to watch, i know.

others have had great responses already, just wanted to add that for dd's birth (birth center, CNM), w/ a very gentle & hands-off mw & nurse, i felt very unsure of myself when it was time to push.
i was changing positions, fully dilated, trying to remain very relaxed -- but i was sure i "Didn't know how to push!" and kept begging my mw for instructions. Which muscles? How? How much? And she just kept answering, "But you *are* doing it! The baby's moving down, here's the head."

And i would say, "No, i'm not doing anything. i don't know how to push." then she was crowning, and her heartrate didnt recover btwn ctx - and then i did give one major full body effort breath-held push and out she came.

My point being that the whole time i thought i wasn't "pushing," my uterus was working, my baby was descending. I credit this to the deep relaxation and time i spent in the water, and position changes. And my brilliant daughter, of course, wjho *did* know what she was doing even when i didn't, lol!

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"Purple pushing" can be dangerous to the baby, as it decreases its oxygen intake. Just like that hyper-pant breathing taught in Lamaze classes.
Most women, when allowed to push uninhibited, push several times during each contraction. They gulp in some air, bear down, breathe deep again, bear down until they need more air... etc. Some women don't get the urge to push, or their bodies give them a nice rest between their labor's transition and the pushing phase, then the contractions and the urge to bear down occurs.
The uterus will get the baby out, whether one pushes or not. But the majority of women can't help BUT push when they're unmedicated.... it's an uncontrollable reflex that also seems to decrease the pain of the contraction.
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It is pretty intense to see alot of hospital-based pushing that is so forced...things get all high-energy, people are really coaching and things get hectic
i was sure before my hospital birth i would not be pushing,in a forced way.i wanted to listen to my body and do olnly what felt right and my midwife agreed
i don't think that you need to push that strenously. i think that docs get you doing that because they want you to get the baby out asap! the faster she comes, the less they think they have to worry about
I love it when other people tell my story! The pushing was where my home-birth-transferred-to-the-hospital-birth broke down & one of the things I am least satisfied with in my memories. I really wanted to push instinctively, had even printed off a lovely article about pushing for 1st time moms by Gloria LeMay (sorry I can't find the link) But I think most of what my MW was doing in the hospital was trying to prevent the hospital staff from getting interventive & her main way to do that was for me to have the baby ASAP.

I didn't ever feel an "urge" to push, I just felt my uterus start pushing! It was so strong, it sat me up in bed at the end of the contraction, felt like my uterus was turning upside down to me. The dry heave analogy is a good one. Then they "checked" me & said I was complete & go ahead. We moved around from bed to bathroom some & he descended quite a bit. Then back to bed (for the Fetal heart monitor's sake) & I birthed Griffin 55 minutes later surrounded by the "cheer squad"~ they were so noisy! But I was not in any condition to shut them up. Now I have lots of feelings of losing myself to all of them & rushed by them. I really wish I had been left alone. Maybe next time
thanks for this thread, Maria
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