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I'm back.. kinda?

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Not sure if anyone even remembers me, but I've been AWOL from this site.

I've had many issues with the father of the baby (ex fiance) and it's causing great stress on me

Baby is healthy from what I understand, but time will tell.

I'm still going through a depression over everything but I'm trying to fight it the best I can.

It's taking a good toll on my body though

Hope everyone is ok and I'll check in more often !
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Oh mama!!! So sorry you have to deal with this! You will be in my prayers!
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Keep in touch. This is a great place to talk. Thinking about you.
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I remember you!

I hope you're doing OK. Feel free to share with us what's going on. We're good for belly talk and life talk.
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I remember you! I'm glad you're back. You know we're all here to support you when things get tough, right?
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I remember you! I'm glad you're back with us.
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Glad you checked in! Please come back!

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Thanks for checking in Christine. I hope things get better for you. This is, like the others have said, a great place to come and talk things out or just get a cyber-hug.
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Originally Posted by christine1977 View Post
Had a good couple of days and then dealt with the father again

One more time this week at 3D u/s (thursday) and then hopefully not for some time again!

I am really sorry you aren't able to fully enjoy this experience with your ex around. If you want to talk about it ever, we are here to listen. *** hugs ***
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Thanks to everyone I will try to make better appearances here with not so much distance between posts
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i remember you too. keep us updated on your daughter too. i'm a preemie mom and understand. i thought a lot about you guys, especially when i saw pics.

we'll have a follow up head u/s in december. just hope that we have a place to post by then.
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