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Baby shower newbie question

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently pregnant with our first child, and believe it or not I have NEVER been to a baby shower before. I know that the ladies at work are planning on having one for me, so I'm wondering what I need to know as far as etiquette. Should I get some type of thank-you gift or favors for the people that are hosting the shower (in this case, a joint effort of 10-15 people)? Is it inappropriate of me to ask if my husband can come- do dads usually go to baby showers? They haven't asked/said much about it in front of me, so I am just letting them have their fun- they have wanted me to get pregnant since I started there, just so they could have a baby shower! :-)

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Thank you cards for the gifts will suffice. The shower is about YOU, you don't have to give them gifts too!

Dad's usually don't go to the baby shower.
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Baby showers are usually a ladies-only event, not that there aren't some that include men. Doesn't hurt to ask if it will be co-ed.

Thank you cards are mandatory, but I'm sure you already knew that

A token gift for the hostess (after the fact) is also a great gesture of your gratitude. A potted flower or a plate of home made cookies would be more than appropriate.
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For the hostesses, since there's so many, maybe you could do one of those fruit basket things? Or a big plate of cookies. If they're all in your work center, that makes it easier. And of course thank you notes for gifts.
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If you want it to be co-ed, you should ask for it to be. It is less conventional, but it can still be really great, especially if you're friends with a lot of couples. But let them know early in the planning process as it changes the feel and direction of a shower.
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I think co-ed baby showers are a great idea. That's the kind my friend is throwing for me. It makes it less about silly games (not that there's anything wrong with that - I'm just not into it) and more of a get-together. She's calling it a Cigar and ??? Shower. Sorry, I can't remember the name right now, and it's really cute... pregnancy brain is the worst!
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I'm assuming that it would just be at work on lunch break or something (although nobody's really said), so it's really just a question of DH coming over on his lunch hour. I'm sure he wouldn't expect them to do anything different on his account. The women are almost all in their 50s- mid 70s so I seriously doubt any of their husbands would have an interest in coming to a baby shower. :-)

Thanks for all the help- I would hate to step on anyone's toes by being clueless!

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Just wanted to say congratulations.

Enjoy your shower.
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Babyshowers are a new thing to me, too. We don't have them in the country where I grew up. From my observations around here there were always men at the babyshowers I had been invited to. Most were just large BBQs or summer garden parties, with cute decorations, and gifts for the mom. I have never received any favors or thank you notes. I guess those were rather informal invents - a lot of fun though!
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All you need to do is show up, enjoy, and write than you notes promptly.

If the number of hosts were smaller a small token might be nice but it isn't necessary. I would just add your thanks in the thank you notes.
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I have never been to a ladies only baby shower, but maybe its only my area that does that as its so common.

Thank you cards for the people that get you gifts is a good idea. Usually the one that is throwing you the party will sit next to you as you open gifts and write down gift description and who it is from so it makes thank you cards easier.

Wear something flattering, there will be lots of pictures

And get ready for silly pregnancy and baby comments, and old wives tales just remember most people 'don't know any better'
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I've only been to a women-only baby shower once. All of the others I've been to (including the ones for our baby) included women and men and, in most cases, children. :-)
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