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September 2004 Mommies

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Okay...who is here...I started it!!!

I am Caroline, due on September 10th...

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I'm here!!!!!!!
Caroline, we should start a special thread for BFP's at only 9dpo:LOL
I'm Shannon, due Sept 13, 2004, Yippee!!
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Haha...I think it would be a short thread, me and you!!! :LOL

And possibly our two sets of twins......:

There were other positves on the board, where are they???

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Well I only went back as far as Dec 17, but the bfps I saw were you and I as well as Adventure, Gonnabemom & Christeenybeeny.
So ladies...... Where are you?????
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Wow...we need to bump this up and find our missing mama's....

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Hey girls
I saw this thread and it caught my eye, and then I saw my name and it really caught my eye! I am due Aug 20, so I'm not really a September mommy. But I'm so glad to hear about your 's !!
Have a happy next nine months.
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I'm a September 2003 mommy and I was just popping in to congratulate you on your pregnancies and to wish you a happy, healthy nine months!
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Wow Christine, I hadn't realized you were that far ahead of us!!!
Course I suppose Caroline and I both jumped the gun on testing:LOL
Thanks for the congrats, keep praying for both of us to have stickies!
For me the m/s has already started, only it's in the evening and seems centred around beef once again--poor dh, he says he's not sure now if he wants kids if he has to give up beef for 3 months:LOL :LOL Last night he had to eat his stew (which I got progressivly sicker while making) in the bedroom so I couldn't smell it, and I wasn't even gonna attempt to eat it
Oh well, off to make me some tea and lay back down, very tired.
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Wow Shannon, I have NO morning sickness...although my breasts feel like they are made of lead, and I am so sleepy

Last night I made salmon and asparagus...I ate all my husbands asparagus off his plate. At least I am not craving pasta again!

Well, I am a nervous wreck waiting for the midwife to call today...when is Noon coming???

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Thank you Ashe...tell the truth, what was it like to be 9 months pregnant in August?? I have to admit, I am scared!!

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Alright Caroline, it's past noon, what's the verdict????
Oh man I hadn't thought about being 9 mos in August--can I change my mind now???
My sickness is definitly more of the evening nature, so I made sure to eat breakfast and lunch so it would be alright if I can't eat tonight. But the tiredness, man I can hardly keep my head up, I fell asleep on the couch at 9 last night, dog's woke me at 3 am to go out, then I hit the bed till 9 this morning, have been on the couch since--now however have to go teach a lesson and then go buy something to wear to this wedding tomorrow--like that's going to be enjoyable for me right about now!!! :Puke
Oh well, I'm off to the grindstone--but I want a report here when I get back!!!!!
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Aug 20 is my due date according to my LMP but I didn't get a positive until I was already 5 weeks and 4 days!! I even took a blood test and it was negative at 4 weeks 5 days. Go figure. It's positive now and I'm definentlyl pregnant. My two week wait was more like a 4 week wait! But it was worth it.
I am scared about being the size of a house in Augest too! I guess I'll be loving that air conditioner.
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Shannon..I posted in 2WW......I can't do it again.

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Things are looking good..I have a pinching feeling that is drvining me crazy...but I actually got sick at the smell of catsup..so I am guessing the hCG is going up....Friday I go back again...

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Question for you all: I am TTC and am feeling lucky. According to my last LMP if we succeeded the baby would be due September 11th. My period isn't due until this weekend -- how do you know already?
In case you haven't guessed, I am new to the TTC/Pregnancy boards and don't know all the lingo! Also, I am posting a bit prematurely -- I feel a little odd but having only been PG once before and being very hopeful that I am again, I don't really trust my"symptoms." Thanks!
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Hi Melissa and welcome,
As far as how do we know yet, well Caroline and I are both a little "odd" in that we both tested at only 9 dpo. That said, technically the FRER tests are supposed to pick up 4 or 5 days prior to your period being being late (First Response Early Result) If you are having symptoms, you likely have already implanted and therefore may test positive.
There is also a Trying to Conceive board (I think under fertility) and in that there is a 2 week wait thread (the 2 weeks between ovulation and period due) That is where everyone keeps track of who is testing and what their results are. (lots of fun over there, Caroline and I still hang out there!)
If your period is due this weekend but your edd is Sept 11, I assume your cycle is longer than 28 days?? I have a pretty reg 28 day cycle and my period was due Jan 3, my edd is Sept 13, 2004. How long is your luteal phase normally?
Well, hoping your suspicion is right and you will be hanging out here for the next 9 months!!!
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Hey we have good news!!!!
Hevasoul should be here shortly! Woo Hoo!!
Currently she is having some trouble accepting that
"a line is a line is a line"
How are you doing today Caroline?? I did alright yesterday as long as dh didn't drive, the jerking around I thought I would throw up, but felt much better while standing still , and later when I drove.:LOL
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Thank you Ashe...tell the truth, what was it like to be 9 months pregnant in August?? I have to admit, I am scared!!
I went swimming a lot.
A LOT. It was hard being that big in August, but being 9 months pregnant is no easier in April, January or when ever. Just take precautions to keep cool and buy a bathing suit. Even if you only go swimming a couple of times, it will feel wonderful.
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Thanks Ashe...my last daughter was born in July, and I thought I was going to lose it then......

Melissa..hi!! Yes, Shannon and I tested WAY early...very weird. We are starting our own club...My period is due...was due yesterday. I am due Sept 10th. What is your cycle length? You may want to try to TTC board, I don't want to leave there!!

I can't wait for heveasoul to get here.....she needs to get with it and say..I AM PREGNANT. My test was the same.

Okay, I am not fitting into my pants. That is ridiculous. I am only 4 weeks preg. Do you thikn I could be holding water or something? I have been drinking enough water....Or maybe because it is my 6th pregnancy??

Hope everyone is doing well...no morning sickness for me!!!! I feel GREAT! How long will that last??

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Hello Ladies

I am Kaelynn and am due Sept 1st. This is my fourth pregnancy and will be my 3rd baby. My other two were born in sept and oct, so I had hot summers and it was awful, and now I have to do it again!!!! I also had a miscarriage this summer.

So far i haven't had any morning sickness, just been tired....and hungry

Anyways glad to meet ya!
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