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Okay, I finally called my midwife! I will see her in week ten. My last babies were born in another city so this is a new midwife for me. Our health system is set up so the midwives are part of the general health care, so she did inform me that I will be offered an amnio as I will be 37 when this baby arrives. I told her I already knew I did not want it and she agreed that the risks may not be worth it. Any other "older" moms here?? I will also be meet a specialist concerning the premature birth of my second son. Otherwise I will only see my midwife. I hope she is good! I would hate to get started and then have to change.

Adventure girl: about the vitamin E. I had read that high does were NOT recommended in pregnancy. Did your mdwife say how much? I used to take vit E in general for a healthy heart but stopped when I got pregnant, except the E in my multi. Is anyone else taking any extra supplements? If so, what?

Welcome to all the new mammas!
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The "yuckies" started a few days ago . Thankfully it's not lasting all day (yet) like it did with DD's pregnancy...just a few hours af queasiness and then it's gone. I've had a voracious appetite, but kind of like what adventuregirl described...can't eat a lot at one time but need to eat all the time. It's only 9:30 a.m. right now and I've already had 2 breakfasts in the last 2 1/2 hours and I'm starting to feel hungry again!!! Yesterday we were busy all afternoon and I didn't get a chance to eat for a few hours and I thought I was going to pass out. When we got home DH had to make me dinner while I sat at the table and waited b/c I felt too sick and weak to stand and make it myself. I've learned my lesson and will now be carrying an assortment of food with me wherever I go.

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Well aren't we a fine bunch, the sickness started for real for me last night and it would appear that this time it would like to be all day sickness. My standby Quaker Oatmeal didn't stay down this morning, didn't have dinner last night, just a bunch of crackers. So can a baby survive on Saltines, Club Soda and Rolaids???
My head feels really spacey too adn I have NO idea how I'm going to handle the dentist appt I have an hour from now, I gag at the best of times when someone sticks their hand in my mouth!:Puke :Puke
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Congratulations on your pregnancies !

I just tested positive today for #2 due around 09/21/03. Just feeling a bit tired.
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I'm 35, will be almost 36 when baby is born, and am dreading the "you're old you need an amnio" speech. I will decline, as well.

Started feeling nauseous a few days ago. Begins at around 2pm and lasts until about 8pm, then I get ferociously hungry.

At least my mouth doesn't taste like metal too much anymore!
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Wow, I'm lucky, my doc is dead against amnio. She said firstly unless you are SURE that you will terminate the pregnancy if a defect is found not to even bother, but she also said the risk is just TOO large to be bothered for 99 % of women. She told me of a friend of hers, 40 with twins, had the amnio only because the OB pushed it, even though she would have had no intention of terminating, anyway, miscarried one of the twins the next day because the punture kept leaking and then lost the other 2 weeks later, also because of the amnio.
I am dying I think, has anyone ever died from morning sickness??? I had to pick up some stuff for dh's lunch, walked past the olives in the deli section and threw up in the aisle. How very embarrassing
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Congrats and welcome MamaAcorn!

Bee, my mw did not specify how much E to take, she initially suggested just upping my E foods, but said I could supp. I've been taking 400 IU/day. I've read that its not good to megadose on E and some others, but I don't think 400 is much of a dose (1 pill). The reason I know for not taking too much is because it is fat soluable, and could possibly not eliminate if your diet isn't compatible. I, however am having no problems with my fat intake. I do appreciate you pointing this out though, I did not think to mention it.

I am also taking Rainbow Light Prenatals. I need to brew up some RRL tea, but have been extremely lazy in between nausea and naps.

Shannon, I can't believe you barfed in the store! How awful! I hope the dentist appt went better. I have been feeling like puking while brushing my teeth lately, I can't brush my pallate anymore.

So horribly sad about the woman who lost her twins to amnio!
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Actually I cancelled the dentist appt, just thinking about it made me gag, my teeth will still be there in a couple months :
Just an FYI, there is another thread somewhere and my doctor and health food store cautioned me against RRL tea in the first trimester as I've had a couple m/c's. It "can" cause uterine contractions. I think it's being ultra cautious but I wasn't willing to take the chance. I have a feeling the discussion about it is on a morning sickness thread. I can look it up if you want.
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Oh man..all this sickness!! I can hardly sit at hte comp...I am so damn sick. I can't throw up though, it is constant nasuea. When I eat, I get it...when I don't eat I get it...I think there is a gene in our bodies that make us forget this stuff!!

The good news is, I was this sick with all my children. With my misscarriages, i was never sick. So, be thankful for your puke!! Poor Shannon, I threw up in the meat department once with my first!!

Welcome to all the new joiners!

And Shannon--if you find out about the dying from morning (HAHA) sickness..let me know. Maybe we can get a deal on funerals! Oh, and I am LOVING oatmeal!

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Oatmeal is no longer my friend, that was what ended up on the grocery store floor (still just SOOOOOO embarrassed) There had to be a bunch of people around too
I did manage to eat a bit of chicken and some peas that are so far staying down. The only thing that is helping is Club Soda. I hope MDC isn't down for long but a quicker server will be nice!
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Someone just sent me a link for these....


I am going to try them....

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We're back!!!!

Alright everyone where are you?? We're back up and running!
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Can I join you? I'm due on 9/28!!!!

sleeping boy in lap, will post more later,
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Welcome Chrissy!!!!
Congrats!! When did you find out?
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I'm joining in too! Just found out on Wednesday night...I am due Sept 24 and sooooo happy to be here! Looking forward to these nine months with everyone!
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Oh this is so fun!! I have been lurking on the "I'm Pregnant" board forever and now I am legit!

When did I find out?
Well my fertility has been a very odd (and elusive) thing since giving birth to Noah 2 years ago.
So I'm in between RE's but still having accupuncture.
Have ovulated maybe once since Noah's birth (before this super egg!).
Thought maybe I had ovulated but was trying so hard not to get my hopes up after sooooooo many similar let downs.
-So I tested on Thursday (9dpo) with an internet strip test and got a faint positive. Hopeful but wouldn't believe it really.
-Friday (10dpo) a faint positive- I mean really faint- with a FRER. Dh was out of town. Hauled it into Krispy Kreme to meet friend and show it to her. She confirms but it is quite faint.
-Saturday (11dpo) a not so faint positive with another FRER. Starting to believe it but sooooooo afraid to be let down. Dream that it was all a mistake.
-Sunday (12dpo) a darker positive with internet test, but they might be screwy. save pee in cup on counter. drive to grocery and buy another FRER and CBE digitals. Quite dark FRER and CBE says "pregnant."

So that's my long winded version of when I find out.

I am beyond thrilled!!

PS- Shannon, I had been following this thread and I am so sorry you puked in the store! When I was pregnant with Noah I puked in several stores but I somehow always made it into the bathroom, even if not into the toilet.
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No bathroom, just right there beside the olives, just so very embarrassing--fortunately it's not my usual grocery store, so I never have to go back there!
Welcome Bellasmum! I hope you both enjoy your stay--I'm not sure where everyone else is--they're leaving me here all alone to do the welcoming!
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I have a question...or two...

First off, I am getting a kind of achy, throbby, pain in my right side/lower abdomen area, it has been a fairly constant stitch, and it is making me a little worried. I asked my dr about it when I went in to confirm the preg test and she said it was probably just my intestines acting up a bit, it is focused around my large bowel, an ectopic would be lower down, and very painful. It is worse with gas, but I can always feel it there, it's not going away...any ideas?

Also, since my estimated conception every time after I take a bath, I get out and, sorry if TMI, but I have a literal stream of warm fluid run out of me, only after I have a bath. There is quite a bit too, a puddle on the floor. It is clear though... could it be the bath is too warm? What is the fluid? Would it just be cervical fluid? :

This is already starting off so different than the first!
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the first one I may be able to help with..... it is common early in pregnancy to have a cyst on the ovary that released the egg. , either that or there is of course the fact that constipation and various other bowel issues could be causing it.
As for the bath--no idea! I've had a few baths and experienced that, it's not just bath water right??? You may want to stick with showers until you find out for sure.
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I was going to say the same thing about the pain being a corpus luteum cyst. I had that with Noah.

I don't know about the bath though. :
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