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Thank you for such fast replies! The bath thing confuses me too...it's definitely not bath water...

What did the corpus luteum cyst feel like Chrissy? If it was ectopic would it feel like this?
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Mine was a pain that was noticeable but not terribly painful. It wasn't enough to make me go to the doctor but when I did go they did an internal u/s to "date" the pregnancy and the tech said something about there being a corpus luteum cyst. So I asked which side it was on and said, "oh that must be what's been a little bit painful." I think I asked the doctor too.

I think an ectopic is very very painful and comes with other symptoms usually.
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Hi everyone!!!!

I am sooo happy to be here! My name is Lynsey and I just found out today that I am due late Sept. Baby center told me my due date is Sept. 24.

I have 2 kids already: Riley, almost 6 and Paityn, almost 2. I also had a miscarriage 4 months ago in Sept. 03.

I will be having my 2nd VBAC at home - unless there is an emergency or something like that. My son was born by cesarean for breech presentation and my daughter was born by VBAC like I said above.

The weird and kindof scary thing about this pregnancy is that I had my last pap in Dec. and thought nothing more of it. We started ttc, then I found out the pap had come back HSIL which is severe cervical dysplasia. I then went to an OB/GYN and had 8 biopsies (after they did a preg. test and it came back NEGATIVE)!!! I was just fixing to start treatment for the dysplasia yesterday but for some reason decided to wait until today. I am glad I did.

But I am worried about having another miscarriage because of the biopsies and of the dysplasia getting worse because of the pregnancy.

Well, my head is still spinning from the news and I cant even think straight so I guess I will go for now!
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Due 2 September, whoopee!

Hello all,

I got a fabulous Christmas present of a on the 25th of December. That was a full 2 weeks after ovulating, and I wanted to wait another day, but my dp Jo suggested I go test before I drove us both crazy. This will be our first.

Have any of you had experiences telling friends and having them make disparaging comments about your choices to go with a midwife instead of an ob, or to turn down a routine ultrasound? Would appreciate your responses, whether thoughtful or just flip and off the cuff I nearly bit the head off of Jo's cousin last night because of his stupid anti-midwife comment!

best - jen
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My book says that an ectopic would not start causing any pain until 5 1/2 to 6 weeks--when did you start to feel it? Also that it would get progressively worse. The cyst I had felt like gas pain that wouldn't go away or move, if you know what I mean. This time around though, I'm getting pain, kind of aruond my cervix--my doctor said, minor pain is a normal preg symptom as things stretch and such, and only to worry if the pain is debilitating or comes on very suddenly and doesn't resolve.
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Bellusmum- I also had a corpus luteum cyst. I had it with my son and now again with this pregnancy. It feels like an occasionally sharp/achey pain on my left ovary. I worried about it with my first pregnancy, but not this one since I recognize the sensation. I've also heard that an ectopic is super painful and causes bleeding. BTW, our girl's name with our last pregnancy and again with this one is the same as your daughter's - Isobel. I just love that name. We'll see if we get to use it this time!

I can relate to everyone else's nausea. I haven't thrown up (yet) but I feel nausea whether I eat or don't eat. If I eat to fill up then I feel the worst. I keep trying to "graze" and eat little meals. It seems to be helping. For how much longer I don't know... I've also been totally exhausted. I don't remember feeling this way at all with my first pregnancy. Of course, I wasn't chasing around a two year old either!

wishing everyone well....
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obsessing about food

Starrynight, you and I have the same due date!

I have never been a person who had to think about food as much as I have been the past 5 weeks. If I don't eat enough or often enough, I have nausea. If I eat too much, I have diarrhea (sometimes several hours later!). If I eat something and my body doesn't like it, I throw up. And I won't even mention the all-day heartburn that sometimes shows up. I have found slippery elm to be one saving grace, especially for the heartburn!!

What an evil dance! I am so looking forward to being past this. I just keep trying to remind myself that morning (afternoon, evening) sickness means that my hormone levels are high - and that's good for my pregnancy. It's hard to remember sometimes, though!!!

Gentle wishes to your tummies...

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Hi Ladies!! I am new here but would love to join you ladies
I am expecting #5 EDD 9/01/04...we are planning on a homebirth this will be our second one...The first homebirth was awesome and cannot wait to experience again. I have met my midwife and she is soooo awesome, I LOVE her, We are sooo excited I hope you don't mind me jumping in and joining you, CONGRATS to all of you to!!!
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Welcome, Lyndsay, Jen, Julie & Andrea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alright I really don't know where all our regulars are Believe it or not, this was a relativly hopping thread even before you guys all arrived (but thank God you did--I would be sooooo bored right now!!)
So how is everyone feeling?? I just started to get kinda scared, like oh my, this is really happening!! I did however talk to my good friend this morning, she is a social worker and has training in hypnosis, she has agreed to teach us hypnobirthing and said she would love to be in attendance at the birth. She already tends to have a major calming affect on me, so I'm so glad she wants to help!
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Hi Shannon!!
I am feeling okay today I am just very very tired and naseous today, nothing I eat tastes good to me and makes me gag, but hey this is all worth it Have you told yourt family and friends your great news yet? Are you having a homebirth?
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I am here...just recovering from an all night barf fest! Not fun. I think I had a migraine, it wasn't just pregnancy related. That just made it worse!

Welcome to all the new members...I am Caroline, due with number 4 on Sept 10th.

Jen, i have had many comments about the midwife thing, along with other comments about our choices. I basicaly say that I have researched our choices extensively and I would be happy to compare research....basically like show me what you have looked into. Most times, people don't have their own research to back up their decisions, so that ends the comments right there. Then there are times it is just not worth saying anything. My MIL is always telling us how wrong we are...my SIL nursed her baby for 6 whole weeks, because she is a proffesional. It is the ignorant poor who breastfeed longer than 6 weeks...everyone knows formula is just as good!! These comments are not worth dealing with....I am rambling....

Anyway...hope everyone is well...

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We have told some family and friends. My mom knows, but mil does not yet. My best friend (who will be doing the hypnosis) knows and my godson knows (but only because he was here for the weekend and I wasn't "well")
I am having some cramping and a bit of spotting, so likely I will go for an u/s if it keeps up to the end of next week. If I see a heart beat, I will start to tell more people.
Homebirth, not likely, we live 25 min from the nearest hospital and unfortunatley, I have rhuematoid arthritis and have had a couple hip surgeries, also back surgery for a ruptured disc that failed to heal for over a year and a half. The hip surgery especially may cause some problems and lead to a c-section, so likely I will be at hospital. Good news is that the OB I found is firmly in belief of letting things go natural as long as it is safe for mom and baby. He also is of the opinion that if you want to go home right after the baby is born, you are free to, or if you feel you need to stay, you can do that too. He seems very mellow and says his primary focus is keeping mom happy and relaxed.
Nothing tastes good to me either, my friend made and brought me some homemade chicken noodle soup and while it stayed down and is nice and healthy, it just kinda tasted like nothing.
Oh well, this part is only for 3 months right???
I'm also really dizzy the last few days.
It's all worth it though--woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I went to the doctor on Thursday and everything is fine, yay! But I have to go back this Friday for another ultrasound and more bloodwork. I'm not sure I want any more ultrasounds, I mean, I had one, it's not ectopic my hormone levels are rising, so why do I need that? (And the worst part is my husband is out of town this week and I have to drive myself there and it's not close by and driving stresses me out.)

We've now tol both our families. my mom shrieked, dad was pleased (had to tell them over the phone, they live six hours away). That went better than expected. The in-laws were a different story. FIL is absolutely thrilled. My mil.....is going to give me problems. When one of our answers was that we were considering a homebirth she immediately said 'No! You can't do that, it's not safe!' and the reason for that was because she knew two women who had a uterine blood vessel rupture and they'd have died had they not been in the hospital so a homebirth was just a really bad idea. Oh, and a friend of hers, her daughter had one of those and now she's crazy. (I fail to see the correlation there...but hey, I'm already crazy, so o worries there. ) Oh, she also said I *had* to have a crib (this was after the nursery discussion and our lack of one). Reason: if nothing else, I'd need it for changing the baby. Hey, floor seems like the best idea to me. She didn't apporve of that either. :

I was super queasy all day yesterday but today hasn't been too bad, yay! I haven't thrown up yet, which suits me just fine. It doesn't seem to matter if I eat or if I don't eat, if I'm queasy, I stay that way. Since my husband is going to be away all week we went to Whole Foods today and stocked up on things I can fix quickly that are pretty bland.

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I would love to have a homebirth, but have no support for one. I'm going to have a difficult time convincing my DH of the birthcenter. I had my ds in a birthcenter, but it was within a hospital. We've moved since that, and the optionis no longer available. We're going to tour the birthcenter on Wednesday. Any advice on how to help persuade him? I really can't imagine doing the hospital thing.
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I havent been able to read all the posts yet, but will this be anyones 1st homebirth? Is anyone having a VBAC? This will be my 2nd VBAC but 1st at home and I am so excited. We were also planning this with my last baby that I miscarried.
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I am doing a hospital birth with a midwife. I would like to do a home birth, but Bridget would have died had she been at home, so that has scared me enough that I won't consider it. I would like to labor as much as I can at home....but since I only knew I was in labor with Bridget for about twelve minutes, who knows what will happen....I also know I will choose to stay in the hospital as long as they will let us, we have jaundice in our family and Bridget had it really bad...she crashed just as we were getting ready to take her home and ended up on life support..I guess the scary incidents we had with Bridget have altered our views a little.

For morning sickness, my husband bought these motion sickness bracelets, they use accupressure to make it better. OH MY...they really work. THey are $8 at any drugstore, well worth it!!! I was surprised...but I can function so much better now. And I thought they were all in my mind, but yesterday I was feeling really sick again and it turns out that one had turned around, I fixed it, and better!! Of course, tehy didn't work on the migraine sickness...but....

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Ok, ok.:LOL

I guess I can join you ladies. I was planning to wait till I was further along, due to my history.

Today is 18dpo so I am

We have a midwife who I will not call till Feb. and are planning a homebirth. This will be our first child.
I am happy and will be getting more and more excited as the days pass.

We aren't planning on telling anyone till we pass the 12wk mark.
For me that will be March 10th.
Our little babe is due at the end of September!!
And looking at my chart would put money on us having a girl, what do y'all think?My Chart

Please if you can, send this babe some vibes.
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Hooray for potato soup

That stayed down, at least. I think.

We will hopefully be having baby at the Birth Center at a local hospital, it has a good reputation and a good working relationship with the midwives. Still, my biggest concerns about the pregnancy are not really about the pregnancy or even giving birth, it's that I will experience pressure to give birth or have interventions that I do not want. A co-worker gave me Ina May Gaskin's books in the summer which I believe (and somewhat fear) have colored my beliefs about childbirth away from the medical model. This I believe is good, but I don't know how it will sit in a modern medical institution. I only hope our midwife is as good as I've been told!

I'd like to have a home birth, but my dp is too scared to do that. The birth center seemed a compromise.

Time for bed - you all take care and no more barf fests!!! xo jen
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Shannon, the aching started about a week ago, and it is actually getting better today, I think I just needed to talk to some people about it and get out my fears, but I think maybe I'm not drinking enough water and it may be causing some intestinal cramping kind of thing...or it could be the cyst, either way I feel better about it.

We are planning a home birth as well, it will be our first home birth. Our last one was in the hospital, it went pretty well, they respected our wishes but I found that I was soooo stressed out about GETTING to the hospital that it caused undue anxiety for me. I worry a little about being at home, we are 20-25 min from a hospital, so it's not next door. But the midwife we are having is reportedly excellent. I know I need to do more research to be more comfortable about it, but this is what we are planning. And if I do decide that I want to go the hospital route, the hospital here is nice and small, and the labor and delivery is quite homey I hear. We'll see.
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Hello everyone!!

Well this morning, I was pleasantly surprised by a ! I was so sure I wasn't pregnant because I haven't experienced any symptoms yet, except wanting to eat all the time. I even had a couple of beers the other night-that's no good! This is totally different than last time. I'm just hoping this little one will stick around.

Oh, by the way, I'm Meredith, this is my second time being pregnant, but will be my first baby. I'm due I guess sometime at the end of September-I still need to look that one up

Can't wait to get to know you all!!!
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